The Team Covenant Podcast: Episode 16

It’s time for a change around the podcast, and it comes in the form of refinement! We’re dropping the news coverage to dive further into the things that we really love – the depths of these games. This episode kicks off with a MonCon wrap-up and then goes heavy into the Star Wars Card Game, with a focus on deck building. This was recorded just before Edge of Darkness, so it’s a great foundation when incorporating the new cards!

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Intro: Author – Sun
Outro: Hanon – 6to4

  1. I really enjoyed the format of this episode. I’ve kept up with purchasing the SWLCG packs and it’s a game I want to focus on once we’re done moving next week. This episode was so me solid deck-building advice.

    If you’re taking suggestions I would really like to have some X-Wing focused episodes, particularly as Wave 3 comes out.

    For anyone on the fence about the Force Tokens I’d heartily endorse them. I was at MonCon and got to see them at the TC store. They will definitely save table space and they look beautiful. Also, compared to the prices for similar quantities of plastic tokens from other manufacturers the TC ones are a great deal.

    I also cannot wait to try the polished version of the Spazz & Wappy card game. Just to make it abundantly clear, although the game is eponymous for a parody version of myself it’s @spazzfist that has done all the work on it. Leading up to MonCon he said he had a surprise in the works and I had no idea it was the S&W game. I saw it for the first time in the airport on the way to MonCon and it made my head explode (in the “holy crap, this is cool” kinda way).

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  2. I ordered a set of the tokens myself, and an excited to get them, however, you guys really need to make a 3 damage token, maybe even a 5 damage token too. the singles are great for 1-3 health units, but when you start getting up to 4, 5 and 10 (executor has 10) singles just don’t cut it. keep in mind when the balance of the force set coming out, there is 20+ health units, and 10+ health objectives. if you did a run of just 3 damage and 5 damage token, I’d certainly order a set.

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  3. Thanks so much for the shout out! But there was absolutely nothing “random” about my debuting the game at Moncon. I always feel that I need a deadline to get things done, and Moncon was absolutely the best deadline I could enforce upon myself.

    I would like to stress what a good idea it would be for anyone (particularly if you are local to Tulsa) to come out to Moncon next year, if only to hang out! Even if you don’t get into the Monsterpocalypse (which you REALLY should – it is such a good game!) but there were so many other things going on (e.g. Love Letter) that could keep people entertained through the day!

    To echo Wapcaplets, I too am looking to get more into the Star Wars LCG. I have only played one game, and have mixed reviews about it, but am willing to play more before I form a proper opinion, as I have heard (and as Steven himself says) this game can take a bit of warming up to.

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  4. Super sweet podcast! Most excellent in every way. I appreciate those insights and as a side note your unboxing videos really help me appreciate multiple aspects of each set. We all know this just from listening to Zack when he points out things like Boba Fett on the defense.
    Thank you yet again guys, and Robert where were you at in this conversation?!? No napping during the podcast.

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