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Fooling around with Wave 4 – Squad idea

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March 17, 2014

Sometimes I just sit in the squad builder trying different things out.
Most often it doesn’t become anything special or it’s just a small variation.

The one ship I’m most excited about (as mainly an Imperial player) is the Z-95. I think there will be a quite a lot of 6x Z-95 builds (5 AM and one Ion Pulse Missile).

BUT, I think that the Z-95 can be an awesome one-of missile carrier for the Rebels.

I LOVE the B-wing. It’s SO bulky, it shoots hard and you can have HLC/AdvS on it.
I don’t actually own an Y-wing, I KNOW, I KNOW, it’s crazy. Now I want a specific squad to make the move and buy one.

What do you think about the following?

“Dutch” Vander — Y-Wing 23
Ion Cannon Turret 5
Bandit Squadron Pilot — Z-95 Headhunter 12
Assault Missiles 5
Blue Squadron Pilot — B-Wing 22
Heavy Laser Cannon 7
Garven Dreis — X-Wing 26

You could take out the HLC for something else.
I like the IDEA of this squad.
Heavy hitting at range 3 AND quite a lot of shield/hull to go through.

Good combo with Dutch/Garven to get the most out of HLC/AM.
One AM does quite a lot against 4+ ship including squads with Biggs.



  1. I used a similar squad in the HiLo tournament:

    Dutch w ion
    Proto w assault

    I found most of the time I seemed to roll 1-3 hits on my assault missile. Usually it was 2 and then the opponent rolled 2 evades. Sometimes I would hit with it, but typically only for 1 point, 2 max. The splash would give a damage to 2-3 neighboring ships. It never seemed to make a big difference for me either way.

    I’ve decided concussion or homing missile is the way to go for me. It can be the killing blow to a single ship, rather than weakening multiple ships. Also with large ships so prevalent in my local meta, those missiles are more helpful. Other than that I would definitely fly the squad, just switching out the AM.

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    1. I think I agree, I have mixed feelings about AMs and have missed with them more than I’d care to admit. But having Dutch and Garven pass out their target locks will definitely help to ensure that the AM hits. You also might consider changing Garven to Hobbie since he works so well with Dutch, or downgrading Garven to a Red or a Rookie so you can but AdvS on the B-wing. Just small tweaks, I think it looks like a fairly solid list. A b-wing with HLC and Engine is also really nice, so you could downgrade Garven to squeeze in the Engine.

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    2. Right now the only place where I trust Assault Missile is on PTL Rhymer/Kath/Boba/Maarek or Vader, when flying beside Jonus. That’s where you get into pretty sure odds to land the missile vs whatever target, since you are effectively getting a TL+F stack toward odds there. As Assault Missile is mostly useful as an anti-swarm weapon, it really needs to ramp odds as much as possible to hit AGI 3.

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      1. Granted, you could do something like this:

        33 Kyle / SqL + BlasterT + RecSpec + MC
        25 Green w/ Deadeye + Assault Missile
        42 (x2) Rookie

        It’s still a TL+F stack, this time more literally. I don’t like the low PS ship as delivery system, and would probably only bring that into an AP dominated meta.

        Oh and I like it reasonably on PTL Han Solo. TL at PS 9, Han re-roll if it’s awful, Focus for odds. That’s not too shabby.

  2. I still can’t shake the idea of a fast buzzsaw.

    Sigma Squadron Pilot + Gunner + FCS + Targeting Computer

    Yeah it’s 38 points for a PS 3 ship with 2 evade, 2 hull, and 2 shield…..but 4 base attack with FCS and Gunner. If it’s dial is remotely agile this guy could be a pain literally!

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      1. Agree with Jason here, gunner with 4 attack seems a bit meh. Unless of course, cloaking does work as theorized and it switches attack and defense. That said, 38 points for 1 ship with 2 attack + gunner and 4 agility seems a bit eh. Think I’d rather have 3 academy TIEs instead :(

      2. Concur here, MAYBE. I have a caveat.

        I’m considering here that your action with a Phantom might be spoken for, so you could sometimes be rolling 4 dice with no Focus (or TL) to help consistency. Gunner would be valuable there, the same way it’s valuable on EH/Engine Firespray/YT when moving to Range 1 on a target via an action. It makes sure your huge shots aren’t total busts. FCS on top of that would make for even more consistency vs the target.

        More likely is that Phantom will want defensive cards, to help keep it on the table. Maybe it will want Sensor Jammer to shut off lethal TL+F stacks. Maybe it will want Flight Instructor or Rebel Captive. We really won’t know until we see what Cloak does though.

    1. The Stygium particle accelerator is what you’re going to want to use instead of gunner and targeting computer with this load out. And that still gives you points for a crew if you wish, or less points dumped into a 2 shield, 2 hull ship. Just my thoughts.

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