The Spoils is easily the best card game on the planet. But let’s face it, you’re not willing to drop a lot of cash based solely on our opinion (yet!). So here’s the deal. $5 is less than a cheap lunch these days. How about you skip one meal and try out a game that will make you rethink anything you’ve ever said about collectible card games.
That’s right. You can get an excellent start in The Spoils for a measly $5. Don’t ask us how we did it. And don’t ask us if we’re making any money off of it. The important thing is that you get your hands on these cards and see the magic for yourself. Oh, and if you have a few Spoils-playing friends who you’re just dying to join, there is simply no better way to get involved.
Look at what you get for $5:
1 x Pre-Con Deck of Your Favorite Trade
30 x Random Spoils Commons (All Sets)
There’s never been a better time to get involved in The Spoils. Click on one of the icons below to give it a shot, or if you’re already hooked, to try a new faction. May as well buy one for a friend while you’re at it...
Need more? The B33FY Starter is an incredible way to start playing The Spoils, but some of you want to get right down to busines. You don’t just want to start The Spoils, you want to START The Spoils. There’s also some of you who have grabbed a few B33FY Starters and are now ready to expand your collection and explore the true depth of this game. By now you’ve probably found a trade or two that fits your style. How about getting a healthy injection of Spoils goodness for your favorite trades without the guesswork of blind boosters? If you look to your left, you’ll see exactly what we look like when we think about how insane this deal is for $10. The B33FY Injection contains the following:
3x Random Rares From Your Chosen Trade
5x Random Uncommons From Your Chosen Trade
20x Random Commons From Your Chosen Trade
Be warned. After your first injection, there’s no going back.