Star Wars LCG Deluxe: Edge of Darkness

This morning Fantasy Flight Games launched a bomb… Announcing the first ever deluxe expansion for the Star Wars LCG: Edge of Darkness. The deluxe features both the Scum and Villainy and the Mercenaries and Spies affiliations. Not only did the release a preview article featuring several brand new cards, but they also have a product page up that reveals even more.

The deluxe is available for pre-order starting right now and is set to release in Q2 of this year! Let’s start from the top… The card fan!

The first, fully spoiled card is a Scum and Villainy objective called… Hive of Scum and Villainy. 5 health, 1 resource, with the ability that each unit loses a Blaster Pistol while attacking the objective. This is a solid card that can really make for an annoying objective to target. Worth noting it’s objective 89, in case we run into any similarly numbers cards later…

The second card is Over My Dead Body. A Mercenary card that costs 1 and provides 1 force icon. It’s an interrupt that cancels the effect of an action or reaction ability on a unit. Now that is something! How many times does Darth Vader’s ability spell doom for your plan? Or what about Boba Fett triggering to capture a unit? Amazing card from objective set 75.

The rest of the cards are pretty much teasers in the stack, with a little info on the Tantive IV. The biggest news here is that there is a rebel card, an imperial objective, and a Sith enhancement, meaning we will be getting objective sets for all affiliations in this one deluxe! We do get to see just a bit of Jabba the Hutt… speaking of Jabba.

For a villain so known throughout the galaxy, it’s not surprise that he does something special. For 5 we get a 3 force icon unit with TWO focus icons. Note that these are black, meaning that you don’t have to win the edge battle to use Jabba. He also can’t be targeted by enemy events… Which is AMAZING. But that’s not all!

He also can focus to put a unit or enhancement of printed cost 2 or lower into play from your hand! Note that this can completely get around the resource match rule. More importantly though, you can now surprise your opponent with characters and enhancements on your, and their turn. This card is fantastic.

Of course, what would a deluxe featuring Boba Fett on the Cover be without the Slave 1? Well… it just wouldn’t happen! Here we have a 5 cost unit with 3 force icons, featuring one blaster pistol and two objective damage. He also gains an objective damage for each objective with at least 1 captured card… What a card!

With the likely rise of capturing units through this deluxe expansion, this is the kind of ability that could become extremely useful. I’m picturing a situation in which units get captured after the fact, providing a surprise way of dealing with objectives. Plus, the art is gorgeous.

There is only so much time that can pass in any Star Wars licensed product before the charismatic and controversial smuggler that is Lando Calrissian shows up. We have  4 cost character with 2 force icons, an objective damage and a focus (both black, mind you). He’s elite and can spend 1 resource to remove a target participating unit from an engagement (limit once per turn)… Come again?

This card is insane. The true power of this ability comes not from the actual use, but the threat of it. Knowing your opponent can do this really forces your hand. Silly good.

Of course, we can’t have Lando without Han’s true sidekick… wait. This isn’t a Chewbacca Preview! But hey, we’ll take what we can get! A 0 cost event that let’s you do a damage to target non-Vehicle unit, at the cost of doing 1 to a unit of your own.

I see this card combo-ing really well with objectives that allow you to move damage during your refresh step or to remove damage completely. You could play this during the balance phase to thin out your hand and then move the damage from your unit to theirs during refresh. Seems good…

Now, on to fan #2!

Lando, he’s so 5 minutes ago. Bossk however… a 4 cost character with at least 2 blaster pistols and 2 objective damage. It appears as though his ability lets you put 2 focus on him when he enters play to capture an exhausted enemy Character unit. On top of that, if it’s a Wookie, you get to draw 2 cards. The first card that comes to mind to compare it to is Force Lighting. It’s close to the same effect, but costs 1 more. The difference is it’s a character that sticks around and the ability itself is optional. Overall he’s not as mind blowing as Lando, but he’s certainly no slouch.

The final card we can see in this stack is a Wookie Warrior. A 2 cost unit with a single blaster pistol that gains an additional blaster icon and an objective damage when the character is damaged. Seems to work well with Let the Wookie Win, and just might be a hint that wookies get stronger as they get damages, which naturally means they are angrier. Will be interesting when we finally get to see Chewbacca and other Wookies.

