[Video] X-Wing: TIE Interceptor Unboxing

I have to say… I’m very interested by the TIE Interceptor! No shields and flying by the seat of your pants! The new Boost Action makes for some extremely maneuverable ships.

Below you can catch, for the first time ever, is the full HD video unboxing of the TIE Interceptor!

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  1. Three attack and defend, plus evade, barrel roll and boost. Barrel roll is crazy good. Adding in boost and an extra attack on top of a standard TIE is just amazing. A swarm of five of these guys will be very hard to deal with, I’m thinking. Throw on Deadeye on one, and you can be rolling six attack at range one while still having two defense plus an evade token. Offense and defense all at the same time!

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  2. Soontir Fel with Elusiveness is insane. You move up and take an evade token. They attack you, you make them re roll a die, you get a stress token and because of that you also get a focus. Now you have a Focus and an Evade, plus you made them possible lose a hit. Some crazy combos are in the works.

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  3. The elite trio that has caught my eye:

    Vader + Engine Upgrade + Elusiveness + Stealth Device
    Turr Phenir + Shield Upgrade + Elusiveness + Stealth Device
    Mauler Mithel + Engine Upgrade + Elusiveness + Stealth Device

    It’s way less firepower that normal, but hard to hit (or even keep a bead on). All of them have high piloting skill, so they’ll be able to make good use of boost. In particular I really like Turr’s ability — being able to see where every ship ended up prior to a boost or roll means he can intelligently place himself out of firing arcs.

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  4. Question: Are you limited on how many Stealth Devices you can put on any single ship? My first assumption is no since there is no icon that they represent.

    If that is the case, stacking three or four Stealth Devices would be a risky but fun little upgrade.