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Galactic Cup Semi Finals

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July 30, 2014

We are down to just 4 players left out of 144 players who started.  We are sure to see some fantastic games and I can’t wait for this round to get started.

Semi Finals Match ups:

Antigrapist has the bracket list here


Fumatu wins and moves on to the Finals
Agedsuperdave wins and moves on to the Finals

Here’s some links to the past rounds

Galactic Cup Top 8

Galactic Cup Top 16

Galactic Cup Top 32

Galactic Cup Wild Card Round

Galactic Cup Division Rounds

Good luck to everyone and may the force be with you.  All games are due by Wednesday the 6th of August.  If all games are done before that time I will start the next round early.
      1. After finally watching all of the relevant section, Krassis cleared Blinded pilot the turn before he died, the same round he want from 4->1 HP. But the next round, Lando was the one who fired the killing shot, so no simultaneous fire.

    1. So finally got around to watching these, had to take a break for a week. Biggest things I would change. Turn krassis into the fight after the shuttle went down, I thought for sure chewie was going to 1 hard left to put soontir into range 1 if I came at them and my own 1 forward by krassis would have set up a good cross fire.

      The turn krassis went down I had ment to turn soontir into the fight, but set the dial backwards, first time playing top as bit me. That would have given me a good round of damage on Lando or maybe kill chewie pending range.

      Thanks again to the guys that cast the game and Sozin for putting these out there for others to watch. I know I have sent a lot of people from other forums that have questions about the game to watch these matches.

      Good luck to both Dom and Dave in the final game.

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