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Broke 200 Games and 100 Wins!

Well fellow X-Wingers, finally broke the 200 game mark.  Thanks to all my opponents and friends on Vassal that keep the game fresh!!!  So a few results.

I managed to drag my average up to just below 50% (100 Win, 103 Losses).  My average over last 100 games is better at a 57% win rate.  So you could say I was improving… slightly.  I mean stats are stats, they don’t tell the whole story.  Of course, there is a lot of experimenting that goes on.  Losses means learning.  Sometimes you just try weird squad ideas and they don’t work out.  My current tournament record is 9-4, so I am reasonably happy with that.

The one stat that I ran was squads that include large ships.  So my win percentage with small ships is 41%, and my win with a large ship is 53%.  So is the moral of the story to try and field at least one large ship?  For my personal play style, it looks like it.

Anyway, that is the summary.  Wave 4 seems to be throwing a monkey wrench into everything.  Its a little harder to fit in large ships with phantoms, defenders, and ewings running around.  So we’ll see what happens.

See you in space!

  1. That’s awesome that you know these details. I’m so bad at keeping these kinds of stats. I think my win rate is pretty good (no clue really), and I’m pretty sure I’ve played over 200 games. I’m impressed that you have these stats.

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    1. I used to keep record of exact squads for both sides, but that was too much work. I just put a general description. I started at the very beginning and just add to the spreadsheet as I go. I know i have missed a game here and there.

  2. I’m getting close to my 100th game (been playing since March). I don’t have my stats but my tournament record is 5 and 8.

    As far as casual goes I’m fairly sure I’m in the 80% win ratio which really frustrates me when compared to tournament.

    Congrats on 200! :)

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