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ÜberCorp International is part of the Collaborators agenda. They were released as part of the Now! series and received supplemental content from the Big in Japan set.

The massive ÜberCorp International has its own interests at heart, a fact that sometimes helps Earth’s cities and sometimes reduces them to rubble.

ÜberCorp International is a long-time business partner and competitor of Sun Industries. As private needs for defense and security skyrocketed, the Shadow Sun Syndicate brought on ÜberCorp to manage some of their smaller contracts. The ÜberCorp International advanced robotics division leapt at the opportunity and never looked back.[1]

ÜberCorp International Logo



UberCorp International brings the finest in personal protection robots to you and the ones you love.
—Wallace Weir, President of UberCorp International

Once a consumer products company that merely dabbled in computers and robotics, UberCorp International invested heavily in those areas with the rise of the monster forces. Its researchers worked relentlessly, carefully analyzing the monster attacks and paying handsomely for the slightest information on monster physiology and technology. This investment and drive has paid off in the form of much-needed protection for Earth’s citizens: robotic protection vehicles (RPVs) in the likeness of the Carnidon, Squix, and others.

Towering above even the impressive RPVs, the robots in UberCorp’s mechamonster program are undoubtedly its crowning achievement. These amazing robotic copies of the beasts and fiends rampaging through Earth’s cities can stand toe-to-toe with any aberration of nature. Still, controversy surrounds the mecha-monsters: is UCI deploying them to protect the populace, or is its only protecting its own revenue stream with grandiose publicity stunts disguised as public service?[2]



Series 4: Now!

Series 5: Big in Japan


Series 4: Now!

Series 5: Big in Japan


There are currently no ÜberCorp International Installations.


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