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X-Wing Wave 3 Announcement Discussion

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May 5, 2013

OK, we’ve seen the miniatures, and FFG even has an official announcement.  With the information they have released so far, it is time to begin commentary on the Wave 3 ships that are due in 3rd Quarter.

Lambda-class Shuttle
No surprise here, the Imperials will get a second large (or is it medium-) based ship.  For many of us, this is among our top three favorite ships from the original trilogy.  As durable as a Firespray (more shields and fewer hull means fewer critical hits) with less maneuverability, the Lambda-class may mount a cannon (looks like the same icon as found on Slave-1), a systems upgrade (Sensor Jammer was shown), and two crew.  The main guns are respectable but there doesn’t seem to be any special firing arcs.  It is lacking an Evade maneuver as well as a Barrel-Roll (but nobody expected that anyway – its hard to fly casual when you are rolling around like a fresh Academy pilot).

It will probably maneuver for garbage, making that standard fire arc less useful, but being able to bring two crew opens up options previously unavailable to the Empire.  There are two upgrade cards for this set here on display, too.  The version shown has an interesting ability, too, manipulating where target locks can be set.

The Sensor Jammer will interfere with your opponent by forcing a HIT to change to a FOCUS without the ability for a re-roll.  I don’t know how effective this will be, but will change the way Target Locks and Han’s Re-Rolls will function, for sure.  For four points, I’m just not sure I’d take it.

There is a new crew card, too, Rebel Captive, which for 3 points says “Once per round, the first ship that declares you as the target of an attack immediately receives 1 stress token.”  That is certainly cool from a story-telling standpoint, and adds a bit of a defensive upgrade.  Being a crew card, they could be placed aboard Firespray style ships as well.

This could be another way to get a Heavy Laser Cannon or Ion Cannon in play, and I’m sure we will see some fun scenario in the box.  I love it because of the model, which has always been a favorite of mine.

TIE Bomber
Again, nobody is surprised at this one.  I  love that it has no shields, but has a ridiculous amount of hull points.  Two attack and two defense seem about right.  I can’t see the maneuver dial being very favorable (probably pretty close to a TIE Advanced).

But look at the weapon loadout!  2 Torpedoes, 2 Missiles, and 1 bomb.  This thing can seriously pack some ordnance.  And a new bomb type, which will deal damage at range when it detonates – even bypassing shields, will be found here.  Get ready for bomb payloads you Bounty Hunters.  @hothie I’m looking at you.

I don’t think the Imperials have as many ways to use or abuse Target Locks, so it will be pretty straightforward.  Protect this ship with a TIE Advanced and watch YT-1300’s disappear.

I don’t think 18 points is too much for this, given it’s real strength is not as a dogfighter but as an ordnance platform.

They even revealed a new torpedo, but it is probably found with the B-Wing (below).

I will likely have one or two of these for the models, and by then my play style may evolve to favor ordnance more than it does now.


B-Wing Starfighter
We all called this one, too.  It makes sense.  It has the durability of a Y-Wing, main guns like an X-Wing, and can mount a systems upgrade, a cannon, and two Torpedoes.  Yet another place to stick Heavy Laser Cannons, right?  The one shown is only PS2 but 22 points, so its a point higher than an X-Wing at the same Pilot Skill.  This will find its way into many squadrons, and can finally give the rebels a ship that can barrel roll.

This now begs the question, what about Target Locking?  The B Wing and the TIE Bomber are ordnance heavy ships, and they lack any (obvious) methods of getting around target locking to fire their torpedoes and missiles.  Could this be the meta-game change that Fantasy Flight Games was speaking of?  Will Target Locking make its way into the game in a big way?  Personally, I’d rather focus because you can keep that for defense if needed, but with these some methodology may have to change.

Also, I promised it so it will be so.  I will have to build a Rebel force around these ships.  I can’t wait to see named pilots.

One more thing – Advanced Proton Torpedoes.  Range 1.  6 points.  5 attack, and you can change up to three blanks into eyeballs.  Perfect for Target Lock + Focus scenarios, which were previously difficult to acquire.  This combo also gets past the Sensor Jammer.  Or, could there be another upgrade in that new systems upgrade spot that will help with this?

Have no fear, there are already Rebel ways to increase Target Locking, this ship will make use of them synergistically, I’m sure.

I’m out in the woods on this one, I’m not really sure how to take it.  I like that there are Proton Torpedo options, I’m just not sure about this one.


I don’t think any of us predicted a ship from the Dark Forces games.  This is Kyle Katarn’s light freighter and it is on a small base.

Very poor main guns, average (for Rebels) agility, and a durable if not well shielded durability with nothing special as far as maneuvers go.

It can mount a turret, though, and I hope this means we will see another turret option (which will benefit Y-Wing players).  It also has a spot for a crew upgrade, so more places to put gunners, I suppose.  At 21 points for a named ship, I think the points are about right, and Kyle Katarn has an interesting ability to move focus about – which has far reaching implications that I can’t even get into right now.

