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X-Wing FAQ 2.1…. or How to Nerf the Barrel Roll


Flame on!

  1. I am pleased with the change to Barrel Roll. Many times I have wanted to roll and had the edge of the board too close to me, and I have thought this ability was REALLY good on large ships since the start of Wave Two (which is why I flew it!). It is a needed change, but also useful in some situations to have the tighter roll than before. Never again will I accidentally roll out of Range 3 and have no shot!

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      1. Its under the Adv. Sensors card section of the FAQ:

        “If a TIE Phantom uses Advanced Sensors to perform a
        cloak action, it cannot immediately decloak.”

      2. Never mind; found it at the bottom — conflicts with the language elsewhere in the FAQ, wasn’t something particularly powerful that needed disabled either. Stygium Particle Accelerator, a card people already weren’t running much because it was too weak, gets worse. Perhaps I’m feeling cynical today, but I’m filing that information in the same part of my brain where I’d file Autoblaster’s cost going up 1 point.

      3. It was something that I was happy to see simply because there were some arguments between players I know about it. Not that it broke the game, but rather that it caused people to argue about the game rather than playing it.

      4. Unfortunately, cloak/decloak in the same turn never helped Stygium Particle Accelerator, because it let’s you take a free Evade action, and you can’t do an action more than once a round.

      5. With just Stygium if you de-cloak before moving you get 1 Evade, so if you then cloak you don’t get a second Evade. Adding AdvS doesn’t change anything… but that’s not what the ruling is about. The ruling concerns a Phantom that begins the turn uncloaked, as to whether it can on a turn choose to Cloak and then decloak afterward before revealing its dial.

        By language, both AdvS and de-cloak happen before you reveal your dial. You can execute them in either order; AdvS first, or de-cloak first. AdvS lets you choose any action you like, including Cloak. Without a ruling disabling a Cloak-then-decloak, the interaction works and behaves like everything else in the game (with the active player resolving the order of simultaneous effects/triggers as they choose).

        The ONLY thing stopping you from de-cloaking after choosing Cloak as your action is the ruling.

        I mentioned Stygium because prior to this ruling, one perk of Stygium over ACD was that it worked well with AdvS. ACD is off if you pre-Cloak. Stygium still worked.

        Now Stygium has lost that perk, falling further behind ACD as a mod choice for Phantom. That was my comment.

      6. Well – I think it reveals something about the way the trigger windows work – they’re kindof a “one time check” maybe –

        See- you start uncloaked, and have advanced sensors – you get to the reveal dial step – and trigger everything that goes on revealing the dial. We look and see only advanced sensors – then we choose cloak action. Now, the opportunity has passed.

        Compare to having a cloak token and advanced sensors, we get to that moment and then trigger both – they happen at the same time, so we choose to decloak and then use advanced sensors.

      7. STEP ONE
        — Check to see if you can declare a de-cloak.
        STEP TWO
        — Declare AdvS
        — Declare de-cloak -IF- it was deemed possible by Step 1.

        Step One exists solely to disable AdvS’s Cloak-then-decloak combo. It serves literally no other purpose in the game except to disable the combo, and is a step invented BY the ruling. The step is not in the rules for cloaking and de-cloaking. It conflicts with procedure for other parts of the game. I think Step One is a terrible call — people will assume you can because all language suggests you can, then get pointed to the FAQ and be disappointed that this pretty cool thing they found doesn’t actually work. It should be stricken from the FAQ. There will never be another use for STEP ONE except to disable this combo.

  2. I like the new rules for barrel roll and decloak declaration – not everyone had naturally adopted this new style of play with the phantoms or with Lorrir.

    Same goes for specific rules about maneuver dial errors – they make life interesting.

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      1. It’s like Mu0n said, but at first glance I thought exactly like Cory J, just because of the shape of the YT-2400 and not being familiar with it.

  3. I’m surprised no one has mentioned the new changes to the tournament rules, which are also pretty exciting. Now SoS is dead, and Margin of Victory is the new replacement. It’s similar to the tiebreaker system theorist used in his HiLo tournament.

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  4. “Q: Do huge ships begin missions with energy?
    A: Unless specified by a specific mission, huge ships begin each mission with no
    energy. In the Epic Dogfight and Team Epic tournament formats, each huge
    ship begins the match with energy on its ship card up to its energy limit.”

    was this mentioned in the Huge ships rules at all? because we scoured it trying to figure out if it starts with energy or not and couldn’t find it. So this FAQ now is making a new rule? or clarifying an existing one?

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    1. Making a new rule. Though if they really wanted to make me happy they could insert an advocate energy step too before the first round. Not being able to allocated that energy kills most of the advantage to it since you have full energy when you move which means all that energy you just gained on your move is gone

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