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@A_Glance: Netrunner – Creation and Control Expansion

FFG has released a several details about the upcoming Creation and Control expansion for Netrunner, which appears to focus on the Shaper and HasBro factions. (Link Here) I haven’t played the game much since the core came out, but nothing gets people more interested in an LCG than new and interesting cards and this expansion seems to be offering exactly that!   I will let the community drive the discussion on the merits of these few spoiled cards and such, so to start off here are a few collections of cards, some of which are fully exposed below but others are not and definitely worth looking over!

EDIT: Thanks to Luke for pointing out several more cards.  With these additional cards I’ve re-arranged the format of the post to have a little more structure.

Spoiled Cards

Now lets take a closer look at a few cards they singled out in their news post, starting with the Shaper cards.


Comparing this to the original identity and the one from a previous pack, we are losing 5 influence and against the original identity.  We are also losing 1 link.  But what we gain appears to be a very unusual ability.  Granting the first piece of ice you encounter a CODE GATE trait seems like it can put your opponent in awkward positions.  It’s sort of like a limited, but repeating, tinker event.   Seems strong to my untrained eyes, but is it really?   I don’t see the 5 fewer influence as that much of an issue as the card pool grows.   Also note that there are 2 more unspoiled identities for Shaper that are in this expansion so there is no telling what direction those will take us!

Escher is just a disturbing ability from the mind-set of the Corp.   It is a costly event at 3 credits, and with 4 influence cost will not likely been seen anywhere but from Shaper.  Will this be as devastating as it seems?

I’m a little torn on Self-Modifying Code.  I love the concept and the ability, but I’m not so sure of the cost.  Though if you really need a specific program then any price is acceptable if it can win you the game.   It looks as though the ability is used without spending a click.  Since you are spending a click to install the Code in the first place, it seems like you are getting to search a program out and install it for +2 the cost.

Paricia looks to be a fantastic addition to the Shaper arsenal.  Only 1 EM, 0 cost, and repeatable credits to trash assets, how can you go wrong with this?  With Shaper’s ability to increase their EM this seems like a good addition to most Shaper decks and with only 1 influence I can see finding homes in other factions as well.  Getting to burn out a Corps assets seems extremely strong to me – especially since those are their main forms of recurring income.

Looking at Chakana in the first photo collection, I am very excited to see more Viruses in other factions – which can further the use of Virus cards in identities outside of the Anarch.

In that same collection there is also Omni-Drive.  I’m extremely curious what amount of EM it supports!

We can also glean a little information for Dagger, an Icebreaker of some sort.  The zero STR is not surprising considering there is a +5 STR capability – though we also can’t tell what other restrictions are on that card.



Now the spoiled cards don’t stop there.  One of the three new HasBro identities has also been exposed so lets take a look at that as well.

Again comparing to the other identities for HasBro, I’m sure the first thing everyone notices is that big giant 22 INFLUENCE!   How fantastic is that?!   Then we see we cannot include any Jinteki cards.   Hmm.   I’m not a fan of letting my opponent immediately know there is no chance for any splashed cards from an entire faction, but with the 7 more influence to be spread around it should offer enough diversity that it will still keep them guessing.  I will say that reading the article FFG put together about this agenda and it’s flavor was rather entertaining and is very “Nedly” to use a Game of Thrones term – which is simply to say it is very thematic and I approve.


Director Haas obviously has some influence within this corp.  The Pet Project agenda is a nice low scoring agenda with a very solid effect.  This could potentially allow you to play back big ice that was destroyed by virus or forced into the archives by a forged activation.

As for the asset, granting the corp more turns is amazing, however, the downside could be big in a close game – so make sure you use your turns wisely!

With regards to the Awakening Center upgrade, it offers low rez cost, low influence cost, decent trash cost and one of the most interesting upgrade abilities I’ve seen yet.   Being able to install ice as an upgrade is simply outstanding!  It is limited by the fact that it has to be bioroid ice, so that will limit it being played in other factions, but with such a low influence cost I can still imagine some will try it out.  Reading this ability, there are a few things that stick out to me.   1) You can install multiple pieces of bioroid ice on  this upgrade.  2) This upgrade must be rez’d in order to use it’s ability – so unless I am mistaken on the timing a runner will still be able to jack out before encountering the server it is installed on and the piece of ice you may or may not be rezzing.  Do correct me if I’m wrong.  3) If you have more than 1 piece of ice hosted on this upgrade and it is trashed, all the hosted ice will also be trashed.    The conclusion of such makes this a very odd card really.  It seems to be a defensive threat that can help protect a server just long enough to score it.  In the timing structure, when can a Runner trash this card?

Looking at one of the photo collections above, we see that HasBro has upgraded their Ichi ice to 2.0.  With that upgrade, runners have to spend 2 clicks to break 2 subs.  While the STR is only up by 1 on this new ice, the base trace is higher and the cost has also be upgrade.  Overall I think it is definitely a good upgrade to the old Ichi.

