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Stay on Target

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July 30, 2014


Awesome card, Paul!

Read his article and a good exposition on some of its potential uses:

Does this make the Fettigator mundane?










  1. Favorite ships to run this with:

    E-Wing at 3
    Z-95 at 3
    B-Wing at 2, 1
    TIE Fighter at 3
    Slave-I at 3
    YT-1300 at 3
    Y-Wing at 3

    ok ships to run it with
    X-Wing at 2, 4
    TIE Advanced at 3,4
    TIE Interceptor at 4, 2
    Lambda at 3
    TIE Defender at 2, 1

      1. Aaaand that doesn’t answer why it’s good at 2 and 4 but not 3..?

        Hmmm, I think you’re right, 3 is actually the Ints strongest. I still wouldn’t run it though.

  2. Very interesting card, this + Navigator = any movement choice on reveal? (assuming you’re moving to a speed that is possible with your original bearing)

    Maybe not the most efficient use of points but would be tricky as hell.

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  3. Nice! I love that this really opens up more options for high PS pilots and encourages squad builders to include them more in their squads. I also love the 2 point cost, I think that’s costed perfectly.

    As for Fettigator becoming “mundane”, I don’t think that’s the case at all! In fact, Fettigator with Stay on Target really really opens up his dial…he can pretty much change his maneuver to almost anything he wants write before he moves.

    1’s: Boba can use his ability to select either bank option, and with Navigator, all bank options on his dial open up. OR he can use stay on target to rotate the dial to a 1 straight.

    2’s: Boba again can select a bank option, giving him access to all bank options via his ability and navigator. Or he could rotate to any 2 maneuver via SoT.

    3’s: Same as the 2’s.

    3 Koiogran, 4 straight, 4 Koiogran: These can be selected and changed to a different speed via Navigator as usual.

    Here’s my question, and maybe I’m way off base here. Let’s say I selected a 2 hard left turn on my maneuver dial. Before I move, I decide to use navigator to then change the speed of that maneuver to a 3 hard left. Could I then use SoT to change my dial to any of the 3 speed maneuvers? Or is it that once you change your dial to a different maneuver, you’re locked in to performing that maneuver?

    If you’re able to use Boba’s Ability, SoT, AND Navigator all in the same turn…well, Boba could change his dial to anything he wants. I have a feeling that’s not the case, just throwing that out there.

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  4. 43 Echo w/ Stay on Target + ACD + SJ + Rebel Captive

    No longer must I seek to juke the enemy; I can just wait and see what they do, then just change my dial while my opponent watches helplessly. Does this make Phantom more deadly than ever?

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      1. this is all assuming you’re moving last at PS6… this might not necessarily mean the end of low ps pilots but I can see it being much less popular to run ALL low ps pilots. Definitely seems like you’ll need to have one PS8 or 9 in a list moving forward to counter that phantom build.

      2. That’s just about my assessment as well. And in fact I don’t think a single small high PS ship is necessarily enough. We might be looking at a pair of them as the safer plan.

  5. Terribly excited about this card. Looks like it will be a lot of fun to run and is well-balanced. Just losing out on other EPTs makes this card an interesting trade-off.

    On a side note, the thread on the FFG forums about this card reminds me why I don’t like to go there. It is a wretched hive of scum & villainy.

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  6. Thanks! I’m happy with how it turned out. I didn’t have room in the article, but I wanted to mention Intelligence Agent is a fun card for this, too, so that you can get some use out of it against higher-PS pilots. I never even considered some of the cool Boba Fett or Navigator things that people are talking about.

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      1. I hope it’s legal…I think Boba could use a little more lovin’, and with Nav + SoT…he could change his dial to anything he wants. I think this fits perfectly with Boba’s character. He’s the best bounty hunter in the galaxy, so it would make sense that he be the best pursuer and the best at following the movements of his enemies.

      2. It’s interesting, in that, by my reading of the cards, you can pick any manuever on your dial of a speed that isn’t the original choice, and that one retains its color. It will definitely help weaker players, but I don’t see it in high-end play. I have no idea what the designers will or won’t do in the FAQ.

        After designing the card, I’ve tried to be aware of times when I would have liked to have it in play. There’s really only been a couple of times: the usual “he’s either going to do a 1 turn or 5 forward, so which should I plan for?” And then, Stay on Target by itself would generally have been enough to keep pointed at either location. Having Navigator shenanigans would then enable me to … take an action, too, and keep my options open for next turn. But, if I have to use Stay on Target repeatedly, something has gone horribly wrong and I’m just getting outflown.

        I feel like this is a great card for medium skill players, and as you get better, you’ll just pick the right manuever in the first place, and only need it once or twice a game (and only if you guess the wrong move on the “is he going right or left” game).

      3. That’s an interesting point. You rotate to a different bearing, which is treated as red. Then you trigger Navigator to change the speed, leaving behind that nasty red maneuver before you perform it. As written, I have to agree with you that it works.

      4. Having thought about this, I see real potential with the new imperial ship in wave 5. With 3 crew, the opportunity cost of navigator will be relatively low, as you’ll still be able to throw on Mara Jade and a Gunner.

    1. Cool card, definitely a nice option to have in exactly the situations the article describes. My natural inclination is to put it on Tycho – switch maneuvers and still get actions after – just have to be more proactive about clearing that stress out to keep using it.

      The thing about pairing this with Navigator is people will argue Navigator cancels out the red maneuver part, i.e. well Stay On Target changed THAT maneuver to red but now I’ve rotated my dial again to a different maneuver :/

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  7. So, I’ve realized that Stay on Target + Navigator kind of kills Boba’s ability and makes it…worthless. With SoT and Nav, Boba won’t ever need to use his ability, ever. In fact, there would be little reason to fly him, unless you really really wanted a PS 8 Firespray. The better option would be to fly Kath + SoT + Navigator at 43 points, compared to Boba at 44 points with the same cards. You’d be losing 1 PS but you’d be gaining Kath’s pilot ability which would be a heck of a lot more useful than Boba’s…

    Maybe I’m just a jaded Boba Fett fanboy, but I never was crazy about his pilot ability in this game. Now with SoT + Navigator, his pilot ability is pretty much killed.

    Please, FFG, if you’re reading this, print a new Boba Fett pilot card with a different (better) ability.

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    1. One of my favorite Boba Fett builds is Gunner + Engine, and Predator/VI/AdRush/Determination/EH/Daredevil is a very good addition to that build. So while SoT+Navigator does overlap Boba Fett’s ability, Kath Scarlet is no Boba Fett. She can’t build the way Boba can build and still do what he can do.

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