The Team Covenant Podcast: Episode 12

It’s a special episode this time around, with Steven and Robert taking the helm. But will they steer off-course with a cast idea they’ve termed “the lightning round”? By giving each game five minutes, they hope to update everyone about what’s kicking in their brains on a Friday morning. We’ll see if it worked.

0:00 –  47:05 The Almighty Lightning Round – Game of Thrones -> Star Wars X-Wing -> Netrunner -> The Spoils -> Star Wars LCG -> Lord of the Rings LCG -> Infinity -> Burning Wheel/Roleplaying (General)

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Intro: BassnectarTeleport Massive (RJD2 RMX)
Outro: Hanon – 6to4

  1. While I would be interested to see FFG take on a capital starship game in the Star Wars universe I wouldn’t want it to be incorporated into X-Wing. I’m not one to obsess down to the millimeter in terms of scale consistency but I’m pretty sure a Star Destroyer would need to be something like 60 feet long to be consistently-scaled with the existing ships in X-Wing.

    What I think would be cool is if they somehow incorporated (perhaps through a future set of game tiles) the notion of an X-Wing game taking place on or around an Imperial gun battery on the side of a Star Destroyer and the Imperials could have stationary gun batteries set up on the board or something.

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  2. I forgot to mention if you pick the -2 and scroll down to about 3/4 on the right hand side it will show the star wasr star fighter ships. you can make out the Lambda.

    You can then click and drag drop them to the EAOmega Star Destroyer toward the top of the page. That will give some type of reference.

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  3. The idea is that it’s actually a different game with the same mechanics. It wouldn’t be called “X-Wing” but “Star Destroyer” or something. “Star Destroyer” could only play with “Star Destroyer” models. You’d never see X-Wing models in that game.

    I guess we didn’t make that clear 🙂

  4. I don’t think the mechanics would translate well to capital ships. X-Wing is fairly close to being a scale representation of a dogfight whereas capital starship games (at least the ones I’ve played) are usually abstractions when it comes to distances and ranges. The notion of capital ships evading shots just doesn’t jibe with me.

    I’d love to see a capital ship combat game done by FFG on a hex-grid with an insane amount of detail (as in one 8.5×11 sheet per ship).

    I’d like to hear more in-depth X-Wing talk on this show. You guys cover the news items well but I’d like the same kind of depth for X-Wing that you do for Netrunner, AGOT, and Star Wars LCG.

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  5. Just listened to this for the first time and loved it. Great job Robert and Steven. It reminds me of the book Warriors by George R.R. Martin. A compilation of many unrelated (beyond they are all games) that exposes the listener to things they might be missing out on.

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