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  • Okay, the PBJ deck is mentioned more than often, but when I did a search for “PBJ” nothing hits. Anyone have an example of that deck for reference?

  • Thank you for posting your thoughts. I’m new to Netrunner and just finished my first attempt at deck building for this game with an HB deck. I listed it as “HB Iceage” on CGDB. I will have to review it with consideration to what you have written. I may not be able to play test […]

  • Thank you Steven for posting this and sharing your thoughts. I’m new to Netrunner and since it is so different from the other LCGs and CCGs I’ve played it helps to start with a simple example of how a deck can look and advice on how it works. This and TC Podcast #17 have really […]

  • Happy New Year TC and community!

  • In the unboxing of “The Banners Gather”, at around 19:00 in the discussion Ashemark w/ House of Dreams comes up. So if you Dreams Ashemark, Setup is a phase correct? So it is possible to discard during Setup to add gold before drawing back up to seven cards if I’m not mistaken. Then you can do your Rule by Decree, discarding one to three cards…[Read more]

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