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Quick Check-In

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April 18, 2012

Hello all!

I haven’t made a lot of appearances on the TC website recently.  This is absence is the result of a combination of two factors.  One factor is that I graduated with a doctoral degree this past December & I was recently recruited to be an adjunct professor at one of the colleges here in Memphis.  That’s taking a lot more time than I wanted it to.  All of this is the less interesting of the two factors.

The more interesting factor is the recent set of changes in the Brenton home.  I am a church pastor by primary vocation, and I have kept a small office in a spare bedroom here at the house for several years.  I study in that office a fair amount, & I also use it as much as possible for my evening counseling appointments.  This allows me to at least show up at the dinner table with my family before the evening appointments arrive.

A few weeks back, my wife told me she wanted to rearrange the setup in our house, & that she wanted to move my office upstairs to our bonus room over the garage.  Essentially, she gave me a combination office/man-cave.  After a few week’s work of painting & rearranging, my man-cave is complete, & it is AWESOME!  This room is now my home workspace & the center of all the gaming goodness in my little world.  I just wanted to post a few pics to share the joy with my friends in the TC community.

Long view of the Man-Cave
















My Desk (my Tulsa buddies will take note of the pipes)
















The view from the desk...Gabriel included in picture for scale
















Gaming Storage Closet


MonPoc box storage in the cabinet...and Gabe being too cool for school














So there you have it…my home office/man-cave/pipe-smoking/gaming room.

I am a happy man…

      1. I live in Tulsa and commute out to Golden Gate Baptist seminary for my PhD in Old Testament literature. I’ll be done with my coursework this summer and on to comps and dissertation in January.

  1. Very cool. I’m looking forward to someday having a dedicated game space/man-cave, though that’s still off in the far distance.

    This is a very nice space. Thanks for sharing the pictures so that we can all be jealous of how awesome it is.

  2. I have been looking into buying a bigger gaming table for my office. Right not it is just a standard size card table but I was wondering what size is your gaming table? Looks like the perfect size for any card or board game and those chairs are pretty awesome.

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    1. I agree that the size & octagonal shape are pretty much ideal. You still have a really big surface area, but the octagon shape makes it so much less of the surface area is out of your reach than would be the case on a square table (note: I cannot back that statement up with geometric facts, but that’s the feeling I get by playing it). The octagon also makes me feel like I’ve got a bit more elbow room.

      Another cool feature of the table is that the top can flip over, & the other side has slightly recessed trays (presumably for poker chips, but would work great for other game bits), slightly recessed & corked “coaster” areas for drinks, & a poker felt. Or you can take the whole top off & there’s a bumper pool set up inside. I don’t give a flip about bumper pool, so that never happens. That table was purchased for the purpose of pushing cardboard & plastic bits, rolling dice, & yelling at my friends. :)

      I don’t know the exact measurements of the table. When I get home tonight, I’ll try to measure it. It’s worked great for every game we’ve played on it so far. The only game we haven’t tried on it yet that might be a concern is Railways of the World. Railways is one of my favorites, but the two biggest maps take up A LOT of space.

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