This one is the only one I’m not totally in love with.  I will wait for more spoilers and eagerly anticipate the release (Q3 2013 may well be next year, we know what happened with Wave 2).


So what does the Team Covenant community think?  Likes, dislikes?

Let’s start the discussion!


  1. Just a few thoughts:

    – We don’t know for sure that the Lambda won’t have a rear arc. Lore has it with a rear blaster turret, so it’s possible, and aux arcs don’t show up in any way on the stat card. I don’t expect it, but it is possible.

    – Lots of people seem to be freaking out over the stats (especially the Lambda) but we haven’t seen the dials yet. That’s going to be a big deal. The thought occurred to me that the Lambda might even lack a K-turn – it would make sense, and really lock down its role as a support ship.

    – Lots and lots of new toys for managing target locks. The Fire Control System is semi-reliably said to allow free target lock actions at the beginning of the combat phase. One of the Lambda pilots can move a lock they acquired to another ship at the beginning of the combat phase. This seems smart to me. FFG recognized target locks as a major impediment to missile use, and with the new ships being missile-heavy moved to fix it.

    – I’m not sure about the Moldy Crow. With its stats it’s obviously a pure support ship, and certainly has some good abilities, but I’m not sure they’re 20-ish points good. If there is a new Blaster Turret that could give it some offensive kick, it would be a big help.

    I’m not sure how well it will work out, but I have to say I really like what they look to be trying to do with these. Synergistic and support abilities should change things up pretty respectably. Whether or not giving Wedge that 5th attack dice is worth 25 points of otherwise useless ship… Have to see. But I do like the idea :)

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  2. I’m at a loss over the HWK-290. Caught me off guard too.

    Firstly, I like the ship. Maybe I’m just that kind of person, but I really like the model. Small base was an odd choice but was probably to ramp its in-game mobility on the battlefield. Glad to see this ship. Very, very glad.

    When the trilogy was refinished (with scenes like Han no longer drifting lazily along as his “maneuver” but instead doing a barrel roll), a cameo of the Moldy Crow was put into the first movie. As Luke sells his land speeder, you can see it in a hanger in the background. It is also seen flying in the sky traffic of one of the second trilogy movies (I cannot recall which one, but I recognized it immediately because I commented to my brother that I liked that ship… didn’t even know it was the Moldy Crow).

    It’s squishier than an X-wing — 1/4 instead of 2/3, and it cannot take R2D2 to try and stay alive. With POW 1 main guns, it will be utterly turret reliant… which makes me think we are definitely getting another turret gun. At similar costing (I’m expecting lower) to a Y-wing there and way squishier, I’m expecting this to be an agile ship on the dial. Gunner is a useless card here (because of POW 1). The best crewman here might be Chewbacca to ramp its durability. I am also looking at Weapons Engineer as a way to stack TL + F every other turn.

    I’m hoping that the generic HWK-290 comes in at PS 1 for 14 points (although I’d gladly take PS 2 for 15 points). You couldn’t roll out 6 of them and have any guns, but you could roll out 5 of them all armed with turrets. If we see a cost 5-6 laser turret, that’ll complete the dream.

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  3. @Kevin: there is an auxiliary arc indicator on the stat cards- on the Firesprays, there’s a double arrow above and below the laserbolt in the firepower icon circle.

    For the Lambda, if the PS 8 pilot is 27 pts, that likely means an entry-level generic pilot around 18-22 pts, Comparable to a Y-Wing, w/ more guns & shields… The big base is probably not enough to make this balanced, it’s a good point the maneuver dial is probably not great.

    The B-Wing and the TIE Bomber are almost exactly what I expected. Hopefully no one will be foolish enough to put more than about two upgrades on a bomber, otherwise I think the odds on getting it to pay off decline dramatically. I’ve been playing with Krassis + Slave One + Missile + Torpedo + Weapons Engineer and I can usually (but not always) launch both weapons before the game is over or Krasis blows up. With no W.E. and less durability, in my mind all the icons on the bomber give it flexibility, not capacity…

    I too am quite surprised by the HWK-290. I expected a small based ship, but I would have guessed Z-95.
    Glad they did not feel compelled to put out another large based Rebel ship just because they did one for Imperials, but they’re breaking the scale.
    The source material generally seems to agree it’s 29m, where as pics seem to indicate the model’s around 15-18m in-scale. The pictures also say the models are “pending licensor approval”, hopefully it won’t be an issue…

    In the case of the Lambda and HWK-290, I wonder if there will be any versions which differ significantly stat-wise (a la Outer Rim Smuggler for the YT-1300).
    Also very curious to see how the pilot breakdowns (how many generic / how many unique) turn out. From all the expansions so far (counting the core set ships as separate “expansions”) we have:
    5: 2 generic & 2 unique (4 Rebel, 1 Imperial)
    3: 3 generic / 3 unique (3 Imperial)
    2: 1 generic / 3 unique (all Large ships)

    My guess: TIE bomber 3 & 3, B-Wing 2 & 2, Lambda 1 & 3. HWK-290 I could see going either way, but I’m picking 1 & 3.

