A Brief History of MonPoc and Me

Guess this will be my formal introduction to the Team (hi everyone). So with little else to do I give you my brief history with this game that has (probably) brought us all here to this site at some point. A game we have grown to love for the most part, this game of tiny angry monsters and destructible cities we call Monsterpocalypse.


Well, I first heard of Monsterpocalypse several years ago while looking towards buying miniature bits to finish a project I had going in my head at the time which had brought me to one company, a Privateer Press which had a wide array of bits from their Warmachine and Hordes product lines which were perfect for what I had planned. It wasn’t until sometime later that my curiosity peaked and decided to actually buy a couple starter boxes, one for a friend and another for myself. I ended up having to buy another since I had actually (and accidentally) got my own mother into it as well.

Which recently lead me to think that if my own mother can learn to play it and love it then it’d be easy enough for me to teach others in my area who could become interested in it through a game group I’m planning on starting later on in the year at a local community center I volunteer at regularly. Also in my mind, Monsterpocalypse is a perfect miniature’s game in that it not only would spark the imagination and curiosity of those who see it for the first time and is relatively easy to learn and wrap your head around. But budget wise, for the cost of one battle force of say Warhammer, you can practically get the flavor of the entire first series which comes already painted and for the most part (when the planet’s and stars align) fully assembled. So it’s not only a money saver, but a time saver as well.

Unfortunately having gotten rid of my initial collection via eBay to help fuel my other hobbies, I’ve had to start anew and now it seems is a better time than ever to get back into the game with the 2-player starters out now. So I bought one of the new starters from a retailer I had bought from before out of New York state (since my local stores don’t carry it since well, to them it’s a dead CMG unlike HeroClix) and out of it got a good starting selection of monsters and units with the Martian Menace and Deimos-9 and the Terrasaurs with Terra Kahn. Then I remembered about this site and Team Covenant, initially to see about buying singles to fill out the two previously mentioned, then when I saw that they sold custom 2-player starters I couldn’t resist. To fill out my armies not with (no offense) expensive singles, but entire armies from other factions for around the same price; I could get one of each for variety’s sake. Thus I sent away for G.U.A.R.D. and Planet Eaters and got Defender X and Rogzor. Maybe next month I’ll buy a Lords of Cthul set and a Shadow Sun Syndicate set and see what else I get, not to mention fill out all six “corners” of the agenda wheel.

We’ll see how things turn out in the long run and tomorrow is a monster playing day for me which will give me a chance to break in and hopefully not break what I already have recollected so far. – Amber (Raptachan)

  1. Glad I could both inspire and entertain. I’ll try my best to blog regularly, with personal concepts (since I need to figure out how to take MonPoc away from a 2-player game and into a group game and maybe even some fan fiction in the future (if I can get down to writing something with plot that is). But we shall see how things unfold.

    Some may say MonPoc is a dead game. But as those who have played it know, monsters tend to rise from the rubble once again to finish the fight one last time. Or at least I can hope they do.

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  2. I’ve seen the Tri-City Tangle map that’s in the store and it did to me at least look a bit wonky. Checked out your map templates, some of them looked quite good, though on the four player one I’m only thinking the red player better bring some flyers or something with extinguish to deal with those flames you got going there.

    I’ve mostly been looking in reconfiguring the starter maps, Block War to be precise, though Smashville offers, well more smashing opportunities. Both are very basic and have an equal layout which is good. But I’ll probably save the details and graphics for a future blog post.

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  3. I always love when a new player jumps into the fray. Your enthusiasm and dedication are exemplary, and I want to be one of the first to welcome you to the best community of gamers the internet has to offer! I’m not only glad that you are interested, but that you have absorbed others into your hobby, particularly your mother…. I wish I could get my mom to play games…

    Welcome to the community!

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  4. Thanks for your kind words and I’m glad to be here and a part of a community that shares similar interests.

    To be honest, even though her corporate background would want to tell you otherwise, my mother likes games and is a bit of a geek (sometimes even she scares me with it). We always played games together as a family. With me and her it was always board games and some card games, to us MonPoc is just another board game when you strip away the collectable miniatures aspect and complexities in the rules from it.

    Games just run in the family for me and they tend to bring me the greatest sense of joy. It’s probably why I want to start my own group one day, not only just to find people to share it with, but to use my own enthusiasm for the medium to do something better with it than to waste time with friends. But to bring people together, to have them work towards common goals, build team work and relationships. To use it for the true meaning behind play, to learn.

    But I digress, sometimes I talk too much and think on subjects too deeply. But thanks again.

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  5. Haha! You’ll soon find out how long-winded some of us can be… particularly myself! We are all passionate about games and it is our attraction to truly great games that keeps Monpoc alive.

    I to have a family history of board games. My mother is an artist, sort of a free spirit, but HIGHLY competitive; she simply loves to win, and to humiliate//destroy all opposition! lol, it sounds a bit crude or exaggerated, but I swear, it is absolutely true!

