Lilchan Bites! Vol. 5: Rise Arrives… Sort Of

While waiting for glue to dry on a Zor, I decided to just type away and since getting a few boxes today in the mail from various sources, will talk about what was inside. Since I’ve got nothing else to talk about.

Vol. 5: Rise Arrives… Sort Of

So a few days ago and wanting to top off what got started with the starters, set out to find what was missing, as well a replacement for one as well while I was at it.

“Lo and behold, Ultra Cthugrosh… with two right arms! Tis a sight unimaginable and those who gaze upon this twisted abomination shall burst into tears before succumbing to the misery of every neuron in their brain wracking in a pain so unbearable all that they can do is huddle in the corner as you cry tears of pure darkness.”

So $4 later, it was fixed and Ultra Cthugrosh can now be safely viewed by mortal eyes without side effects.

Generally what I was able to get altogether in my mind was a pretty decent deal. Most of what I could find (sans one figure set) was actually cheaper than a series: 1 monster booster box each, which is always good. The priciest one was Sky Sentinel at around $15 and that Zor I was waiting to dry happened to be Zor-Raiden which I picked up for $3 (some assembly required), the same went for a Yasheth set which was $5 and all both needed was a simple gluing back onto the base which was a “fairly” simple process. Tiny legs can be difficult to make hold sometimes, especially when the damn thing keeps sliding around as you hold it. So now that broken mint condition Zor is now a repaired played with condition Zor, but at least he’s usable now. The last two were Armordax and Gorghadra which were around $7 each.

Gorghadra had some minor scuffing on his armor and since Yasheth came in the same box with it, I can only assume Yasheth got hungry and tried to take a bite our of poor Gorg’ in the plane ride over. Thus became the story of why Yasheth was torn off his base… not really, but it’s fun to pretend that’s how it happened.

In the end, I got 5 new monsters and a replacement for around $50 and I’m definitely happy with it. So now when I go to teach others I can say with confidence that YES! You can play as that monster, instead of telling them they cannot since I do not have it. Except Ares Mothership, you can’t play with Ares Mothership, for I do not have it… yet. But when I do, this collection of Series 1 shall be complete. – Amber (Raptachan)


Oh, and one more thing…

So now to make this entire post meaningful, to close it I will lay down a concept that I’m working on that can be used when teaching people with the aid of the ID rings from the accessory packs, which can be simple to do. Since sometimes new players wont always know what something does and how something works, you can simply mark buildings based upon what type of hazard they leave behind (red = fire, green = radioactive and so on), with units you could always mark them based upon which costs more, with two point units marked in white or something to represent an extra dice that is needed to spawn it. Now this is only a rough concept at best and I hope to perfect it so it can work for me at least, but it’s an interesting concept.