Hey everyone, just started playing Netrunner. Ive managed to get down about 4 games in, all as the Corp. So Im still fairly new to the game. So these blogs will cover my fledgling attempts at the game as well as my thoughts on it. Hopefully I can get some good feedback and info about the game :D This first blog will be simple, based on playing the game four times as the other faction, I will attempt to build a Runner deck and see how it goes.

Choosing an Identity

Im going with the Shapers here, because their fluff is awesome and Im most familiar with their cards outof the three runner factions. Looking at Kate and Chaos Theory, Ive decided to run with Kate. Kate gives two inherent bonuses (+1 link and -1 cost to the install cost of the first program or hardware per turn) as opposed to Chaos Theory’s +1 MU. Chaos Theory seems great, but her big advantage is that 40 card deck size,and I dont have depth knowledge about the cards to capitalize on that strength.

Choosing Icebreakers

When choosing Icebreakers, I picked what I thought looked to be the strongest breaker of each type. I threw in three of each. Then I looked for other interesting breakers and added in a fourth of each type. Then I threw in three Crypsis just to be safe. I later took out the extra Killer (Ninja) I had put in there to bring the deck down to 45 cards.

  • Battering Ram x3
  • Gordian Blade x3
  • Pipeline x3
  • Crypsis x3
  • Snowball x1
  • Yog.0 x1

Choosing Other Programs

I only chose one other program, and that was Magnum Opus. You’ll see that a lot of the deck was built around maintaining a strong economy and Magnum Opus seemed like a good early game card that the Corp would have more trouble getting rid of than Armitage or Liberated Account.

  • Magnum Opus x3

Choosing Hardware

I dont think any of my Hardware choices need much explanation, it’s all utilitarian in nature, either protecting me from the Corp’s tricks, making my Ice better or making the Corp spend more money.

  • The Personal Touch x2
  • The Toolbox x2
  • Plascrete Carapace x3
  • Cortez Chip x3
  • Cyberfeeder x3

Choosing Events

There are lots of good Shaper Events, so this part was fairly easy to do.

  • Diesel x3
  • Sure Gamble x2
  • Tinkering x2
  • Modded x2

Choosing Resources

My idea with these was solely gaining more credits. Im unsure about Liberated Account, it could be

good, but it might be a bit redundant and inefficient.

  • Armitage Codebusting x3
  • Liberated Account x3

Further Thoughts

The only thoughts I have about the deck right now (without playing it) is that I might take out one or two of the Plascrete Carapaces and Liberated Accounts depending on how well they perform. Carapace seems really good, but I can see it being a dead card if the Corp isnt doing anything to either tag me or running Scorched Earth, so it might not be a x3. Liberated Accounts I feel might just be redundant. But since I have played Runner before, I dont know how many econ cards I need to put in there so, for now, it’s in there.

Anyways, looking forward to your thoughts, and I hope to be back in a couple days with an update!