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Star Wars LCG Community Deck: Episode VII (thanks to Disney…)

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December 23, 2012

Well the votes are in, and it wasn’t even close.  After a couple of weeks of debate and discussion we have settled on a LS deck of awesomeness.  If you missed it, I would encourage you to check out my blog’s archives to see the entire process.  Perhaps you’ll disagree with one of our decisions along the way and build yourself a completely different deck, or perhaps you’ll decide this is the best deck ever and run it for the next 5 years without any changes (which I wouldn’t recommend).  However you feel about it, thank you for your participation in this experiment.  With any luck, I’ll be able to get a few games in over the holidays and I’m planning on taking this deck for a spin, so I’ll let everyone know how it works out for me.

Final Deck – Jedi and Smugglers and Spies, Oh My!

Affiliation: Smugglers and Spies

Questionable Contacts x2

A Hero’s Journey x1

Forgotten Heroes x2

Jedi Training x2

Last Minute Rescue x2

In You Must Go x1


I probably won’t post much if anything between now and New Years, so happy holidays to everyone, and may the Force be with you!

  1. Thanks for running this whole experiment. I found it fun and enlightening. It’s alway interesting getting an inside look into other people’s methodology and thinking when it comes to deck (or force building). I’ll probably be trying this deck out as well, although I might tweak it a little bit. We’ll see.

    Happy holidays!

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  2. A bit of bad news: the first test of this deck (against the DS deck posted in the Deck Building 101) resulted in an easy DS victory. More testing is needed, as well as some different DS decks to test against, but for the first game at least it was flat-out out controlled.

      1. DS was playing with the Sith control deck I used as an example in the deck building 101 post. It might just be that my Sith deck is that good though, it has tons of removal and such things.

    1. Still haven’t won a game with it. It might help if I could convince my brother-in-law to play with a deck other than my Sith deck which seems to legitimately be very good, but I can’t get it to work. Anyone else having any luck?

    1. Here’s some modifications I’m going to try making to the deck to see if it makes any difference:
      Affiliation: S&S
      Jedi Training x2
      Forgotten Heroes x2
      Questionable Contacts x2
      Hit and Run x1
      Last Minute Rescue x1
      The Secret of Yavin 4 x1
      A Hero’s Journey x1

      The additions of Secret of Yavin 4 and Hit and Run will hopefully give the deck a bit more in the way of combat tricks. The changes also net +1 unit for the deck, though that unit is C-3PO so I’m not sure that counts. In honor of the votes, I’m going to keep trying to make the Jedi/S&S combo work.

      1. Try this:

        S&S Affiliation
        x2 Questionable Contacts
        x2 A Hero’s Journey
        x2 In You Must Go
        x2 Last Minute Rescue
        x2 Jedi Training

        Lots of heroes, hero recursion. Reasonable amount of Rancor fodder. Force and other control cards. Gets away from some “dead weight” pods like Hit and Run and Forgotten Heroes, which offer little in terms of serious control and are more pace-oriented.

      2. The reason I decided to try including Hit and Run was mostly to pump up my Fate card count (which are basically combat tricks). My testing of the original deck showed that it suffered in edge battles some and the extra fate cards help with that. Twist of Fate is brutal if you can bluff well and you get a copy in both Secret of Yavin 4 and Hit and Run. That said, I’ll certainly try out your version too.

      3. After a couple of tries, your deck works pretty well Theorist, but I still like Forgotten Heroes more than In You Must Go. I tried the deck swapping those and it still worked so I think I’m going to run that for a while. (Coincidentally, that returns to the original deck I had posted – it turns out that Luke is too good to only have 1 of him).

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