    Sadly, as time went on, we just couldn’t find the time for family board game night. As we got older, got jobs, and my mother struggled from time to time trying to find consistent work, it wasn’t easy to sit down for even a simple game of Scrabble. I treasure those moments though, and hope to be able to create new ones with my future-family…

    I too, am interested in games from a sociological perspective. You can increase performance, knowledge and creativity through game-play, and can build social relationships. I am also interested in competitive play, what makes people competitive, how people formulate strategy etc…

    You will find quite a large number of “theorists” here like our good friend Jeff, AKA The “Theorist,” all of the TC owners, and many, many more, who will be absolutely willing to talk theory on any level.

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  6. oh yeah, in doomsday downtown, it’s a 3-player map. The red player has almost instant access to blue tenacious, so its units and monsters will be immune to hazards. The idea of the map is that it’s a 3-on-1, with one supercharged monster with tons of amazing abilities against 3 normal monsters. No idea how well it plays yet, but like i said, it’s just too big for units to be useful, so i’m going to trim it down today.

    I’m also way open to collaboration on map development. I have some good ideas, but most of my skills are in making other peoples’ ideas look great, so hit me up if you have some thoughts on good map concepts.

    Tri-city tangle is only a little wonky, just because the blue player is insulated and has 2 nega-zones, that are hard to disrupt, right away. However, my record on the map is 7 wins and 1 loss, and I don’t always start on blue, so it’s not THAT lopsided. It’s much more about convincing the other players to go after each other and leave you alone (which makes it into a very interesting and different game)

  7. Hmm, Tri-City Tangle sounds interesting after listening to how you put it. Seems to be based on prioritizing than anything else, either one hits the other and heaven forbid if you have a strong enough monster to warrant the other two teams reason to double against you.

    As I’ve said before, most of my ideas currently are just about augmenting the base Rise maps to fit a larger player base. But if I come up with something a bit more intriguing and original, I’ll be sure to let you know. Though I’ll probably use it for a reason to just make a new blog post.

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  8. I love Shadow Gates for cloak, but I don’t think I’ve ever used teleport; I prefer Transport.

    When I played Shadow Sun, I had a standard “welcoming squad” I would send over to my opponent’s side of the board using underground network; it consisted of an Interceptor and an elite Katana.

    I’d send the Interceptor and the Katana through underground network, grouping them so that they were diagonally adjacent to each other and adjacent to a building.

    Then transport in an Elite C-Type on the corner.

    Now all three units have high-impact (thanks to the Katana), so they’re shooting 3 * 5 with Chain Reaction. That’s got a 80% chance to hit defense 5, and 90% chance to hit defense four, so if you can hit one of your opponent’s grouped units, you can wipe the entire pack–destroying his (or her) power base and reaping a load of power dice. And hey, you also secured a building.

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  9. Nate: It appears Amber has not yet begun to pick up the DMZ boxes (contains sets 2 and 3), so she wouldn’t have access to C-types or Katanas just yet.

    Everyone: I’m glad to see new people getting into the game, makes me really think that old cynical veteran player in me who doubts the game’s immediate future may be completely wrong. =)

    Amber: (Warning, strategy ranting coming, read at own risk!) If you do get the SSS DMZ, they will have a very strong and highly mobile blasting force. until then you’ll have to use your S-type ninjas and Sun Fighters to the best of your advantage. S-types have cloak, so they are excellent at popping out of the networks and parking near an opponent’s building. Sun Fighters really shine against other flying units, and are slightly tougher than most other flying units (excepting the 4-DEF Cthulabite, which is in Lords of Cthul DMZ).
    I believe the SSS Starter includes one Interceptor and two Shadow Gates, which is excellent for being able to Transport a Shadow Gate early just to help secure a Skyscraper and be able to network S-types on Turn 1.

    Not sure what other advice I can give on SSS, and I don’t play Fiends myself. Welcome to Team Covenant community, glad to have you. If you ever want to play me, I’m sure you can find me on Vassal sometimes. =)

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  10. Thanks for the advice and It’ll probably be a while before I start getting the DMZs. Mostly just interested in closing off the base game so I can have a good selection to choose from, not only for myself, but others who I may hopefully get interested as well.

    If it does indeed usually come with two shadow gates, then that would be good. Not only for the Shadow Sun Syndicate, but for mixing and matching as well. Just think of it, a team of cloaked g-tanks with a mobile ops for Increased range and invisibility to boot.

    I’m foreseeing that I’ll definitely have some fun with my next and for now, final part to my collection. If I can others interested as well beyond my immediate family, then perhaps I’ll think about expanding it further to include not only the rest of the Rise block, but even Now! as well.

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  11. Oh’well. One can always still dream about it. It’s just something I overlooked. All I remembered was adjacent units and that since cloak didn’t list AGN in it’s description I misunderstood. But no matter. I’m sure I’ll re-figure things out eventually.

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  12. @nate parkes,
    “so if you can hit one of your opponentโ€™s grouped units, you can wipe the entire pack”

    you still need attack rolls against every member of the pack, but at 80-90%, that shouldn’t be too hard.

