Outmaneuver is one of the wave 4 cards I thought I’d see more of and hear more about. Give your pilots a Wedge-like ability? Yes please… But the more I poke at it to try to fit it into a list, it just never seems to have a good place. As you need to be outside of the enemy arc, this needs to go on a maneuverable ship: Interceptors would be ideal, but give up PTL, never. For the Imperials, this leaves two places: Phantoms and Firesprays.

  • Echo + ACD + OutManeuver (37) : Echo being Echo has a very good chance of ending up out of arc, with the firepower to make it count.
  • Kath + Outmaneuver + EU + MC (47) : Outmaneuver will work for both of the Spray’s firing arcs, Engines will help get there, and if its range 3, have a free crit. Unfortunately, Kath + EH + MC (42) pts is likely superior due to the barrel roll.

The Rebels have a worse time. BWings? They can arc dodge decently, but for Ibby and Keyan, PTL is a must, and Ten Numb screams Marksman. The Ewings?

  • Corran + Outmaneuver + AS + EU + R2 (46) : Pre-move boost or BR would get him out of arc frequently, but I think Corran + PTL + R7-T1 + AS (44) would do that job better… Pre or post move TL + Boost + PTL Roll seems far more useful.
Unfortunately, I’m not sure Outmaneuver really has its day quite yet, but I think its coming soon… Rebel Aces will open up a sweet spot for this card.
  • Green Sqd + Refit + Test Pilot + PTL + Outmaneuver (23)
  • Jake¬†+ Refit + Test Pilot + PTL + Outmaneuver (28)
The Awings are great flank ships, and this makes them even better at it, helping those 2 attack dice stick.