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Newly Made Lord

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April 5, 2013

When watching a TC tournament match I saw Newly Made Lord – “After you play Newly Made Lord from your hand, choose and discard from play 1 non-limited location with cost 3 or lower if able”  played and the Greyjoy player discarded his own location.  When I read this card I was under the impression you can discard an opponents location.

  1. You can discard any location. Yours or your opponent’s. I don’t know the match you are referring to, but if there were some negative effect on a location that he wanted to get rid of or the opponent just didn’t have any non-limited locations in play to target but he needed the body on the board then sometimes discarding your own location is the only thing you can do.

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    1. The important thing to take into consideration is that as a passive (meaning there is no bold text before the character ability naming a phase such as Any Phase or Challenges) that it MUST activate. So if there were only limited locations on the opponent’s side the GJ player would have to discard one of their own non-limited locations if able when they marshaled that character.

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    2. GenCon 2012: AGOT Joust Finals (7 months ago) a Team Covenant YouTube. At 36m10s Greyjoy discards his own location. It was at a point in the match that whatever he discarded wouldn’t change the out come of the game, but I wanted to clarify my comprehension of the card.

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