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  • tehkernel posted an update 9 months, 3 weeks ago

    are the new thrones and conquest packs available for purchase yet?

  • tehkernel posted an update 11 months, 1 week ago

    So I saw a FB post last night mentioning Conquest was being shipped. I log on today, and BAM, it’s already sold out. Any word on when you guys will have more? I blame Robert for telling me he expected it just before Worlds!!

  • #NoMoreMelee

    It’s a thing now.

  • tehkernel commented on the post, OCTGN Tourney Report: R1, on the site The Noob's Corner 1 year ago

    Great write up, can’t wait to catch the streams when available. Stark N/A is always a rough match, but you can definitely handle it with some tweaks. Maybe put the Summer tech back in? Or you could toss in a couple challenge control cards to help mitigate low character situations. Just throwing out some ideas. […]

  • Definitely! I won’t be able to go, so I’ll try my best to assess the landscape of the meta at that time. The thing is that Tulsa’s meta is so different from all the rest. I feel like I have a better idea of the global meta than I do Tulsa’s, which I suppose is […]

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