Guess this will be my formal introduction to the Team (hi everyone). So with little else to do I give you my brief history with this game that has (probably) brought us all here to this site at some point. A game we have grown to love for the most part, this game of tiny angry monsters and destructible cities we call Monsterpocalypse.


Well, I first heard of Monsterpocalypse several years ago while looking towards buying miniature bits to finish a project I had going in my head at the time which had brought me to one company, a Privateer Press which had a wide array of bits from their Warmachine and Hordes product lines which were perfect for what I had planned. It wasn’t until sometime later that my curiosity peaked and decided to actually buy a couple starter boxes, one for a friend and another for myself. I ended up having to buy another since I had actually (and accidentally) got my own mother into it as well.

Which recently lead me to think that if my own mother can learn to play it and love it then it’d be easy enough for me to teach others in my area who could become interested in it through a game group I’m planning on starting later on in the year at a local community center I volunteer at regularly. Also in my mind, Monsterpocalypse is a perfect miniature’s game in that it not only would spark the imagination and curiosity of those who see it for the first time and is relatively easy to learn and wrap your head around. But budget wise, for the cost of one battle force of say Warhammer, you can practically get the flavor of the entire first series which comes already painted and for the most part (when the planet’s and stars align) fully assembled. So it’s not only a money saver, but a time saver as well.

Unfortunately having gotten rid of my initial collection via eBay to help fuel my other hobbies, I’ve had to start anew and now it seems is a better time than ever to get back into the game with the 2-player starters out now. So I bought one of the new starters from a retailer I had bought from before out of New York state (since my local stores don’t carry it since well, to them it’s a dead CMG unlike HeroClix) and out of it got a good starting selection of monsters and units with the Martian Menace and Deimos-9 and the Terrasaurs with Terra Kahn. Then I remembered about this site and Team Covenant, initially to see about buying singles to fill out the two previously mentioned, then when I saw that they sold custom 2-player starters I couldn’t resist. To fill out my armies not with (no offense) expensive singles, but entire armies from other factions for around the same price; I could get one of each for variety’s sake. Thus I sent away for G.U.A.R.D. and Planet Eaters and got Defender X and Rogzor. Maybe next month I’ll buy a Lords of Cthul set and a Shadow Sun Syndicate set and see what else I get, not to mention fill out all six “corners” of the agenda wheel.

We’ll see how things turn out in the long run and tomorrow is a monster playing day for me which will give me a chance to break in and hopefully not break what I already have recollected so far. – Amber (Raptachan)