    At risk of crossing a nerdiness threshold, I’d like to see an alien pilot for the B-Wing. I like Chewbacca, but so far he’s the only one. With all three HWK-290 pilots being human and the Imperial pro-human bias, B-Wing may be the only hope of breaking out of the rut…

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      1. Also RE: Lambda Rear Arc, you can see the base chit in one of the photos in the official FFG preview and you can clearly see the absence of a Rear Arc. As much as I’d like to see an optional Rear Arc Upgrade, I don’t think that is feasible without an arc printed on the base chit.

      2. New Large Ship Only Modification
        Anti-Pursuit Lasers
        After an enemy ship overlaps your ship, roll 1 Attack die. On a hit or Crit the enemy ship takes 1 damage.

  4. I think FFG may have botched the HWK-290 very badly. They expect it to be a support-style ship which gives special abilities to other allied ships, but it is very expensive for it’s cost stat-wise. For example:

    What would you rather have:

    Kyle Katarn who cost 21 points and attacks without a focus (he has to pass it before using it) and defends with 2 dice or
    Dutch Vander who cost 23 attacks with TL while also passing another to an allied ship, and has 1 more hull and 2 more shields but defends with only 1?

    Even if the turret they release with the HWK-290 is crazy good, the problem is that the Y-Wing can carry it too, so you have to compare both ships and the stats on the Y-Wing outclass those in the HWK-290 while costing almost the same.

    Even if you apply the formula explained in this article ( which is very accurate at costing small ships (the big ships are undercosted by about 10 points stat-wise)

    You have the HWK-290 of Kyle Katarn costed at 8.75 points, but in the card it costs 21, so you are giving up too much value just to be able to pass a focus? Not worth it, in my opinion.

    If it had 3 defense die they would be attractive becuase that would make them more difficult to kill and a clear advantage over the Y-Wing.

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    1. With regard to this point in particular, I think it’s closer than you’re indicating here. Focus is in many ways a more powerful action, due to its flexibility, and Katarn gets even better range for handing them out. He’s also 2 points cheaper, which isn’t a lot but could make the difference in a tight build.

      Maybe the right comparison is to Garven Dreis, whose ability is better but has less useful timing. Here Katarn is 5 points cheaper, which is a significant margin but likely to be eaten up by the turret and possibly crew. Still, Katarn with an Ion Cannon makes for a really interesting support ship for the same cost as Garven, which I find significant.

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      1. Thing is Katarn will lose his focus before he can spend it, meaning that you will have 1 ship shooting without focus just so another ship can F + TL.
        You can achieve the same result with Dutch Vander but he doesn’t lose his action in the process.

        For me Katarn is strictly inferior to Garven. Garven gets 4 damage at range 1 and gets to use his ability, and has more shields which means more durability. And the Ion Cannon is not very useful against big ships. I prefer to deal 2 or 3 damage over 1 damage and an Ion.

      2. I agree on the Katarn as a support ship option. Giving him an Ion Turret, possibly PTL to use it effectively, and letting him hang back while the big boys slam down Focus _ TL early on is very impressive when accomodated for.

        To a lesser extent, the Lambda who can pass over its TL will be a starting viable option for Bomber squadrons. No massive surprise considering they are released in the same Wave 3. But some of us to dream of the Bomber being a go-to piece in future builds. I very much will field, Day 1 3 loaded with more explosives than logic deems suitable.

      3. totally agreed with ringo, based on numerical facts; garven has 2 total actions (1+1 support), katarn pays (through push the limit) for +/- same thing; katarn having only 1 as attack is forced to get ion can, thus: garven (26p) vs (29p), F: (3+1 bonus range) vs (3 ion, no bonus) A: (2) vs (2) H+S: (5) vs (5) but much better having S than H
        I kept them basic & comparable; katarn only has a slightly adv for ranged 3 vs 2 support action

        the only ? is manoeuvrability, but I guess an x-wing can easly handle that havier ship

      4. And if Garven wants to pass his focus to, say, Wedge? Or if he’s in an unfortunate position with nobody to shoot at, what then? And if Vader takes a nifty long-range shot at the Rookie X-wing you target locked with and you roll a trio of eyeballs, how does Garven help that?

        While the abilities are similar in effect, Garven’s is notably more limited. It requires him to have some means to use the focus in the first place, is shorter ranged, and can’t do much until the middle of the PS order. There are obviously pros and cons to each, considering both abilities and the ships they’re flying, but Kyle does bring some notable flexibility that Garven cannot match.

      5. Apples to oranges. The abilities may be “sorta kinda” similar, but the ships will function in combat different from one another. The main thing I see concerning Kyle is that if he’s out of combat, he’s almost always going to have a comrade who isn’t within range 3.

