A Quick Evening’s Exorcism


I started thinking about this while writing yesterday’s overview of the A-wing blister, and I’m putting it up now in order to (try to) force it out of my head. I have real work to do!

Motley with Green

  • Wedge Antilles (29) + R2 Astromech (1) + Push the Limit (3) + Engine Upgrade (4)
  • Rookie Pilot (21)
  • Rookie Pilot (21)
  • Green Squadron Pilot (19) + Squad Leader (2)

This is a variation on a friend’s Wave 1 list. It’s over-invested in Wedge and has no particular provision for his defense, but you should be able to have some fun with him while he lasts. Meanwhile, the GSP is a cheap and relatively unappealing target, but it provides either a substantial boost to a Rookie’s offense or allows the Rookie to split his actions between offense and defense.

I don’t know how competitive it will be, but I’m adding it to my list of experimental stuff for when I get to play friendly matches.