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Lilchan Bites! Vol. 1: Looking Towards The Future

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May 28, 2012

The following is what I hope to be an ongoing series of my random thoughts concerning MonPoc and perhaps even other games and events as time goes on. But for now, it’ll just be about MonPoc. I call it, “Lilchan Bites!”, the name being based off my WoW character’s (Raptachan’s) pet, Lilchan the raptor. Also, he will be my mascot for this series. Not to mention he resembles a raptix to a large degree, one of the first units I pulled out of the first 2-player starter I got when recollecting this great game.

Vol. 1: Looking Towards The Future

At the moment, I’m sitting and pondering my future expansion of the game. I’m really wanting to get a full set of all six Rise factions, so later on people have more to choose from. But would it really be worth it?

The two that I have left to get are Lords of Cthul and Shadow Sun Syndicate.

After breaking down what you get in each starter set and what’s possible, it’s got me thinking quite a bit. With Cthul you seem to get two meat slaves and one task master. The meat slaves give you a good base for healing from and are a nice utility unit to have. However with the task master, you get not only motivator, but also telekinesis, which can really put a damper on those brawlers who wander too close to them and visa versa.

However, with the Shadow Sun Syndicate, you might have the chance to get either two shadow gates or two interceptors (this I’m not sure, since I’ve not seen enough complete lists for this faction yet to compare, so all I have to go off of is the distribution of other factions I’ve seen). But while interceptors might seem like a waste, they’d offer what two saucers offer the martians, fast power point capture units that can move over all terrain with ease and drop off a cargo unit. Unlike say, the single power pod I got with the martians that is, while still good for power phases, just a single shadow gate would be of big help. Especially when accompanied with three skyscrapers (which you get after three 2-player starters).

Think of it, you can put two skyscrapers within reach of your starting units (making them easy to secure) and another near one corner. Now send an interceptor out and drop off a shadow gate on the other side of the map. You’d have ninja’s popping out every corner of the map! Simply amazing. You can already taste the flavor of this faction.

Now what got me questioning this was simply that the interceptor is not really a fighter that the, well sun fighters are. But after pondering on it for a bit, I’ve gotten down to the conclusion that these two would be a good way to finish off my MonPoc flavor pack. So call me sold and next month I’m getting these two and finishing my collection… for now at least. – Amber (Raptachan)

  1. I love Shadow Gates for cloak, but I don’t think I’ve ever used teleport; I prefer Transport.

    When I played Shadow Sun, I had a standard “welcoming squad” I would send over to my opponent’s side of the board using underground network; it consisted of an Interceptor and an elite Katana.

    I’d send the Interceptor and the Katana through underground network, grouping them so that they were diagonally adjacent to each other and adjacent to a building.

    Then transport in an Elite C-Type on the corner.

    Now all three units have high-impact (thanks to the Katana), so they’re shooting 3 * 5 with Chain Reaction. That’s got a 80% chance to hit defense 5, and 90% chance to hit defense four, so if you can hit one of your opponent’s grouped units, you can wipe the entire pack–destroying his (or her) power base and reaping a load of power dice. And hey, you also secured a building.

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    1. Nate: It appears Amber has not yet begun to pick up the DMZ boxes (contains sets 2 and 3), so she wouldn’t have access to C-types or Katanas just yet.

      Everyone: I’m glad to see new people getting into the game, makes me really think that old cynical veteran player in me who doubts the game’s immediate future may be completely wrong. =)

      Amber: (Warning, strategy ranting coming, read at own risk!) If you do get the SSS DMZ, they will have a very strong and highly mobile blasting force. until then you’ll have to use your S-type ninjas and Sun Fighters to the best of your advantage. S-types have cloak, so they are excellent at popping out of the networks and parking near an opponent’s building. Sun Fighters really shine against other flying units, and are slightly tougher than most other flying units (excepting the 4-DEF Cthulabite, which is in Lords of Cthul DMZ).
      I believe the SSS Starter includes one Interceptor and two Shadow Gates, which is excellent for being able to Transport a Shadow Gate early just to help secure a Skyscraper and be able to network S-types on Turn 1.

      Not sure what other advice I can give on SSS, and I don’t play Fiends myself. Welcome to Team Covenant community, glad to have you. If you ever want to play me, I’m sure you can find me on Vassal sometimes. =)

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      1. Thanks for the advice and It’ll probably be a while before I start getting the DMZs. Mostly just interested in closing off the base game so I can have a good selection to choose from, not only for myself, but others who I may hopefully get interested as well.

        If it does indeed usually come with two shadow gates, then that would be good. Not only for the Shadow Sun Syndicate, but for mixing and matching as well. Just think of it, a team of cloaked g-tanks with a mobile ops for Increased range and invisibility to boot.

        I’m foreseeing that I’ll definitely have some fun with my next and for now, final part to my collection. If I can others interested as well beyond my immediate family, then perhaps I’ll think about expanding it further to include not only the rest of the Rise block, but even Now! as well.

      2. As awesome as cloaked G-tanks would be, red abilities are only shared to units of the same Agenda, so Shadow Gates can only give cloak to Collaborator units. I hate to be the bearer of bad news. =/

      3. Oh’well. One can always still dream about it. It’s just something I overlooked. All I remembered was adjacent units and that since cloak didn’t list AGN in it’s description I misunderstood. But no matter. I’m sure I’ll re-figure things out eventually.

    2. @nate parkes,
      “so if you can hit one of your opponent’s grouped units, you can wipe the entire pack”

      you still need attack rolls against every member of the pack, but at 80-90%, that shouldn’t be too hard.

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