    2. Without seeing the HWK-290 dial options, you can’t compare it to a Y-wing. We are likely talking about a more agile, higher speed ship. We also don’t yet know what the “Moldy Crow” card does for the HWK-290… it could be extremely good stuff.

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    3. The other problem with using the formula on Katarn is that we don’t know yet what the Blaster Turret does. Assuming its 5-6 points for 3 attacks at range 1-2, that changes the formula alot.

      If we apply the same formula to 26-27 point Katarn with the hypothetical Blaster turret upgrade, then it comes out to 24.75, which means you’re only giving up 1.25-2.25 points for a very goo ability. As others have pointed out, Focus is strictly better than TL except for secondary weapons, and range 3 and the ability to give a focus token to a higher pilot skill ally also gives it some advantages over Dreis.

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  5. The biggest surprises for me are the Crow’s 1 Attack and the B-wing’s 1 Agility–the latter in particular. I predicted 3 Attack, 2 Agility, and 8 hull+shields, but the cheaper cost on the low Agility means you can field 3 base B-wings with HLC and still have 13 points leftover for upgrades. If there’s a skill 8 pilot and a skill 5 pilot, there’s my first Wave 3 list… And the metagame can say goodbye to dual-Falcon builds.

    I’m sure I have more to say, but since this is getting long, I’ll probably do it on my own blog. (c:

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  6. I like that the HWK-290 surprised everyone. We all tend to think we’re so clever so seeing something that is a legitimate surprise is great.

    What I like most about the inclusion of the Moldy Crow is that this implies that FF’s license includes expanded universe content like the video games. Maybe eagle-eyed fans already knew that but I didn’t. I hope this means that we see the TIE Defender in a future wave.

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    1. God, I hope they avoid TIE Defenders. The old TIE Fighter video game really jumped the shark with that one. Personally, I would prefer a third neutral faction of pirate/merc fighters like Cloakshapes, z-95’s, etc… Maybe even make them available to either side.

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      1. Agreed on the TIE Defender. It takes everything cool looking about the TIE Interceptor and turns it into a flying 25 cent crane claw. The TIE-A and the TIE-B are about as visually similar as I could tolerate, and they were at least part of the movie canon. I wouldn’t mind Dash’s YT-2400, but even that looks an awful lot like the Falcon.

  7. I will say something here, a concern:

    The first waves (I and II) have been pretty well costed, with the possible exception of the Y-wing — which has been primarily the limitations of the Ion Turret against large ships. However anyone running small ships against that turret know that it’s otherwise very good. If the Y-wing gets a legit laser turret option, I think that short straw rectifies itself.

    My concern is the departure we are seeing from the costing method going into wave 3. Those making the game are beginning to take it upon themselves to decide what is good, against what the formula calculated at the game’s start said would be the appropriate costing. This isn’t a automatic disaster, but it’s something I’ve seen happen before in games that are taken over by new lead developers — they want to do it their way, and sometimes they just don’t have enough understanding before they start decreeing changes.

    We could be looking at some costing issues in Wave III. Certain ships might be too cheap, others too costly, and some abilities thought “really good” by developers might not actually be so great. Possibly, hopefully, we have none of that and all the adjustments are appropriate given what support cards are coming.

    Just… brace yourself.

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    1. I can echo that concern, but in truth it would be just as concerning if they kept the formula and adhered to it rigidly. For proper balance there have to be exceptions of 1-2 points here and there, and apparently up to 10 in the case of large ships.

      We will have to wait and see if there are costing concerns, but that is going to always be an issue that becomes increasingly risky as the product line expands.

    2. Such is the damnable misery of expansion-based game development. When the new stuff is “better” than the old stuff gamers complain that it’s broken/OP/making their collection useless. When it’s “equally powered” gamers complain it’s redundant. When it’s “worse” than the old stuff gamers complain it’s not worth having.

      I’ll give FFG the benefit of the doubt for the moment. For the games of theirs I play they haven’t broke my heart yet.

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    3. While I can understand the concern, I think the base case – that FFG adhered to some formula – is unproven. Not disrespecting the work people have done to try and determine that, but with a relatively small sample set and a very limited range of possible values it’s not really that hard to find a regression that will fit the known data even if one wasn’t used in the first place.

      Even the authors acknowledge that the formulas don’t apply in two cases – pilot abilities, which they think are effectively free, and upgrades, which lack the stats to apply in the first place. And that’s the rub – especially if they were really aiming at support ships, the abilities had to be powerful – you couldn’t create a support ship with 4 stats alone. Even if we grant that the formula exists and was used, what’s the cost of giving Wedge a 5th attack die, or having 10 hull points worth of “You can’t use target locks until I’m dead”? It’s certainly worth more than, say, Winged Gundark or Arvel Crynyd’s ability.

