Regionals Build

In preparation of upcoming organized play events, I have put together a list very similar to the one I played in the Kessel Run.  I wanted to have a chance to almost always outnumber my opponent, and wanted a couple nasties along with lots of swarm TIEs.

Prototype A
Soontir Fel + Push The Limit + Stealth Device
Dark Curse + Stealth Device
4x Academy Pilot

Prototype B
Turr Phennir + Push The Limit + Stealth Device
Dark Curse + Stealth
2x Obsidian Squadron
2x Academy Pilot 

Strengths: The list has six ships.  Granted, most of them are low pilot skill TIE fighters.  Soontir or Turr can be really good on their own, and Dark Curse is annoying as hell, but the others have to stay together to cross fire arcs.
Weaknesses: All ships but one have Attack 2.  Good green die rolling on the part of my opponent make my day really long.  Also, not one shield is found in this list.

Performance: I have played it once so far (the Soontir version) and I was not very successful, but I did not follow my strategy of staying in the asteroid field and luring him in.  So, it failed not by design but through implementation.


What are the thoughts of the TC community?