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Lilchan Bites! Vol. 6: Enter the Machine

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June 10, 2012

So spent the day boiling in the sun while selling raffle tickets for the community center, let’s just say it went smoothly and we raised a ton of money. But beyond that I also met someone there who I exchanged contact info with and had a lengthy discussion which brought up Warmachine, now he was a bit surprised when I asked him which faction did he play, but none of the less it got the ball rolling and now it seems I may just have found a person to help me get started with it.

Vol. 6: Enter the Machine

During our discussion, I had brought up that while my curiosity was peaked a while back ago, I never fully had the chance to get into Warmachine. But after a long day working and coming home and since my collection of Monsterpocalypse Series 1 is now complete with the winning of an Ares Mothership on eBay, decided to send away for the faction that had gotten me interested long ago which is the Khador. So a brand new Khador battle box is on its way to my doorstep. Remembering what I had read back then I also tossed in a team of widowmakers just to bring the points to a flat 15 based upon a calculator. Now how it all works out in the long run beats me, I’ve yet to even have my first match or even understand the rules fully. But only time will tell if this khadorian wannabe has what it takes to make it out of the snow and into the light.

Oh, also I’ve gotten word on my gaming group I’ll be starting up later in the year hopefully with the finalized dates and times for the facilitator training course they want me to go through at the center. Now while it’s more than a month away, least I can finally say I’m on the right track.

Lastly to update on the moles as a bit of a divergence away from Warmachine discussion, they’re coming along. Been working on the brutes and currently need to start coiling wires, not to mention finding the right part for the breathing contraptions I want to put on their backs which connect to their mouths. To me the drill wasn’t cutting it (pun not intended). – Amber (Raptachan)

  1. I think you may have boiled your brain a little…Khador? 😛

    Kidding aside, welcome to the Double Dip club! PP keeps making great games that just suck you in, yes? Looking forward to seeing what you do with your giant hulks of metal, AKA the beasts that Khador passes off as Warjacks.

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  2. Don’t listen to him. Khador has that whole WWII Soviet era thing going for them, which has some pretty cool style considering the setting. I’ll be interested in seeing what you do with them. I’ve got a handful of Khador from the two player starter, which are currently sitting at the bottom of my “to paint” list. So I’m betting we’ll be seeing something from you long before I have anything to show.

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    1. When me and this guy were talking about it, he brought up the two player starter and quite frankly and no offense, I just don’t really like the look and feel of Menoth. That and you get man-of-war which I’m not too fond of the look of either. For the same price as half of that, was able to get the starter and my widowmakers, so it’s not like I’m missing anything important by not getting it in my opinion.

      Probably will end up giving them and icy, cool feel, but have just enough of their usual team colours (black and red) to remind you that they are Khador. But not too much red though since the person I’d be playing with has Khador too that are red so it’s probably for the best not to paint them too similar.

  3. While the quick start rules would probably suffice for “a” game, I decided to purchase the mkII prime rulebook just to better get acquainted with the full rules which I am bound to do over breaks at work or during walks to my doctor’s appointments. Pretty sure they’d be understandable at least, did absorb a little of 40k a year ago so the concepts should probably not elude me.

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