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FFG Talks About the Lambda

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March 14, 2014


What’s with all the articles from FFG lately?

  1. The Lambda was voted one of the worst ships in the game?? Craziness! I think it’s my 2nd favorite next to the Firespray…My top Imperial lists have Lambdas, a couple of them have 2 Lambdas haha.

    Great article though, well-written, full of good advice and tips.

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      1. Kagi will be great as an anti Flechette torpedo guy. He will force the locks on him which will protect your other ships, and his hull is greater then 4 so he won’t be stressed either.

  2. The problem with the Lame da is that it maneuvers are to predictable. In a stretch X-Wing is like a game of chess. You try to predict your opponents move. Lamdas are just to easy to out fly them. I was pumped when I first seen all the information for the Lamda. I think I may have been the first one to buy it at my store. As a fan of the Firespray I was looking forward to adding another big ship to my Empire fleet. 21 points on a ship with 10 health. Amazing!!! Then I played 4 of them against 3 interceptors. Being the first time my opponent had played against a Lamda he took them head on. Big mistake. I took out 2 of his 3 ships like nothing. One of my Lamdas was beat up with a few hull left and another lost a few shields. The interceptor that was still alive was Soontir Fel. Once my opponent flew behind my shuttles he started to pick them off one by one. Having 4 ships I only got his Interceptor in arc one more time. With and evade token he easily survived my one last shot at him. And then continued to finish off my ships. My high hopes for the ship were quickly crushed.

    I wouldn’t say the Lamda next to the Advance Tie are the most worthless ships in the collection. And 3rd on that list I’d place Tie Bombers.

    And the only thing that makes anyone play a Lamda or and Tie Advance is Vader. I’ve yet to see a Lamda and a Advance Tie in a build.

    The Lamda can be a support ship. That’s about it. Much like the Hawk having more then one is often a waste.

    When I see a Lamda in play I often ignore it. I don’t see it as a threat. If its my only shot I’ll shoot at it.

    I challenge Ricky White to take me on and beat me with one of his Lame dah builds. I would let him choose from 10 of my most frequently played build. And would be happy to record and post the results on youtube.

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    1. I assure you that the fast shuttle is anything but predictable, and as an avid chess fanatic (since age 7 actually) I can tell you that just because the opponent sees something coming does NOT means they can actually stop it from happening. Lambda is a bully. It’s tough, mean, and efficient. You have to out-fly it just to stay even with it, and it’s actually not at all easy to do that. For most ships, it’s actually quite impossible. Fast Lambda is the more maneuverable, less predictable ship compared to something like an X-wing or even a TIE Fighter.

      I look forward to watching the Lambda hold its own just fine.

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  3. kelvantiberius your challenge is accepted. But Id like to see you use something other then just a Omnicron and a Vader co pilot. I will admit for 24 points it is a decent support ship for any build. And I will take you on in something other then my known double Falcon builds. Just let me know what time works for you. I’m fairly flexible.

    I’ve never blamed vassal for a loss. I have blamed bad dice. Yes bad dice do happen. It is however a dice game. And I think a 3 game match is a great idea. Bad dice happen but not that frequently.

    My last match against my nephew is proof bad dice can cost you a game. He is new to vassal and it does take a bit to get use to flying in 2d. You would think it would be easier. Well he flew like crap. I think he landed on a rock 3 times. Crashed his ships continually into one another. I don’t think I could have flown any better. Yet his hot dice and some very unfavorable crits gave him a win. But that’s life of a dice game.

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    1. I’ve grown quite fond of the Lambda.

      My new favorite list is:
      OGP + FCS + Gunner + Engine
      Howlrunner + ST
      Academy Tie x 4

      The shuttle with this setup really fills out the swarm, giving it a strong 3 dice gun, which makes up for some of the weaknesses of the swarm, such as taking out enemy 3/4 agility ships (or that silly range 3 Biggs).

      I’m something silly like 20-3 with it in local tourneys and on Vassal. Dom DID kick my butt once with a 5 scim + missile squad.

      I actually recall pulling a win with it against you De Bad Wolf! You had a new squad, though this squad was new to me then too.