  13. I always thought the Subterran Uprising got their stock from several different breeds of gigantic mole-like beings. Cybernetic and mechanical augmentation the altered the beast to perform a specific function, but the process could be fatal.

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  14. Glad another person liked it.

    Planet eaters have a lot of unique potential concerning how they interact and live due to their entirely alien nature. But some things may not even be able to be fully answered. Like, “How did they get into the harbinger comet? Was it technically even a comet to begin with? Could it be a ship?”

    Not that I’m implying that the planet eaters are capable of creating something as complex as an interstellar ship, but you never truly know. For all I would assume, it could’ve just been the last remnant of their final feeding grounds.

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  15. An interesting concept indeed concerning the subterrans, which I’ve wondered a bit about myself really. Mainly concerning their true need of humans and what they use them for in their processing facilities. Perhaps I’ll write something concerning that one day in the future.

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  16. I wonder if the comet isn’t just a big metal/rock egg? (i believe it says in the rulebook that the planet eaters have rock flesh with metal plates) or maybe the final form of evolution after the giant monster form? Like a dying butterfly, it migrates off in search of greener pastures to lay its eggs and spawn a new brood, restarting the cycle of planet eatage.

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  17. Well, already it is safe to say that the underlords have taken their blood sacrifice. Remember kids, when using knives to debase figurines from their bases so you can make a cooler looking base: safety first and coffee also helps.

    Haven’t had a cut that deep since when I first started building miniatures. Ouch! But it’ll heal, they always do. Ironic that I needed to get my blood drawn this week anyways. Haha.

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  18. Lol what a coincidence! Just cut my finger nicely yesterday as I was debasing a martian ๐Ÿ™‚

    Lookig forward to seeing what you can accomplish! As they are I already think the moles are the coolest-looking faction, can’t wait to see what you come up with.

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  19. Sorry to hear that you cut yourself too, but at least we can say we put our blood into our work.

    To be honest, I’m looking forward to it too. Been looking up some inspiration for bases and such to try and give them something a bit more interesting that solid black plastic. Already had a few mishaps when debasing them (such as accidently slicing the toes off a mollok brute), but luckily the glue helps fix all my ineptitude.

    Still need to figure out if I want to go with a realistic approach or a fantasy approach, cause right now I’m really thinking about making it look like Drillcon’s base is broken open with lava pouring out. But who knows, we’ll see how the concepts and approach turns out.

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  20. Think it’s apparent, Privateer Press is in league with dark powers beyond our mortal understanding. The evil factions are just like cursed tiki idols whose sole purpose is to steal our souls one stab of the knife at a time until we lie there in a pool of our own blood, knife in one hand, Ultra Cthugrosh in the other. The crime scene investigators will rule it as an accident. But we will know who the true culprit was… the bent wings just aren’t a molding flaw, it’s a sign of the evil ones who seek entry into our world so they can conquer it.

    I’m probably reading too much into it, but I’m having fun with it and thus I’ll just leave it at that. =P

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  21. I think you may have boiled your brain a little…Khador? ๐Ÿ˜›

    Kidding aside, welcome to the Double Dip club! PP keeps making great games that just suck you in, yes? Looking forward to seeing what you do with your giant hulks of metal, AKA the beasts that Khador passes off as Warjacks.

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  22. Don’t listen to him. Khador has that whole WWII Soviet era thing going for them, which has some pretty cool style considering the setting. I’ll be interested in seeing what you do with them. I’ve got a handful of Khador from the two player starter, which are currently sitting at the bottom of my “to paint” list. So I’m betting we’ll be seeing something from you long before I have anything to show.

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  23. When me and this guy were talking about it, he brought up the two player starter and quite frankly and no offense, I just don’t really like the look and feel of Menoth. That and you get man-of-war which I’m not too fond of the look of either. For the same price as half of that, was able to get the starter and my widowmakers, so it’s not like I’m missing anything important by not getting it in my opinion.

    Probably will end up giving them and icy, cool feel, but have just enough of their usual team colours (black and red) to remind you that they are Khador. But not too much red though since the person I’d be playing with has Khador too that are red so it’s probably for the best not to paint them too similar.

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  24. While the quick start rules would probably suffice for “a” game, I decided to purchase the mkII prime rulebook just to better get acquainted with the full rules which I am bound to do over breaks at work or during walks to my doctor’s appointments. Pretty sure they’d be understandable at least, did absorb a little of 40k a year ago so the concepts should probably not elude me.

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  25. Well, won my auction and unfortunately that Ares Mothership I bought had a good go against the handling conditions of the United States Postal Service. Gluing it is a lot like gluing together a Tau battlesuit, lots of patience, balance, brute force and rubber bands. But it’ll set eventually. Eventually, then it’ll be playable.

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  26. Tossed up a new picture of Drillcon, this one being the actual thing and not just more concept art. Did the teeth up in green stuff (obviously) and decided to remove then cover over the “eyes” with some more stuff since at least I feel that having eyes made it seem a tad funny looking. Now to me he’s looking a bit more menacing looking, the way a fiend should look. Also he looks a lot like a xenomorph now which was something I wasn’t planning originally for, but it works.

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