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X-Wing Vassal Tutorial on YouTube by mrfroggies & wapcaplets

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February 16, 2013

Last night, myself (wapcaplets) and Scott Williams (mrfroggies) got together and, through the power of Webex and Skype, put together a four-video tutorial on how to get set up on Vassal and play X-Wing. This series is a little more than an hour in length if you watch all four videos and should be suitable to orient everyone whether you’re brand new to Vassal or if you’re already a pro on Vassal with other games. Here’s a brief summary of the videos with links to each:

Part 1: Installing Vassal & Modules (10:56)

In this video we really start from scratch and show you where to find the Vassal software, the current X-Wing module, and the associated extensions. From there, we actually go through installing the software and setting up the module and extensions. CLICK HERE to view this video.

Part 2: Orientation to Vassal Interface (13:40)

In this video, Scott guides Chris through the basics of Vassal and where to find the basic functionality for playing X-Wing. This is a key video to watch, even for Vassal pros, because the X-Wing module is very detailed. CLICK HERE to view this video.

Part 3: Building Your Squad (10:54)

This is perhaps the video that will save you the most time as it shows you how to construct your squad in a log file so that you can just log on and play and not make your opponent wait around while you set up your ships, counters, and upgrades. CLICK HERE to view this video.

Mr. Froggies’ Fabulous Time-Savers

Because he’s just that kind of guy, Scott took the time to make log files of each type of ship with the stats already set for each pilot option so that you can save even more time when building your squads. Here are links to these log files on Scott’s Dropbox:



Part 4: Playing a Game (27:51)

In this video, Scott and Chris walk through logging on to Vassal and setting up a “room” to play a game and go through a few mock turns showing you how to set your maneuvers, assign your actions, and go through a brief combat example. CLICK HERE to view this video.

We’ve also set up these videos as a PLAYLIST if you want to view them all at once. Now, these videos aren’t on the production-value level of, say, Jonathan Wooley but the amount of knowledge and teaching that Scott brings to these videos is an invaluable resource. Make it a priority to watch these videos in preparation for Scott’s X-Wing Vassal Tournament for maximum enjoyment!

  1. Thank you so much for such a brilliant tutorial. When I first heard about playing X-WIng online, I discounted it as too fiddly, if not impossible. You proved to me that it can be done easily.

    I have a question though. I can’t work out how to change the different firing arc shapes. I am interested in having as in the real game, of the edge of the ship base. This seems to be the case in most firing arc, but I see the Firesprey’s rear arc is perfectly rounded. It should be possible to switch it, judging from I read in the little reference sheet. Just don’t know how. COuld you help, please?

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