      Just saying, you really SHOULD give the Shuttle a chance. It is not NEARLY as bad as the Tie Advanced, haha.

      It has some predictability issues, but so does the Howlrunner Tie Swarm, and swarms are still strong. :p

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  4. Well I could list all my builds here is a break down of what I mostly have.
    Faction: Rebel X (#) of builds
    Double Falcons X 2
    1 Falcon 2 smaller ships X 3
    4 small ships X 2
    3 Small ships with upgrade X 3

    Double Firespray X 4
    Firespray w/ 2 interceptors X2 maybe 3 now with aces
    Interceptor builds about 5 or 6 of them.

    I think it would be more interesting to have rebels face the empire. But choose what type of build you would like to face. Ill make my list and let someone like Mr Frog, Theorist or Muon choose so that my builds are not custom built against your Lamda. Well any ship that can fly faster then a Lame duck I guess would qualify. Let me know what you think.

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    1. I would be glad to pick one of the lists, but as I’ve been running a shuttle list against all comers as of late and am all but undefeated with it I don’t think it’s entirely necessary. Maybe Frog and Mu0n could each choose one as well? I know I will choose a list that I think you can win with, not your weakest-to-Lambda list. I want you to see that the shuttle can hold its own anyway.

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      1. Well I’m going for a some what random approach to who he plays against. When I destroy his Lamda build I don’t want people to say that it was built to do just that. And I would welcome a chance to fight your undefeated Lamda build. Do you use something other then Omi w/ Vader?

      2. I’m not undefeated, I’m something like 13-2 with both losses being ice cold dice. I’ve won with it with cold dice, but twice it was just that cold it didn’t matter. It was like I wasn’t shooting both games, and you can’t win those. And my Wave Three tournament list was 4-1, one of the only undefeated lists through qualifying. Lost game 5 on ice cold dice too.

        I actually do not advocate use of Vader on Lambdas. The meta is wrong for it (B-wings everywhere), and the Lambda isn’t quite durable enough in my view for that card. If I could put Vader on the Falcon I’d be pretty happy.

      3. I don’t think we have played yet. We should set up a night and Ill square off against your build. Ill roll dice to pick the squad. Crit = Double falcon build. Hit Falcon and 2 small, focus 4 small ships and blank for 3 small ship build. I could also roll dice for Kelven.

        Let me know if your up for a game some time this week after 8 central.

      4. Incidentally the list theorist is referring to is one I also have a great deal of experience with. We’d likely choose the same list. Disallowing the vader shuttle also proves you think it’s a legitimate weapon.

      5. I will agree a Omni with Vader is a legit weapon. My argument and the argument was where the ship places over all the others. If that is the only combination that works it only proves my statement. Having to add the Sith Lord to make it of any value. If your ship is so bad you don’t care about taking damage on purpose. Well I guess its not much of a ship. And my other argument is that its only good as a support ship.

        I do not argue builds with Omni w/ Vader are not good. I think it only value is nothing more then a sacrificial pawn.

        If you want to prove me wrong and the articular right you’ll have to fly no just omni vader.

      6. I’m down. I’m not so certain that this isn’t a way to promote your YouTube channel, but I’m a fan of it so I’m glad to help.

        I’m free all week other than Monday and I don’t much care what you fly. There’s no running from the graceful alabaster void bison.

      7. Wednesday or Thursday night would work for me. I’m CST +6. After 10 central on Wed, and 8 central on Thursday – Sunday works for me. I think picking from my many builds randomly would be a good test.

        As my channel goes. I made it to promote X-Wing. It’s dieing down in my area. So if there is anything I can do to help this game I so quickly become addicted to. I shall do it. I mostly made my channel because of the lack of X-Wing batraps. When I started to watch the same mini war games bat rap more then once it dawned on me I should just make my own. Sadly it has not increased interest at my local store. But it has helped people start to play more on vassal. I do monetize my site and I’ve made a whole .44 cents so far. And I’ve just invested over $1,500 into a new pc so I can keep things going. So if you think my goal is just to pump my site in a poor attempt to make money. You greatly mistaken.

