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My New Kevan Deck – Streaming Now!

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Check out this game with my new Kevan deck, it’s streaming now, courtesy of libert1ne… Comments welcome and appreciated!

  1. Hahaha didn’t realize I was playing you Jacob! Good game that. I was playing a user-submitted Kindly Man deck and thoroughly got my ass handed to me. Was enjoyable. I was a bit distracted through filming so my thoughts aren’t as collected as well as usual. You can view the video under the tab on the right “videos”

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  2. Yep. I did delete some of my old videos, many of which were recorded when I was having internet connection issues and were very patchy and poor to watch.

    Generally twitch delete videos after about 7 days unless they’ve been marked to be kept.

    In the past 2-3 days none of my videos have saved, so unfortunately only those watching live were able to see that game between the two of us. It could just be that twitch’s archive process is in struggletown, in which case the video will appear online in the next day or so I’d say, or that something is wrong with my account/channel. I’m not sure and I’m investigating at the moment…

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    1. Well we will just have to rematch soon! I’m still tweaking this deck a little bit, but I’ve got some pretty fun ones built before the newest pack came out. I will update them this week!

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