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Quest Log for Lord of the Rings The Card Game

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February 22, 2013

For those of you who are not familiar with the Quest log for the Lord of the Rings LCG, I strongly suggest you check it out. It basically keeps track of the scores for the quests you have beaten. I feel like it is a great tool to help you improve as a player. So far I have scored 20 of the current 26 quests spread out across playing 1 to 4 player games. Some of them I have beat several times and have decreased my scores (which is a good thing. Think of LOTR scoring like you do a Golf score) and others I have just bearly beat, leaving myself plenty of room for improvement.

When scoring the games you do the following:

Add the total threat of the group + the number of rounds X10 + any damage on player cards + the threat of any heroes that are in the discard pile then subtract any Victory points in your victory window.

 For Example: Last night I played the Watcher in the Water quest with a friend and this is how we scored the game:
My Ending threat was 42
His Ending threat was 37
6 rounds times 10 = 60
Total Damage = 0
Dead Hero Threat = 0

Victory point – 3
Total of 136

Core Quests:

Passage Through Mirkwood (Solo):  93 {Bilbo, Beravor, Legolas}
Journey Down the Anduin
(Solo) : 102 {Bifur, Elerond, Eleanor}
Escape from Dol Guldur : Not Scored

Mirkwood Cycle:

The Hunt for Gollum: (2 Player):  143 {Bifur, Ori, Dain Ironfoot}
Conflict at the Carrock (2 Player): 154 {Elladan, Legolas, Glorfindal (Spirit)}
A Journey to Rhosgobel (2 Player) : 94 {Ewoyn, Eleanor, Theodred}
The Hills of Emyn Muil (2 Player): 118 {Ewoyn, Eleanor, Theodred}
The Dead Marshes (2 Player): 154 {Ewoyn, Eleanor, Theodred}
Return to Mirkwood (2 Player) : 92 {Ewoyn, Eleanor, Theodred}


Into the Pit (2 Player): 115 {Bifur, Ori, Dain Ironfoot}
Flight from Moria (2 Player): 210 {Bifur, Ori, Dain Ironfoot}
The Seventh Level (2 Player): 149 {Bifur, Ori, Dain Ironfoot}

Dwarrowdelf Cycle:

The Redhorn Gate (3 Player) – 171 {Glorfindel (Spirit), Eleanor, Aragorn (Lore)}
Road to Rivendell  (2 Player) – 110 {Aragorn (Leadership), Eleanor, Ewoyn}
The Watcher in the Water  (2 Player) – 136 {Aragorn (Leadership), Eleanor, Ewoyn}
The Long Dark – (2 Player)83 {Legolas, Glofindel (Spirit), Beregond}
Foundation of Stone – Not Scored
Shadow and Flame – Not Scored

Heirs of Numenor:

Peril in Pelargir (2 Player): 158 {Aragorn (lore), Theodred, Boromir(Leadership)
Into Ithilien – Not Scored
The Siege of Cair Andros (2 Player) 170: {Aragorn (Leadership), Beravor, Boromir (Leadership)}

Overhill and Underhill (Hobbit Saga):

We Must Away, Ere Break of Day (4 Player): 240 {Frodo, Ewoyn, Beravor}
Over the Misty Mountains Grim  (4 Player): 246 {Ewoyn, Theodred, Dunhere}
Dungeons Deep and Caverns Dim (2 Player):182 {Bifur, Ori, Dain Ironfoot}

Gencon Quests:

The Massing at Osgiliath (Solo) : 132 {Bifur, Ori, Dain Ironfoot}
The Battle of Lake-town – Not Scored

  1. I was wondering if this was an exercise worth pursuing. Thanks for the recommendation! How are you keeping track of how many rounds you played…a die or something similar? Also, how many rounds does a typical quest take? I failed to count on either game I’ve played so far.

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  2. I have to be honest…the scores posted may or may not be my best scores and I have won several of them that aren’t even scored because of keeping track of rounds.

    Lately we have been putting a token in a small cup or using an addition dial to keep track of the number of rounds. I have to say that is hardest part of scoring the game.

    6 to 8 is pretty normal for the harder quests. However if you have a good spirit player/deck you can reduce the number of rounds by alot. I think we beat Return to Mirkwood in 3 rounds and it is a level 6 or 7 quest.

  3. Last night my friend and I beat The Long Dark quest using my Lore/Leadership Dwarf deck and my Tactics/Spirit Elf deck. We beat it in 3 rounds. It was our best scored game so far.

    Then using the same decks, we played Foundations of Stone and got destroyed. We had a combined total of 5 heroes that got shuffled into our decks. Despite that fact, we lost the game with 10 progress (out of 11) on the final quest card when his last hero was shuffled in his deck during the staging step.

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