[VIDEO] X-Wing: A-Wing Unboxing

Howdy folks,

We’ve a lovely video here featuring the A-Wing!  It’s the first time it’s been seen in detail on video and we’re going to show you absolutely everything!


If you’re liking what you see (and how could you not?!) we have this ship and all the ships from the entire Second Wave available for pre-order on our store.  This and the other ships are due out early next year, so be sure you’ll be getting one!

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  1. The TIE Interceptor really impresses me. I think equipping their best pilots with Extra Shields will be the way to go, since they can get to point blank for 4 attack (constantly since they can turn 135 degrees) and weave all over creation to avoid being in the enemy firing arc. Nemesis will be the Ion Cannon Turret on a Y-wing.

    Boosting is here. Better piloting skill is suddenly a big deal, since you get to see where less skilled enemy pilots have gone before you opt whether and which way to boost. Plus it’s huge to avoid having to make red maneuvers to keep a bead on targets.

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