Aside from the phenomenal art and the spoiler that Boba Fett does not in fact, die in the pit of the Sarlacc, this ability could be ludicrous. Maybe your opponent dropped in a heat of battle or maybe you just play a single, 0 force icon card guaranteeing you win the edge battle. This card absolutely has the ability to swing games. Yikes! And it’s from set 81 (which means he comes in the same objective set as Jabba the Hutt)!

And finally, we have the Cloud City Operative. A 2 cost unit with a single blaster icon and a focus icon (white). After it enter play, you can move a focus from 1 unit to another unit with cost 2 or lower. Not the most powerful ability (because of the cost 2 bit), but still could be quite amazing. The most notable 2 cost unit I can picture is the Y-Wing, and being able to unfocus that unit when the opponent thought he had it locked down could prove to be extremely powerful.


We’ve still yet to receive the first Force Pack, but the previews from this deluxe are extremely promising. I personally am amped for this game and all that the next 6 months holds for it’s development. If you’re like me and want to guarantee that you get this deluxe as soon as it releases, Edge of Darkness is immediately available for pre-order.


  1. This was not expected and a bit of joyous overload. When I saw FF had another “announcement” for this set, I thought it was the next force pack….little could I have dreamed what this ended up being. I did feel the capture mechanic would eventually be fleshed out and these cards make it look like it will….in a very big way. I can’t wait!

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  2. They’ve updated the article saying that competitive players will want to buy two expansions to get a full set, so that shouldn’t be too surprising. And to be fair, I’d much rather get 22 entirely new and separate objective sets to add to the diversity of the card pool. Right now there’s are too few deck types for my liking, and the sooner they can get more variety in the better.

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  3. wow now that is suprising…. i have defending ffg for not giving max copies in there core sets to get more people into the game but this is a bummer. I wonder what the price point will be then i guess, but thought they learned not to do this with the expansions after people got mad when agot came with only two of each card.

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  4. AGOT used to do one of ten cards and then three of ten cards in the chapter packs to give the “feel” of a CCG rare, but since that was almost universallly panned I’m surprised they went back to this model. Yet another reason I’m glad I chose LOTR as my second LCG.

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  5. Yeah they kinda messed themselves up when they did the new pod style deck building for SW LCG. It made it tough to package things at a fair price point but also give everyone enough cards to have a decent amount of new product. That said the game is certainly looking better.

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  6. I like that they have mentioned competitive players will want to pick up 2 boxes (Does the box say that it has x1 of each pod?), and I like that if you do you won’t have to look for any cards on the singles market. This is a lot closer to the way customers should be treated than companies usually get anymore. It’s rather unfortunate that they nail themselves right in their best selling point by following “You only need 1 starter to play” with “You’ll need to buy 2 boxes to play”… but if you back away from that and look at it compared to other games, it’s pretty good.

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  7. Certainly cheaper than other games… and it’s true that FFG never said that you’d only need to buy 1 copy of every expansion to get full playsets, but the FFG veterans out there all told me that was how it works so it was what I was expecting. Still pretty excited about this set though.

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  8. So, it comes with 10 new objectives…and people of course want 2 copies of each, because that’s the max you can put into a deck? So, what I hear is, you really want a big box expansion to come with 5 new objectives at 2x copies each…which would cost the same amount? So in order to get 2x of 10 new objectives, you’d need to buy two big box expansions…which is what you’ll need to do anyway with the format they have here.

    Except this way, players that don’t care for or want 2x of the new objectives don’t end up having to but two big expansions just to get the 10 new objectives…in which case they’d end up with 1 copy of each that they don’t want anyway. Meanwhile, those players that do want 2x copies have bought exactly what they would have otherwise bought.

    So why is this a bad model? 🙂

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  9. So long as a game is up front about what they sell, players can look at the price and make their rightful determination whether that price is worth it. I’d say FFG has done entirely right by their customers here, which is a very nice thing to see.

    And I agree with Bobb that x1 of every pod in a box is the way to do it — it’s set up so that players who wish to save a bit of money can do so, which is important to bring people into the game. I hope they maintain this level of customer-friendly packaging and apply it to their other games.

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