        If someone wants to know how to do their own videos and get their own youtube site going for X-Wing I’d be glade to help.

  5. Some of these look more point intensive than they’re worth. The ‘Doom shuttle’ I’m pumped to try, though. Also, I hear good things about advanced sensors + engine upgrade. Guess its worth trying. Good timing to, as with Aces coming out, I was gonna see more of what the Empire has to offer.

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      1. How I shall pick my build.
        De Bad Wolfs Random Playlist

        Roll #1
        Hit = Rebel Miss = Empire

        Roll #2
        Rebels Random Crit = 2 Falcons, Hit 1 Falcon + 2 ships, Focus = 3 ships, Miss 4 Ships
        Empire Random Crit = 2 Fire sprays, Hit 1 Firespray + 2 ships, Focus = Interceptor Build, Miss Base ship builds

        Roll #3
        Hit = build 1, Miss = build 2.

        2 Falcon Builds
        Build #1
        Han Solo w/ Push, Millennium Falcon 50 points
        Chewbacca w/ Gunner, Recon Specialist 50 points

        Build #2
        Lando Calrissian w/ Nien Numb, Luke Skywalker 52 points
        Chewbacca w/ veteran instinct, gunner 48 points

        1Falcon + 2 ships
        Build #1
        Chewbacca 42 points
        Garven Dreis 26 points
        Jan Ors w/ Blaster Turret, Recon Specialist

        Build #2
        Han Solo w/ Push, Mercenary X2, Millennium Falcon, Engine upgrade 58 points
        Rookie Pilots 21 points X2

        3 ship builds
        Build #1
        Kyle Katarn w/ Nien Numb, Blaster Turret, Moldy Crow 29 points
        Garven Dreis w/ R2-D2 30 points
        Ibtisam w/ Push, Advanced Sensors, Heavy laser cannon 41 points

        Build #2
        Dagger Squadron Pilot w/ Fire-Control , Heavy Laser Cannon 33 points X3

        4 ship build
        Build #1
        Biggs Darklighter w/R2-D2 29 points
        Garven Dreis w/ R2 Astromech 27 points
        Rookie Pilot w/ R2 Astromech 22 points X2

        Build #2
        Blue Squadron Pilot w/ Advanced Sensors 25 points X4

        Empire Builds

        2 Firespray builds
        Build #1
        Boba Fett w/ Push, Heavy Laser, Navigator 52 points
        Kath Scarlet w/ Push, Heavy laser 48 points

        Build #2
        Kath Scarlet w/ Marksmanship, Heavy Laser Cannon, Seismic Charge, Mercenary 52 points
        Krassis Trelix w/ Ion Cannon, Seismic Charge, Rebel Captive, Concussion Missile 48 points

        Firespray + 2 ships
        Build #1
        Boba Fett w/ Opportunist , Navigator 46 points
        Royal Guard 2/ Push, Targeting Computer 27 points X2

        Build #2
        Krassis Trelix w/ Ion Cannon, Rebel Captive 42 points
        Soontir Fel w/ Push 30 points
        Tetran Cowall w/ Push 37 points

        Interceptor Builds
        Build #1
        Soontir Fel w/ Push, Royal Guard, Targeting Computer, Stealth 35 Points
        Tetran Cowall w/ Push, Royal Guard, Targeting Computer, Stealth 32 Points
        Bounty Hunter 33 points

        Build #2
        Royal Guard w/ Push 25 points X4

        Base Builds

        Howelrunner w/ Determination, Stealth Device points 22
        Alpha Squadron w/ Hull upgrade 21 points X2
        Alpha Squadron 18 points X2

        Bounty Hunter 33 points X3

    1. sadly I have a chess match on thursday night, so will be unable to do live commentary. sounds like you guys are making a match out of it though (best of 3? best of 5?), so I will be happy to do the 2nd or 3rd or Nth game if it happens!

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  6. I wish I could watch. I really like the fast shuttle. I thought I did o.k .with the 2 in the tournament. I always love playing the stuff that is not popular, or people think is not good. I think a lot of times it just comes down to learning the ship and how to best use it.

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