[Video] Star Wars LCG Tutorial and FAQ

While the tutorial produced by Fantasy Flight Games for the Star Wars LCG is great, we thought we’d take a crack at demonstrating the game in true TC fashion! Below you can watch a full video demo and FAQ by none other than Steven and myself, completely walking through how a game of the Star Wars LCG is played and going over some things that might not be so obvious the first time or two through the rules.

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NOTE: In the video, I say that you draw your hand before picking your objectives. The rules actually have you pick your objectives FIRST, then draw your starting hand. Also, Steven interchangeably uses ‘Force’ and ‘Focus’ when talking about FOCUSING a character to attack. The appropriate term for this is to Focus a character, not force them.

  1. One quick thing about the video that I feel like could be confusing to people that have never played the game before was the Focus token and act of Focusing. I say this because Steven used the words like “Force” and “Forcing” when he was talking about Focusing objectives, striking etc.

    “Force” in this game only applies to Force Icons on player cards and the Force cards (for commiting characters).

    One other thing which you guys did mention about drawing cards at the beginning of the game. Players select their Objective cards and place them face down. Then each player draws their starting 6 cards with an option of a Mulligan. After that then the Dark Side reveals their objectives followed by the Light Side player.

    Other than that it is an Awesome video and I can wait for organized play to start up!

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  2. Cool..the terminology for Fantasy Flight’s games can be confusing and overwhelming when you first start playing so it is important to use the correct lingo.

    Also I have been wondering about tournament play since I got my hands on my core. I know that FFG hasn’t said anything official yet but it seems like each player will have to build a light side and a dark side deck.

    My question/concern is how do players determine which deck they will use? Please don’t let it be by Rock-Paper-Scissors.

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  3. “The rules actually have you pick your objectives FIRST, then draw your starting hand.”

    A guy I was playing a couple of nights ago pointed this out to me when I drew first. It’s really not our fault we got it wrong, though: The FFG employee who demo’ed the game for me at Worlds said that was the way to do it. But, then, the rules are pretty clear, so we could have caught the error had we paid more attention. 🙂

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  4. Another mistake in the video (around 24:50) – both of Yoda’s unit damage and both of his blast damage icons are edge-enabled as his ability adds edge-enabled icons for each enhancement (noted by the brackets, as described on pg 21 of the rules).

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