[Video] Kessel Run – Wave 2 Sneak Peak

Not only do we get to see the ships, but we get to see them in action! Check out the finals of our Kessel Run event from The Covenant Store, where Michael Martin faces off against Eric Schoppel in an intense game of never-before-seen tactics, with commentary by Steven and Zach!

Following the match, be sure to get the full perspective by watching our interviews with both players, wherein they give their first impressions of piloting these beautiful miniatures!

  1. Soontir Fel, would have been my first target, if I was the rebel player. You have to put as much focused fire on him, to get rid of the stealth upgrade. If you can get rid of the interceptors then the Firespray is a much easier target. Also staying close to Lando lets you double up your actions.

    Another thing is when the guys use Chewie, they made a mistake. The regular damage is taken, so that would remove the shields. Then the crit happens. Chewie negates the crit, and then he should have got a shield back. Sense he negated the crit he would get a stress token for it. He would have had an extra shield and not taken as much damage. That could have changed things.

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  2. I couldn’t agree more about Soontir. That stealth upgrade is just too important to ignore. Especially when you have the Falcon on the field. You have to use its firepower to overwhelm all the dice stealth upgrade lets your opponent roll.

    IMO, stealth upgrade is going to be pretty valuable when Wave 2 hits the tables.

  3. I have mixed feelings about that stealth upgrade. I think you have to be picky what pilot you upgrade with it. I saw it working fantastic in this case and can also agree with you guys. In my case, I tryed it in a 2 Tie Adv list namely Tempest, and it just didn’t help him that much. The extra dice only saved him in 1 or 2 exchanges. Vader just shook his head in disapproval. But that was 1 game and my luck with dice rolling, well the dice gods didn’t like much in that game again. :p

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  4. I understand your mixed feelings Eric. In my Kessel run I got very lucky and took out Soontir early. I’ve seen it totally fail. However if you have a stealth device and a focus, and you roll 4 plus dice for defense. Odds are you are not going to get hit for a long time. Just think about Dark Curse with a Stealth Device. You can’t reroll dice or spend focus against him, and now he gets to roll 4 or 5 defense dice. Give him a focus and it’s going to be really tough to hurt him.

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  5. I’m disturbed by this logic — Stealth Device isn’t worth it unless it makes a ship nigh invincible? That’s not true. If it saves you even 1 damage, it has done as much as Shield Upgrade does and has done so for fewer points. The ONLY time Stealth Device is a failure is when you get an utterly miserable failure of a roll and lose it without preventing any damage with that extra die. It happens… but not often.

    Stealth Device works best on AGI 3 ships, but it can also make AGI 2 ships a lot harder to damage (at least until they take a hit). It is sort of fail on AGI 1 but even there can easily be 2 extra hits you avoid depending on what’s shooting at you.

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