[Video] Star Wars LCG – The Unboxing

Fantasy Flight surprised all of us yesterday by giving all pre-registered attendees a full copy of the Star Wars LCG core set! Steven and I sat down yesterday to unbox the first copy of the game and had a surprised visit from FFG’s Vice-President of Communication Stephen Horvath! You can find a partial interview with Stephen and our full unboxing below!

You can also pre-order the Star Wars LCG here. We also have a Twitter account specifically for news and updates related to the LCG at @StarWarsLCG.

  1. From the second video, it appears that there are 15 objectives for each side: 7 Rebel/Imperial Navy, 7 Jedi/Sith, and 1 Rogues/Scoundrels. That’s a total of 180 cards. Plus the 3 faction cards per side, so 186. The product description says the box comes with 240 cards, with 117 per side, and the 6 force cards. So between the video and product description, there are 48 cards unaccounted for. Is the product description incorrect, or were there some cards you guys left out of the video? 🙂

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  2. Another nice thing, is they said moving championship to a 4 day event, so players don’t have to decide from playing AGOT or Star Wars can do both if they want. I don’t know if will do star wars but is nice to know that if i wanna have chance to do both and will keep both numbers higher.

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