      Synergistic abilities can be very hard to price correctly. That means FFG may have screwed it up, but it also means that it’s way too early to be sweating over how badly they screwed it up.

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      1. People are also failing to take into account how upgrades mess with the formula.

        For example, a PS1/2 HWK-290 is probably going to cost 15-16 points based on what we’ve seen so far. Using the formula for squad points, a PS2 HWK-290 should only cost about 5 points.

        But what if we equip a 5-7 points blaster turret that gives the ship 3 attack dice per turn instead of 1? Now our 5 point HWK-290 jumps to 20.75 points. That’s a lot closer to our upgraded HWK-290’s projected cost of 20-23 points.

      1. Bear in mind Wave 2 was delayed because it landed smack in the middle of unexpectedly high demand for Wave 1 while they simultaneously had to retool their factory line to correct the assembly and paint QA problems.

        At this point in their development cycle, I have no reason to think that they wouldn’t be able to meet their deadlines, barring any more unforeseeable delays.

  8. So is anyone else lamenting the fact that captain Kagi doesn’t have an ept? How broken would that be to give him expert handling?

    Advanced sensors would be great if you’re planning on doing lots of kturns.

    And yes, proton bombs are gonna be tons of fun, with a bomber and kagi flying together.

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    1. I think it fits the theme really well of the shuttle being a support ship. You gotta think flying one of those in the Empire was a cushy job for a proverbial Roger Murtaugh just trying to survive until retirement, not the assignment for ace pilots still in their prime.

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      1. With the lack of EPT on Y-Wings, I suspect that it’s an effect that even the most hot-shot pilot can’t ignore the performance envelope of the ship they’re in.

  9. Looks like your missing some card info. Here’s some info for 2more HWK-290’s

    There’s some great stuff here. I like Jan Ors, Her ability is freaking aswome. Giving an extra attack die to anyone with in range 3 of her is great. Also note it’s not specific to Primary weapon. So you could have Lando fire a APT for 6 attack, and lets just say that he rolls horrible, his gunner kicks in and rolls a primary for 5. That’s some serious fire power.

    Report user
      1. But she could boost your APT to make it a 6, that’s freaking awesome.

        Then there’s Roark Garnet who can make a friendly pilot a 12 PS. Sorry Vader with Vet Instincts, I still shoot first. I think that’s an interesting ability.

        I really like the Advanced sensors. Now if you know your going to collide with a ship, you can take your action before you move to make sure that you get your action. This will really help high skill pilots from action denial.

        Then there’s the two mystery cards. FFG made up a couple of sample squads. There’s 2 cards that are listed for the rebels that aren’t displayed. Recon Specialist (3pts) and Fire Control System (2pts).

        My guess is that Recon Specialist is an Elite Talent, but who knows what it does. As for the Fire Control System, I think that’s a new modification. Maybe it lets you keep your Target Lock if you hit on your last attack. Lots of possibilities. Then there’s the Moldy Crow Title card. The Falcon card is only 1 point, and the slave 1 is 0, so for 3 I imagine it’s going to be something good. Can’t wait until I can get some of these now.

      2. Yeah, it’s certainly still a nice ability, just pointing out that I don’t think it will work with Gunner :)

        Several people have said it sounds like the Fire Control System lets you get free target locks at the beginning of the combat phase. Recon Specialist is a crew card, not an Elite – they have it on Kyle, who doesn’t have an Elite slot.

        I also saw someone mention that the Moldy Crow had a seriously upgraded turret, so maybe the title will be a blaster turret? Sad for the Y-wings if so, but it would probably fit the points. I’m actually more curious about ST-321…

      3. I think Recon Specialist will be a “crew” card, and Fire Control System will be a “System” upgrade, which is the new radar dish icon. And Kyle does has an EPT slot, at least in the pic as shown on this thread.

  10. I’m looking at the TIE Bomber’s GammaSP, and I’m seeing a very curious new idea. You could easily field 5 Bombers, equipping them each with only Seismic Charges. (If there is a PS 1 ship coming in at 15 points, you could also equip Stealth on all ships.) Fly at the enemy, wound them a bit, drop off 5 Seismic Charges as they pass by you, and then mop up.

    That would certainly take care of the tightly packed formations everyone seems so fond of running (although I still haven’t seen any advantage to doing so), and I don’t think it’d be entirely awful against more spread out formations if timed well.

    And of course I note that tougher ships (like the Y-wing and B-wing, and large ships) are less vulnerable to this strategy. It’s an answer to x4 X-wings maybe, and it definitely answers TIE swarm lists pretty well.

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    1. “That would certainly take care of the tightly packed formations everyone seems so fond of running (although I still haven’t seen any advantage to doing so), and I don’t think it’d be entirely awful against more spread out formations if timed well.”

