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FFG puts up Ace Wingmen

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March 10, 2014


Read Theorist’s article on flying Interceptors and just saw this:

    1. I went:

      Soontir (PTL,Hull,RGT, Tcomp)
      Jax (PTL, Hull, RGT, Tcomp)
      OGP (DV, ADvS, Engine)

      I lost initiative, so that detracted from OGPs move first blocking ability. And he as gone in first round (against garv and 3 rookies). But he crippled one X-wing before expiring for Soontir to finish off. Was able to pilot around Jax and Soontir and lonely lost a hull on Jax because of an asteroid. The TL focus combo is awesome. I think it would be a very hard list to beat without turrets. Not really a fan of the shields for an extra two points as it seems less likely to me that all that will be left is one un-cancelled crit, but I could be wrong. I like DV. But maybe if you are just suiciding OGP its better to take points out. I don’t know.

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      1. Maybe it is the way that I fly Interceptors, but the first damage that I take to them is a crit a LARGE portion of the time. It’s less important to Soontir, who is less likely to take damage. It’s less important to Turr, who is less likely to see shots his way at all. But I’d say Shield is much more valuable than Hull to Interceptors, even those two Interceptors.

        I’d suggest NOT downgrading the squints to get Vader. If you want Vader, I’d built Vader + Ion Cannon instead of AdvS + Engine. I actually dislike Vader on the shuttle. I’ve ran it several times and found that most times I’d rather turn my shuttle around to take new shots than kill myself with Vader. The right ship for Vader hasn’t come along yet. We need something tougher, maybe a capital ship where Vader’s damage can be undone with a shield restore.

    1. To be fair, I’m sure they are just trying to include Opportunist somehow — that card is not exactly easy to put in a good list. I am very unsure what purpose Navigator had on a PS 2 ship though… what was that about?

      Mu0n has been trying tenaciously to find a spot for Opportunist, and so have I — but not with any success. So far there’s not really a ideal ship for it. Jax can’t legitimately run that card, and he’s not ideal to turn that card on for ships helping him either because he can’t maintain Range 1 all the time.

      We are waiting on an ultra-durable PS 1-4 turret or rear-arc ship with an ept slot. Chewbacca isn’t an absolutely terrible place for it if you bring ships that shoot before him…

      49 Chewbacca w/ Opportunist + C3P0
      26 Garvin
      25 Biggs

      …but the ship we really want would be lower PS, cheaper, and still pretty tough. It might have no access to Focus as an action, and be TL only. (That would make PTL on it weaker; there would be no comparison between TL+F vs TL+dice.)

      Will we ever see that ship? I don’t know.

      Oh and R2-D6 on the PS 3 E-wing might have an Opportunist build. It’s too squishy, but you could add Hull Upgrade and FCS. I don’t think it will strictly hold up vs a PTL build but it won’t be completely terrible. Probably you have Wes in that build to strip the target. And Biggs to guard Opportunist early to maximize the buy.

      Do we know the points on the PS 3 E-wing yet?

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      1. 39 Bloodmoon w/ FCS + R2-D6 + Opportunist + Hull
        32 Wes w/ R3-A2
        29 Biggs w/ R5 + Hull

        28 Tarn/Red w/ R2-D6 + Opportunist
        32 Wes w/ R3-A2
        28 Biggs w/ Hull
        12 Bandit

        Not sure on either of these.

      2. Could potentially pair it with an ORS blocker.
        Also, if indeed the Tie Defender has a white K, it might work. You would really punish an enemy for K-turning. That would be an expensive ship tho (likely 35 pts for the PS5).

      3. Maybe something where everything draws aggro and has good attack…

        Wes Janson + R2 + Swarm tactics.
        Ehtan abath + r2 +PTL
        Ibitsam + opportunist

        Might be better off with Biggs, and running opportunist on the Etahn abhatathaha can’t remember his spelling.

      4. Yes. If we see a white k-turn, that could be a game changer in terms of talking about Opportunist. It’s such a niche-build card. You have to arrange it so that your opponent has no actions, or wield the threat in some major way. Would have been great as a 2pt card, or without the stress effect. As is, hard to find a spot for.

      5. Opportunist seems to work out to be about the same as PTL – when you look at 3 + Focus is pretty much = 4. Opportunist lets us get an action, so we’re in a 4+focus vs ptls 3 + F&TL. (about the same, but with the different variance)

        for 1 more point. – on X-wings and E-wings (dial dependant) this means we can buy an R2 unit for that 4th point, which arguably makes PTL a good choice there. (Though the r2 will still work for opportunist, which may be a good way to run it)

        In the case of the new add an EPT droid – there’s a 5 point opportunist, but low P.S. – as you did with Tarn.

      6. If Opportunist had no requirement that the target be action-less, it would be a decent PTL alternate. Ramp your possible damage for a stress — it’s not bad. Vader would have loved that card. But Vader is PS 9, shooting first. Maybe if you have lots of blockers (and maybe Jax), you get some use out of the card… but not nearly enough to warrant a 4pt buy when he could have taken another really good card for him (like PTL or Daredevil).

        Sometimes it feels like there is a guy nerfing cards for fun at FFG who doesn’t actually play X-wing.

      7. Because Wes will die. Then you have Opportunists and no good way to use them. Best you could get would be:

        29 Wes
        25 Biggs
        23 Green w/ Opportunist
        23 Green w/ Opportunist

        Compare Green w/ Opportunist to Red w/ nothing — which is the better ship for this list?

      8. Hmm, the dial is better than the red. The actions are better. It lives longer on average. It fires later and has less consistent damage when not focus firing.

      9. I don’t think Opportunist is terrible with high PS. It just relies on tricky maneuvering where you attack unexpected targets.

        My first thought is Han + Opportunist + Gunner + Engine Upgrade. He zooms crazy places pouncing on anyone that didn’t take the right/any action this turn. With Gunner maybe he strips tokens himself and activates Opportunist for his second shot anyways? Or you can always use Wedge/Roark/VI to let others still shoot ahead of him. Maybe Flechette Torpedoes or R3-A2 would support him well, too?

      10. This idea mostly came from Robert over on BGG talking about opportunist…

        What about a list like
        Wes/Wedge/Porkins w/ptl: 29 pts
        Biggs/Hobbie/Tarn w/R2D6+VI: 25 pts
        Chewie w/ opportunist: 46 pts

        The idea here is chewie is shooting last on your side and since he has a turret he can target anyone who used BR/TL/Koiogran/bumped/used token vs your xwings.


  1. I’m starting to suspect that Opportunist is a bigger deal for the Rebel side of things. One of my buddies was tinkering with:

    Jan w/blaster turret & recon specialist
    Ibtisam w/HLC & opportunist

    It was fairly ugly. Either suck up the 4-5 dice shot from Wedge, or the 5-6 dice shot from Ibtisam. Jan’s turret did a pretty fair job of covering things close up, too.

    I’m also looking forward to trying Opportunist on Green Squadron.

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    1. The big thing there is that most of what looks scary isn’t Opportunist. You could rebuild it this way:

      33 Wedge w/ R2 + PTL
      29 Jan w/ BlasterT
      38 Ibtisam w/ PTL + HLC

      You get more offense, and more sure offense. The opponent is still looking at scary shots and no way to shut it off quickly. But Jan is also a small part of that equation:

      37 Wedge w/ R2 + PTL + Engine
      38 Ibtisam w/ PTL + HLC
      25 Biggs

      Also for you list and this Biggs list, Wes over Wedge? Especially for the Opportunist list, he seems like a good choice.

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