In that same photo collection we see T4LB07, an asset that is all about the income.  Gaining power counters for each installed card, then trash it for a +2 per counter seems like a very excellent way for HassBro to continue building their empire.


Looking at Server Diagnostics, it seems like a pretty big waste of a card slot to me. It would take 2 turns to break even (1 click to install & 3 credits to rez = 4 credits). And with a automatic trash it seems extremely restrictive to go 3 turns without installing a piece of ice.

If you are going to make a run, I suppose you might as well also net 3 credits for your efforts.

What is your take on these new cards?  Are my rambling, musings and assessments of these cards and their function even remotely accurate?   Let the discussion begin!

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    1. Ah indeed I did! Looking at Server Diagnostics, it seems like a pretty big waste of a card slot to me. It would take 2 turns to break even (1 click to install & 3 credits to rez = 4 credits). And with a automatic trash it seems extremely restrictive to go 3 turns without installing a piece of ice.

      I will update the post to include those additional exposed cards, thanks Luke.

      1. No problem! (:

        Server Diagnostics could possibly be good in an encryption protocol deck that uses upgrades to defend its servers instead of ice. Just a thought.

  2. I’m a pretty big fan of that Shaper identity. Shaper has the Gordian Blade. Making it hack through the first piece of ice makes for a very aggressive and difficult to stop early game. Running 3 Gordians + 3 Test Run’s means you should have the breaker in short order. This also makes late game installs less significant.

  3. I like the direction of the game so far.

    Kit — She’s going to be fun….
    x3 Test Run
    x3 The Personal Touch
    x3 Yog.0 (1i each, 3i)
    x2 Ice Carver (3i each, 6i)

    The new HB identity can easily afford all the NBN and Weyland cards to play a tag&bag game. The only thing it will really miss from Jinteki is the HQ/R&D protection of Snare.

    Paricia is legit enough. It’s -1 card and -1 click for 2 credits toward what you’ll almost always do anyway, repeatable. Looks better for the wunderkind than the other shapers, since she has spare MU already available. Should be good for all runners though.

    Awakening Center is kind of odd. It forces an encounter, so I actually see this as a Janus launcher. It’s not going to be the dead weight it otherwise might be because of that potential.

    Director Haas… a bit sketchy, but do you immediately get that extra click that turn? I see her on a well protected server (tower of power) in order to fast-advance agendas.

    …ok, just too many cards to go thru. So far ALL of them look pretty good. The game is really taking off, I’m happy to see the quality.

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  4. Some thoughts:

    Rielle- That is a trippy ability, should make for some fast Shaper builds.

    Escher- I love everything about this card, It is very Shaper (hence the 5 influence) and I like the idea of completely messing up the corp’s ice without actually destroying it. The art being absolutely AMAZING helps too.

    Self-Modifying Code- I think the biggest advantage of this card is the ability to use it mid run, making blind runs a lot safer.

    Dirty Laundry- A riskier Sure Gamble that gives you one less credit, but with the benefits of a run and a lower threshold cost, I like it

    Paricia- With the series of cloud breakers freeing up a lot of MU, I think this will wind up in a lot of my future Shaper decks.

    Server Diagnostics- Not very good in the early game, but once you have your servers well protected this could be a good source of late game income.

    Custom Biotics- Not a big fan, but that is probably due to my loving Jinteki so much.

    Awakening Center- Looks very interesting, can’t wait to try it out with the 2.0 bioroids in a Stronger Together deck.

    Director Haas- That is a POWERFUL ability, though I am not quite convinced it is worth the extra agenda points in your deck.

    Pet Project- Very nice agenda, it is a shame you can only have one per deck, the theme of it is good though.

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  5. Small correction: the Escher card is 5 influence, not 4! Nothing stands out in my mind as having that high of a cost.

    But maybe I have been playing the corp too much, and am getting cynical, but does it look like the runners are getting the better deal with this new set?

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  6. Runners are gaining the advantage, in terms of raw strength compared to what they had. Corporations by comparison are losing raw strength (because they aren’t gaining as much), but they are gaining a wealth of new tools/options. The new Chimera is a major raw strength bump to corp side. Server Diagnostics is not just a late game card — it says install ICE, not rez ICE. Once you have enough ICE out to take away free runs, you can bring this out and rake in some credits. Short of drawing an agenda, you are in very little danger from any runner except possibly Noise. Plus the runner is going to trash it anyway… they can’t leave it there. You’ll win the economy exchange if it’s behind 1+ ICE.

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    1. Only Ichi 2.0 has be exposed so far (see the 2nd photo collection) so I agree with James that there should still be plenty of new options in store for the HB corps. Since I’ve always liked the Has-Bro faction I can’t wait to see what else will be available.

      Has anyone see any other news about expansions for the other factions?

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