      As for the tightly packed formations, I would like to say that the winner of the X-wing tournament at the “May the 4th” event was running 7 Ties. During the top 8 matches, he went up against two Falcon list. By keeping such tight formation he was able to get all 7 ships to fire at one ship during a shooting phase and took it out. Then he expertly handled the formation through some asteroids to do the same thing on the other ship. At the end of the fight he had only taken 1 point of damage. That is why you want to tightly pack your ships.

      In the final match he went up against a 2 Firespray Bounty Hunters and Howlrunner list. Although the Firespray both had bombs he was able to concentrate fire at first by staying in formation, then split up and finished off every enemy ship in one turn of shooting ending the game with 3-4 ships.

      Having more bombs as you purpose might cause a problem for a tie swarm list.

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      1. its not just the squad, its how you fly it. My local group doesn’t play tie swarms, so I had forgotten how to fly against them. I definitely should have played differently so that I could use my missiles and bombs more effectively.

        I think proton bombs are going to be game changing because they go directly onto the hull. A direct hit will kill tycho outright. I’ll blog about it tonight.

      2. @Doug You make a great point. It was expert flying that made the 7 tie squad work as well as it did. In opposition of much of his “self commentary”, he has clearly been flying formations like that for a while.

        An early assault missile or apply timed bomb could have turned up the pressure, but having not practiced much against it, as you said, it’s understandable that pulling off such a move would be difficult to figure out on the fly like that. You’d also been playing the game for nearly a day straight (with some sleeping in the middle); those tournaments are taxing.

        Good luck in any other regional events you are going to.

  11. I for one will definitely be picking up a HWK-90, not because i think it’ll kick other players in the gentleman’s vegetables but because its different. Sure i could field a y-wing and that it would probably be a better choice gameplay wise, but how fun would it be rocking up to a tournament, placing that mother on a table and getting that look from your opponent like “what’s this nutter up to?”

    In an earlier point made saying that Katarn couldn’t use a focus because he had to give it away before he could use it, the ruling on the card says “may” give the token away, which would mean you get the choice one way or the other.

    As for fully kitted out TIE bombers i expect to see a few. My friend has already made it his intention to get one and max it out, like some super star destroyer. This makes me a little worried especially if he takes the new advanced proton torps.

    Inevitably, FFG will take all my hard earned credits, because ill buy one of them all, because at the end of the day whether I’ve gone to a tournament or popped to a mates house for an afternoon, ill pop my mini’s back in my cabinet where i display them, as I’m a collector not a gamer first and foremost.

    On a different note this was my first ever forum post, on any forum, so if I have rambled a bit I am sorry.

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    1. The highest PS TIE Bomber may warrant being kitted out — imagine x2 Concussion Missiles, x2 AdvPT, and a Proton Bomb on a PS 8 or PS 9 ship… with 2 other ships in front of it, running interference to weaken targets and disorganize formations. If it can take PtL (granted that’s unlikely), it’ll be the nastiest ace we’ve seen.

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      1. That many PS 4 missile ships would be quite a risk, given how easy it would be to run into a PS 5+ squad. You could end up with 16-20 points worth of missiles you couldn’t fire — and the lines you’d have to take to improvise TL in that case (as much as you could, anyway) would make the Seismic Charges miss.

        If Bomber gets a couple of elite pilots (very likely), I could see running them that way and then supporting them with lesser Bombers running only the charges. That would get rid of a lot of possible issues.

  12. Just because I haven’t seen it spread around enough: via Echo Base’s Facebook page:

    Avenger 2

    B-Wing Pilots
    … Ten Numb
    Nera Dantels
    Nova Squadron Pilot
    Blue Squadron Pilot

    Tie Bomber
    Major Rhymer
    Captain Jonus
    Gammer Squadron Pilot
    Scimitar Squadron Pilot

    Jeng Droga
    Captain Yorr
    Colonel Jendon
    Omicron Group Pilot

    Kyle Katarn
    Jan Ors
    Roark Garnet
    Rebel Supply Pilot
    Unlike ·

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  13. Some new photos added to the FF announcement page, including what appear to be promo shots of the contents of each expansion.
    Photo quality isn’t good enough to make out all the text and some of the cards overlap in such a way as to cover key numbers. However, combined with some of the previously revealed info (“?” indicates my best guess):

    – Target lock token pair ltr “A”, 1 ion token, 1 shield token, 1 critical token, 2 stress tokens, 6 (!) focus tokens, maneuver dial showing white 90-degree 2 speed turn, 2 base inserts, ID token set #29
    – The above mentioned four pilots (PS 2, *4, *6, *8)
    – Two reference cards (Ion Token, and something that starts with “Modifica…” Modifications and Titles?)
    – Ion Turret [reprint]
    – Blaster Turret (“Attack (focus)”?…)
    – Recon Specialist (does not require an action)
    – *Moldy Crow (HWK-290 only?, title, Cost 3, does something in the End Phase?)
    – Saboteur (cost 2?, action:, something about an enemy ship at range 1 and a hit or critical result?)
    – Intelligence Agent (crew, cost 1, does not require an action)

