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Martell Deluxe Set Deckbuilds

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January 22, 2012

I just received the Martell Deluxe Set as a late Christmas gift from some family members. Unlike the other two deluxe sets we’ve purchased from Team Covenant, this one didn’t come with any recommended starting deckbuilds.

Both the Stark & Targaryen sets came with 2 lists that could be assembled just from that particular deluxe set & the Core Set cards. Anyone have suggestions on where I might find similar resources?

    1. Glad to hear it. I’m still putting the puzzle pieces together myself and the list will likely change several times before I even get more cards.

      Plot cards are the trickiest part for me since there is no analog for it in other games I’ve played. I’ll be eager to see what you or other Martell players here come up with for the plot deck.

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    1. Some synergy I’ve been thinking of: Intentionally losing an Intrigue attack while Doran (attacker pays claim if he loses) is in play so you can pay the claim and put Darkstar or House Dayne Reserves into play free (both are put in play if discarded). Takes some set up, but getting a free 4 or 8 cost character is worth it.

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