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  • Ordinarily, I’d agree re the survival thing. But, game theory needs to have an analogue with real life to explain behaviour – and the survival drive doesn’t translate well to AGOT melee. Tournament standing considerations do change things. I guess the thing would be, if you could get information on deal-making/breaking across a huge number […]

  • Hey guys, So, yesterday we played the final regional tournament for Victoria. It was held at Good Games Blackburn. Sadly, we had lost a few players through burnout – three big events (and some smaller tournaments) held over such a short period does have an element of attrition. The location isn’t as central as Melbourne […]

  • Kennon – we experienced the same thing at the Melbourne regional where we ran a split event and (foolishly) ran the melee component first. It introduced a whole range of out-of-game considerations that fundamentally changed the match. Not ideal, that’s for sure. As to the ‘control’ elements in melee – it is too often the […]

  • Justin Shearer commented on the post, Great Minds Think Alike, on the site Buz H.'s blog 3 years ago

    Yeah; I concur with Nathan – Mormont and Benjen are both excellent includes, especially since you can always Yoren’s for them if need be.

    And the Wall is too key. I’d cut to two and run Building Season.

  • I have to say, I have also listened to the Rains about 6000 times. Fantastic.