[Video] Millennium Falcon Miniature Spoiled

Fantasy Flight Games just handed the top 4 from the first ever Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures World Championship their very own copies of the upcoming Millennium Falcon!!! We were fortunate enough to get everything on video!

In case you, like me, want to sleep easy at night knowing your Falcon is on the way, you can pre-order the Millennium Falcon here.

  1. I’m extremely impressed with the maneuvering capabilities of this ship. It can turn 90 degrees on a dime, and unless I misunderstood boosting it’s ability to boost means it can actually turn 135 degrees? That’s huge if it can… a real game changer.

    I think Chewbacca as pilot seems the best. That many hull points and Chewie’s ability go very well together. Quite a ship. QUITE. A. SHIP.

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  2. Chewbacca with Draw their fire, + Biggs seems really nasty. Chewy takes the crits and turns them to normal damage which keeps Biggs around.

    Assault Missile seems like the anti-Biggs weapon more then the anti swarm weapon. It’s a missile so Tie Advanced could use it.

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