    Lambda Shuttle
    – Target lock token pair ltr “C”, 4 ion tokens, 5 shield tokens, 1 critical token, 3 stress tokens, 1 focus tokens, maneuver dial showing white 2 speed turn (45-degree?), 2 base inserts, 4 Tracking tokens (reprint), 3 tokens that look a little like Container tokens but lack template “nubs” and have Evade 1
    – 4 Pilots (PS *8, *6, *4, 2?) the one that looks like PS 2 (Omicron Group Pilot) looks like 21? pts. All have the same upgrade icons.
    – Heavy Laser Cannon (reprint)
    – Advanced Sensors (already spoiled)
    – Sensor Jammer (already spoiled)
    – *? [picture suggests crew, looks like Imperial Only]
    – *Rebel Captive (already spoiled)
    – Weapons Engineer (reprint)
    – Navigator? (1 pt)
    – Fl…? (crew)
    – Intelligence Agent (crew, as in HWK-290)
    – 2 x Anti-(Pu…?) Laser (Modification) Might be “large ship only”? [Would not make sense to be two copies and Lambda Class only; might be “Anti-Pursuit Laser”? Maybe that’s just wishful thinking on my part…] Has Hit and Crit icons on line 5 of 6 lines of text.
    – *ST-321

    – Target lock token pair, 1 ion token, 5 shield tokens, 1 critical token, 1 stress token, 1 focus token, maneuver dial showing white 45-degree 2 speed turn, 2 base inserts, ID token set #30
    – Ion Token reference card
    – 4 pilots (PS *8, *6, 4, 2), both unique pilots have Elite Pilot upgrade slot
    – Proton Torpedoes (reprint)
    – Adv. Proton Torpedoes (already spoiled)
    – Ion Cannon (reprint)
    – Autoblaster (Cannon upgrade, Attack:)
    – Fire Control System (System upgrade, 2 pts)

    TIE Bomber
    – Target lock token pair ltr “G”, 1 critical token, 2 stress tokens, 1 focus token, maneuver dial showing white 90-degree 2 speed turn, 2 base inserts, ID token set #31, Seismic Charge token (reprint), Proton Bomb token (same shape/size as Seismic Charge token)
    – 2 reference cards (Bomb Tokens card (already spoiled) and Using… (probably “Using Bombs”) which is a reprint of the “dropping a Bomb Token” section from Firespray-31 rules insert)
    – 4 pilots (PS 2, 4, *6, *7), both unique pilots have Elite Pilot upgrade slot, PS 7 pilot 26? pts
    – Adv. Proton Torpedoes (already spoiled)
    – Assault Missile (reprint)
    – Seismic Charge (reprint)
    – Proton Bomb (Bomb upgrade; visible portion of all 7 lines of text are identical to Seismic Charge)
    – Adrenaline Rush (Elite Pilot upgrade, 1 pt, does not use an action)

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    1. Now that I look at that in context, it seems highly likely that either the Moldy Crow title or the Recon Specialist:
      (A) gives extra focus token(s)
      (B) lets you carry focus over from one round to the next.

      Hence the large number of focus tokens included w/ the HWK-290 and the wording of Kyle’s pilot ability.

      If it’s the Recon Specialist, that means some big potential for the other large-base ships…

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  14. It’s “official” (meaning it’s in the pic of the HWK and stuff that comes with it on FFG) that there will definitely be a Blaster Turret card. (It also comes with a reprint Ion Turret too.) So what makes the HWK-290 better than the Y-wing in any way, as far as small turret ships? It’s not the stats:

    POW — 1 vs 2, Y-wing
    AGI — 2 vs 1, HWK-290
    SHIELD — 1 vs 3, Y-wing by a lot
    HULL — 4 vs 5, Y-wing

    Will it be costing? You save a few points but bring a MUCH softer ship? Will it be a far superior dial on the HWK-290, a ship known to be matched in maneuverability only by A-wing and Interceptors? Maybe it’ll be both things at once (which is what I expect).

    What happens when you put a turret weapon on a wicked agility ship, then have plenty of points left over? I think the POW 1 main gun on the HWK-290 has people up in arms over a stat that will pretty much never be used — HWK-290 is just a dedicated turret platform, not run without one like the Y-wing can be.

    I expect a HWK-290 dial similar to the TIE Interceptor, either identical or with small changes — maybe forward 1 instead of k-turn 3. Regardless, the dial is pretty much guaranteed to put both the TIE Fighter and the X-wing to shame. Now add a turret weapon.

    Report user
    1. With a great or even good turret the main gun power of 1 only serves to invalidate gunner or Luke Skywalker as an upgrade choice. I agree this is looking more like a turret enabler, and I’d like to see a very generous maneuver dial, maybe not as fast as an interceptor, but at least as maneuverable as a TIE would be nice.

