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SWLCG – OCTGN Tournament!

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February 24, 2013

I’m planning on running an online tournament on OCTGN if I can find enough people interested.  I’d tentatively like to send out initial pairings next weekend, so jump over to FFG’s forums and the thread I started there with your OCTGN username if you’re interested.  If you don’t have a FFG account and/or refuse to use their forums because of how horribly slow they are, feel free to post here as well.  The tournament will be swiss, but I haven’t decided on the exact scoring method yet (Update: now that the official tournament rules are posted, we will use those).  As there are no prizes or any such things at stake, I plan on playing too.  Should be good practice for regionals!

If you’re new to OCTGN, I found this website to be a useful resource when learning it myself.

Participants (OCTGN UN):

1. red5ccg

2. doctormungmung

3. yobo93

4. jzwink

5. marcr

6. sageleader

7. grover3870

8. warren12

9. Erthafein

10. Shikaku

11. MasterJediAdam

12. ScottNJ

13. Hucklebarry

14. brad_harrington

15. agnos

16. Jedi_Knight

17. nckball

18. Bazeleel

19. Chlemtil

20. JMCB




I’m excited by all of the participation!  I’m hoping to post the round 1 pairings either Friday night or Saturday morning.  Exact tournament rules will be posted at that time, unless FFG posts them between now and then.  I will be double posting everything here and on the FFG forum thread linked above.  Spread the word!


Gary Hall recently posted a blog with Nick Harrison that also goes through how to play on OCTGN.  Also, I’m going to set the registration deadline for 11:59 pm EST on Thursday, 2/28.  Basically, I’m going to go with the list as I have it when I get to it on Friday, so while you might be able to sneak it after midnight, post before the end of Thursday to be guaranteed a spot.


Round 1 posted!

      1. No problem. It’s always fun getting any form of game in, and I needed the refresher myself. OCTGN seems to be one of those things that if you don’t “practice”, the knowledge fades rather quickly.

      1. Understood, I just thought it might be fun. Though what do you mean by the 2nd comment? I haven’t had the chance to test in a game yet, but at least in the deck builder they seem to be working together.

        Edit: Oh, did you mean that our Hoth stuff wouldn’t work together? I expected that.

      2. You will see the cards yourself, but if your opponent doesn’t have your set installed (and instead has what I release) they will see blank cards on your side.

      3. Thanks. That’s pretty much what I expected. Especially when I could not reverse engineer your card ID system easily. I put my file together specifically for potential use in the tournament, where it shouldn’t be a problem.

      4. I’m using normal GUIDs. I sync them with what is on cardgamedb, so the only way to have compatible sets is if you can get the owner of to add the spoiled cards to their db and export an xml file for you.

        I usually get an xml once the full set is spoiled and then I create it.

      5. Makes sense. I was just trying to correlate the GUID to the card number or some such thing so that I could give correct IDs for the previews. If you’d rather I not have the preview sets posted to avoid problems, let me know and I’ll take them down. I was just thinking it could be fun.

      6. You can post them, but make sure you inform people that any decks containing cards from your sets will be incompatible with my official release.

        To be fair though, maybe some other kind of reward might be more interesting. Like some kind of TC badge? Dunno :)

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