The First Chapter
Not only is each map a new field
of battle, but subscribers also get
a unique scenario developed
for each map. Download
a pdf of the first map
and scenario!
Delivered to Your Door
Covenant Maps are shipped out
every other month. Maps are
delivered to subscribers doors
before being released
anywhere else
Determine the Story
Each release gives subscribers a chance to affect the story behind the Covenant Maps. Starting with the Cowboy and Indian winners at MonCon 2011, the epic story behind the maps has been crafted from the results reported by map subscribers across the globe. Each shipment includes the latest map. Subscribers are also emailed a pdf featuring the story that led to the unique scenario presented with each map (download sample story and scenario). If you are interested in not only knowing the story behind each map, but also affecting it, subscribe today. Subscribers get each map and its accompanying scenario prior to their public release. To see all previously released maps, click here.