      1. The Moldy Crow itself was modded mostly to its guns — a heavier laser. HKW-290 was known to be an absurdly agile design, able to turn sharply and accelerate quickly. Unless it would break the game, I fully expect the HWK-290 to have an equal to (or better dial than) the TIE Interceptor, just no boost/roll options available to keep up with it otherwise.

    1. I think the Rebel Captive on any Firespray is going to be a great upgrade, but you’re right about it giving Kath even more ways to stress people out.

      It’s too bad the Firespray only has one crew slot… Kath+Marksmanship+Gunner+Rebel Captive would make for one seriously stress-distributing platform.

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  15. So I’m looking at some of the new images for the wave 3, and these are the things that stand out for me.

    For the HWK-290, It looks like there is a turret weapon card on the board. Pilots 8, 6, 4, 2

    Lambda Shuttle, There’s a lot of cards for this one. Looks like some Imperial only crew members. Pilots 8, 6, 4, 2

    B-Wing – Looks like another Sensor card on the end that hasn’t been seen yet. There could also be another Cannon. Pilots 8, 6, 4, 2

    Tie Bomber – Looks like there’s a new Elite Pilot talent on the end. Pilots 7, 5, 4, 2

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    1. Because I’m a geek, I had to try and zoom in and see what I could.

      hwk-290 – Ion turret, blaster turret, recon specialist, moldy crow, saboteur, and intelligence agent

      shuttle – heavy laser cannon, advanced sensors, darth vader something, sensor jammer, weapons engineer, something technician , intelligence agent, anti-pursuit laser, and ST-321 title

      b-wing – proton torpedoes, advanced proton torpedoes, ion cannon, autoblaster, and fire control system

      tie bomber – advanced proton torpedoes, assault missle, seismic charge, proton bomb, and adrenaline rush

      Report user
    1. Recon Specialist is REALLY good.

      It’s perfect for Krassis, who wants a Focus for his HLC/IonC — now he has a token to defend himself as well. It lets PtL + HLC/IonC Kath/Boba turtle up behind F + E and still have a focus for offense. I’d consider it on HLC/IonC Bounty Hunter too.

      YT-1300 can run Gunner + Recon Specialist to buff both attack rolls. That’s a nice bit of offense AND defense resting on the ship.

      Lambda Shuttle might run it similarly to the YT-1300, with Gunner + Recon Specialist aboard. At the moment though, I’m unsure. Lambda is very inexpensive for a 10 health POW 3 gun, and without PtL + an Evade option or a turret arc it can’t turtle-snipe like the YT-1300 can. More likely is that it’ll be a rare but legit build for the Lambda, but most players will run Lambda mostly un-buffed as a cheap durable gun. Hoping they up the cost of that ship by about 4-6 points before they release it. Right now its stupid cheap, basically an X-wing (at identical cost…WHAT???) but far harder to kill.

      HWK-290! I predict that Recon Specialist and Blaster Turret will go together great, to make a range 2 pow 3 turret for that ship. (It will otherwise be only range 2 pow 2 I’m guessing.) Right now it’s anyone’s guess, but my eye is telling me Blaster Turret reads “ATTACK(focus):” at the top and says “…1 focus…” in line 3 of the text (after the first word, 1 and some short word). I think the amount of focus on your ship dictates the strength of the Blaster Turret. We’ll see!

      Report user
    2. FCS…

      Good on a Lambda is you are just trying to beat down a target. Pressure on a PtL interceptor, on a YT or other large ship, anything. It’s an afterthought card at 2 points, easy to add. This plus Gunner and a Focus (or 2 if you have Recon Specialist) on the Lambda would give you one heck of an accurate Gunner shot.

      24 point Blue B-wing w/ FCS isn’t a bad option. Fly in, roll to flank, potshot. Grab the free TL and move to range 1 next turn — double up F + TL that way to wreck the target. Or just fire a focused shot and then move to range 1 to wreck. Both are pretty good. The 24 point cheap support ship is a good niche to be in… sees a lot of play on the rebel side. This looks like a great option.

      Report user
      1. B Wing with HLC, Fire Control System, and two Proton Torpedoes (or Proton and Adv Proton) sounds so fun! I will likely turn away from the dark side in Wave 3.

        Or! Ion Cannon a target at range 3 (because its not the turret Ion) so you know where it will be for the set-up to an Advanced Proton strike the following turn.

      2. I would say 28 points for Blue w/ IonC + FCS would be the ship you are looking for — neutralize at range 3, then move into range 1 and land 4 hits w/ F+TL. If you start adding HLC and PT and AdvPT you end up with a 45 point ship that dies to focused enemy shots before it ever fires.

        I also like the 29 point Blue w/ HLC. It doesn’t need anything else on it to be awesome. It’ll be the least costly super-gun in the game.

        42 Wedge w/ R2-F2, PtL, PT, Stealth
        29 Blue w/ HLC
        29 Blue w/ HLC

        Ask yourself… which ship is actually more dangerous?

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