Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures: Millenium Falcon Preview

Apparently a week or so back there was an article posted up on BoardGameGeek revealing some more details about the upcoming Millenium Falcon release.

The article says that there will be four pilots, including Han Solo, Lando Calrissian, and Chewbacca. It also reveals that you can upgrade your crew with co-pilots (Nien Nunb) and gunners (Luke Skywalker). The article states that it is set to release in November of 2012!

You can pre-order the Millenium Falcon (and Slave 1, TIE Interceptor, and A-Wing) before the big release to guarantee you have these beautiful ships flying straight to your doorstep.

My excitement for this game, and wave 2, only continues to grow as I play more and see more ships. As seen in the image below, Han Solo has 5 shield and 8 health… YIKES! Fortunately this bigger target is a bit easier to hit, with only 1 agility. However, I’m sure there will be plenty of abilities and upgrades that keep the Falcon on the table for a long time. I just keep picturing a finals match that ends with only the Falcon and Slave 1 on the board…


  1. I like the idea of the gunner allowing for a second attack. I’m going to guess that they also unlock the 360 degree arc. Without getting a second attack option out of the Falcon, it would be very “attack” inefficient. I think we’ve seen that the base Falcon is around 50-ish points. That’s two X-Wings. Sure, it’ll last a lot longer, but if it’s attacking only once a turn, so will your opponent.

    As another option for co-pilots, they might add in a different action to the action bar (like boost or evade), or they might allow for a re-roll on a defense roll. I’m wondering if you could deck out the Falcon and just have it as your only ship in a 100 point game. Probably not, but who knows…..

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