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Star Wars LCG Community Deck, Episode VI

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December 18, 2012

We come now to the final episode of our deck building.  If you haven’t been following along, you should check out Deck Building 101, and then Episodes I, II, III, IV, and V.  At this point, we’re just about ready to finalize our deck list, but first I’d like to take a moment to go over the resource matching statistics for the beginning of the game to help us make decisions on the affiliation mix for the objective sets.

For simplicity sake, I’ll keep this analysis to two-affiliation sets and the minimum number of 10 objectives.  In the left column will be the number of objectives from each affiliation, and in the right column will be the percent chance of drawing only that affiliation in your starting 4.

10/0          100%/0%

9/1             60%/0%

8/2            33%/0%

7/3            17%/0%

6/4            7%/0.5%

5/5         2.4%/2.4%

If you have questions about how I found my numbers, ask in the comments and I’d be happy to share, but I don’t want to waste space here discussing math when we have some awesome cards to discuss.

Episode VI: Tough Decisions

And now it is time to put together a final deck list.  It looks to me based on the comments in the last couple of posts that we’re kicking around 2 main ideas: mainly Jedi with a splash of Smugglers and Spies, and a more even Jedi/Rebel mix.  I think I’m going to add a third option in an all-Jedi deck.  Below, I’ll post my ideas of what each deck would look like based on the suggestions so far.  Use the comments for this post to vote for our final deck and discussion alterations.

Deck 1: All-Jedi LS Control

Affiliation: Jedi

Objective Sets:

A Hero’s Journey x2

Forgotten Heroes x2

Jedi Training x2

Last Minute Rescue x2

In You Must Go x1

Hit and Run x1

The main strength of this build is that you never have to worry about resource issues.  While you miss out on some of the cool options the other two affiliations have to offer, there is something to be said about consistency in your deck.  There’s also plenty of room to play around with this deck to suit your personality (or play testing results).  The core of the deck is Forgotten Heroes and Jedi Training.  Beyond keeping those both x2, nothing here is really sacred.


Deck 2: Jedi/Rebel LS Control

Affiliation: Rebel or Jedi

Objective Sets:

Decoy at Dantooine x2

Draw Their Fire x2

The Secret of Yavin 4 x2

Forgotten Heroes x2

Jedi Training x2

Wow does this deck control.  If you can get your ideal start of Decoy at Dantooine and Secret of Yavin 4 both out, then the DS has a long way to go before destroying your objectives does anything for them.  Hopefully that doesn’t backfire and cause them to never attack, as you actually want them to commit resources to attacks to make it easier to sneak damage past them.  I think this is an amazing deck against DS aggro decks though.  The affiliation choice comes some to personal preference on the odds.  With most of the deck being Jedi, I’d prefer running that as my affiliation with the 7% chance that none of my starting objectives will be Rebel.  This is helped by the fact that several of the Rebel set cards are neutral or free, so missing that doesn’t hurt us as much.  On the other hand, having a solid Rebel start (which will happen once ever 210 games on average) would be absolutely brutal.  Maybe it’s my horrible luck speaking, but I’d rather remove the possibility of the dead game tiny as it is… but in this case the Rebel affiliation argument is pretty strong.


 Deck 3: Jedi and Smugglers and Spies, Oh My! LS Control

Affiliation: Smugglers and Spies

Questionable Contacts x2

A Hero’s Journey x1

Forgotten Heroes x2

Jedi Training x2

Last Minute Rescue x2

In You Must Go x1

This is the one I lean towards for sheer fun factor.  I love that in a serious deck design we managed to work in the Smugglers and Spies affiliation!  For this deck, I’m pretty attached to the first 4 of those objective sets, but Last Minute Rescue could be replaced with something else or split into x1 with x1 something else (like Hit and Run).  This deck loves to get Han and Luke out causing the DS problems.  Very Star Wars.  The deck has now been updated to reflect the changes suggested in the comments.


So there you have it.  The final 3 deck options.  Let your votes be cast and your last second changes be suggested and one deck will reign supreme… just in time for the cards to get to us.

(Shameless plug: Check out my X-Wing squad idea for post Wave 2 – linking since this post going up will hide my contest entry from the recent blog feed)

UPDATE: Final votes are in and counted.

  1. I’m definitely voting for Deck 3 here. Although it pains me to see that In You Must Go did not make it in there. What Yoda brings to the deck is pretty substantial. With that said, I’ve been looking through the pods you have in there, and I can’t find an easy replacement to get IYMG a spot. The best I can come up with is perhaps dropping a single copy of Last Minute Rescue, which get’s one Yoda. The other, more out there thought I had was to drop a single LMR, as well as a single Heroes Journey. With two copies of Han, we don’t necessarily need two copies of Luke. We trade Trust Your Feelings for Shi-Cho Training, which is about even. Although we’re trading a Luke for a Yoda, and Luke works much much better with some SC Training than Yoda does. Anyway, something to ponder, and in a few days, test!

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    1. I really like the 3rd option as well, mainly because I really want to see Han get into the game! Also, I think Nick has a good suggestion with trading 1x LMR with 1x IYMG. Yodo offers a LOT to the force struggle and is dirt cheap for his effect. It also gives us access to another resource card & the potential to reducing our enchancement costs.

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      1. Ninja’d… what would you guys think about LMR x1, A Hero’s Journey x1, IYMG x2? Or maybe IYMG x1, Hit and Run x1… so hard to really tell without testing it out.

      2. This is where the deck building design of this game really shows its strength to the more experienced deck builder. It’s not “how much is Yoda worth?”, but how much is “In You Must Go worth?”. At this point, I really feel that some actual play testing is in order. Anyone over at TC want to some of these variants out?

      3. I’ll second the request for any play testing from TC. I could go print out proxies of all of the cards… but it’s just not the same (and that would take a lot of time and ink).

    2. Yeah, building 10-card decks is tough like that. As much as I would love to include IYMG, the only thing I could see cutting for it would be LMR (though I’ll have to think about dropping to x1 A Hero’s Journey…).

    3. I, too, vote for the third option, but I’m leaning more towards taking out 1x A Hero’s Journey in exchange for 1x In You Must Go. The biggest thing I’m worried about losing with AHJ, is the extra Dagobah Training Grounds, but IYMG has that as well. I think it’s important to keep both Last Minute Rescues because Return of a Jedi can basically be traded for Luke, Obi-Wan, or Yoda under the right circumstances. It gives us more flexibility than a single copy of any of those Jedi — and we resurrect them for cheap!

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      1. Good point. I’m on my phone now, but sometime later tonight I should have access to a real computer and I’ll update the original post to reflect the change as there seems to be decent agreement on it.

    1. Fair enough. I went the way I did because of the extra control elements in those sets (4 copies of Jedi Mind Trick is sweet) and the help with the force battle, but LMR and AHJ would appear to make a strong deck too.

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