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  • I brought one, namely Laetin A’shera in Heavy + Mangler + Stealth Device. That was 27 points of loads of defense dice. Had I been taking on TIE swarms, dodging 2 die attacks and getting bonus evades, maybe I would have felt like I was fighting with a full 100 pts. As it was, she […]

  • ThumbnailScum and Villany added a new faction to X-Wing in Wave 6, and one of the ships in their roster is the M3-A “Scyk” Interceptor.  I am an old Star Wars Galaxies player, and that was your starter spaceship, so it holds a special place in my heart, so I really want to make this ship […]

  • Gunner is nice, and used to be my go-to crewman. Far too often, though (and this may be confirmation bias speaking, as I am piss poor at actually recording metrics mid-game) I found myself losing gunner’s 5 point effect because I would throw a heap of dice and deal one damage after all of the […]

  • Thanks for the commentary. How do you feel about a blocking game? Like, I just go right in with four headhunters supporting Kath. Kath + Opportunist + K4 + Engine Upgrade 2x Binayre Pirates 2x Black Sun Pilot Which gives me blockers on PS1 and PS3. Maybe it was my opposition, maybe it was luck, […]

  • Thanks for the thoughts. I have tried, oh man have I tried, to make a Starviper work. I don’t know if Xizor brings a lot to the party given that his special ability is to damage other ships, maybe with a Black Sun Vigo and Autothrusters though. Saving one point to drop Opportunist for Predator […]

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