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The Culture Burner

Have you ever wanted to take a normal campaign and make it into something spectacular? Ever wondered what it is about your favorite GMs that make them so good? Why do certain settings seem so visceral and so real, while others seem bland and fairly boring?

The answer is culture. Creating and playing in a living, breathing world is one of the most fulfilling and breathtaking experiences that a roleplayer can engage in. These kinds of spectacular worlds exist because they have such strong and diverse cultures.

Previously, determining the culture of a setting was a difficult task. Where to start? What are the most important aspects of culture? What to focus on? A plethora of questions accompanied any attempt at creating a culture that was pervasive but not overwhelming, one that was, for the setting, organic. But now, with The Culture Burner, creating cultures for your setting is explained clearly, with directions that are easy-to-follow and intuitive. The cultural principles of Construction, Cooking, and General Culture, and the beliefs therein, immediately create a unique feel to every continent, city, village, and household.

For the GM who wants to truly captivate his or her players, there is no substitute for The Culture Burner. A must-read.

The Culture Burner

1.   Introduction
2.   Construction
3.   Construction Example
4.   Cooking
5.   Cooking Example
6.   Culture
7.   Culture Example
8.   The Story
9.   Story Example
10. Advanced Rules
11. Language
12. Pockets and Canopies
13. Conclusion
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