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Weyland Consortium Announces New Agenda

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August 27, 2012

While many players are clamoring (and even complaining) over Scorched Earth, my first run through the Netrunner Core Set left me with only one card on my brain: Aggressive Negotiation. For an action, 1 credit, and 1 card, you can search R&D for any card and put it in HQ. I’ve played games long enough to realize the true power of tutoring (the ability to search your deck for any card). At present, this is the only card in the game that let’s you search your deck for any card.

Thus, my first corporation deck was built with this card in mind. Including 3 in a 49 card deck means that this card should pop up one in every sixteen cards. From the games I’ve played, most games get through half to a third of a deck. Assuming I only go through half, I should still at least see one Aggressive Negotiation, and the odds are not bad that I’ll see two. You might be wondering, what makes this such a big deal?

Sure, there is the obvious. Being able to grab any card when you want is a pretty big deal. But there is more to it than that. Really what a card like this does is let you built a completely different kind of deck. Where usually you would want to run two or three of a card to ensure you see it every game, that is no longer the case. By running a single copy of any card, it’s as though you are actually running four. The odds of seeing that one card OR at least one aggressive negotiation are fantastic.

Below is a break down of my choices for each card type.


I’d like to say I had some fancy logic that went into this. However, as I was actually building my first deck and looking at the agenda’s available, I realized to run a legally sized deck I was forced into running 3 of each agenda I could run… Not too much fancy leg work here yet! Below are the available agenda’s to Weyland Consortium:

Hostile Takeover x 3
Posted Bounty x 3
Priority Requisition x 3
Private Security Force x 3

Knowing this, I’ve actually structured the rest of my deck around the benefits of these agenda’s. Hostile Takeover simply let’s me grab seven credits, which can be super handy.

Posted Bounty actually let’s me forfeit it to give the runner a tag. As such, you’ll see cards in my deck that take advantage of tags.

Priority requisition let’s me rez a piece of ice ignoring all costs. This is great for cards like Archer and Hadrian’s Wall. If I draw into this agenda, using Aggressive negotiation to grab one of these monster pieces of ice is very handy. That being said, I can run low numbers of these types of ice and save space for more commonly useful cards.

Private Security Force relies on the runner being tagged. Playing off of that, you’ll see a lot of ice in my deck that actually tags the runner. Being able to spend an action for a meat damage can be devastating, especially if I have a Scorched Earth in hand as well.


I’ve actually only included a single asset in the deck, three copies of PAD Campaign. I absolutely love this card. Gaining a credit at the start of each turn is very efficient, especially when the trash cost if 4. Rarely have I seen a runner trash this card. The issue here is I don’t have very many ‘fakes’ to trick my opponent with. This could work to my advantage though if my opponent is used to seeing decoy’s. Only testing will tell.


As I’ve been mentioning, the deck really falls back on Aggressive Negotiation. There will be times when I don’t have it, or the agenda scored to use it, so I have to make sure my deck works without having to grab certain cards. I think I have a pretty solid balance of ice here:

Archer x 2
Enigma x 2
Hadrian’s Wall x 1
Hunter x 3
Ice Wall x 3
Shadow x 2
Wall of Static x 1
Data Raven x 2

The goal of my ice, in reality, is to tag the runner. I have cards all in my deck that make them pay for being tagged. I also have some beefy ice like the Archer and Hadrian’s Wall.


This is where the magic happens. For starters, I obviously running 3 of both Beenstalk Royalties and Hedge Fund. The extra credit from each from my identity makes those cards both really great. Of course, I also run three copies of Aggressive Negotiations. After the games I’ve played with Scorched Earth in my deck, it’s really not a card that I need three of. It’s only effective when the runner is tagged. Further, I have Aggressive Negotiations to go grab it.

I’m also splashing 3 Anonymous Tips (0 cost, draw three cards). Between those and the Negotiations, I should have access to any cards I need. A lot of my ICE can be developed to gain strength, so Shipment from Kaguya makes a lot of sense. Being able to place two advancement tokens for 0 cost is a pretty big deal.

Finally, I splash a single copy of Closed Accounts. With my draw power, tagging ability, and tutoring, I should only realistically see this card when it’s useful. Dropping the surprise ‘hey, you’re out of credits’ card can have a huge, huge impact on the game.


As is usually the case, this list will probably be drastically different in a few weeks. I’m super excited to actually put this deck together and give it a few goes. If you have any suggestions, ideas, or critiques, I’d love to hear them! I’m also posting the full list together below, so feel free to completely destroy my build.


Identity: Weyland Consortium
Total Cards: 49

Agenda – 12

Hostile Takeover x 3
Posted Bounty x 3
Priority Requisition x 3
Private Security Force x 3

Asset – 3

PAD Campaign x 3

ICE – 16

Archer x 2
Enigma x 2
Hadrian’s Wall x 1
Hunter x 3
Ice Wall x 3
Shadow x 2
Wall of Static x 1
Data Raven x 2

Operation – 18

Aggressive Negotiation x 3
Beanstalk Royalties x 3
Hedge Fund x 3
Scorched Earth x 2
Shipment from Kaguya x 3
Anonymous Tip x 3
Closed Accounts x 1

      1. Agreed on both accounts. The turn structure in this game is fantastic. Need to draw? Spend actions to do it. Need resources? Spend actions. So much different than most games.

  1. I run 2x AN OOF with 1x SE in my NBN deck on much the same logic. SE is a whopping 4 Influence, but AN is only 1. So it’s like having 3x of the 4 Inf card for half price. Plus, I only need to use it for SE if I haven’t drawn it and I can make use of SE; otherwise it’s effectively a copy of any card in R&D.

    AN’s play restriction is sometimes constraining, but that balances it reasonably, so I can’t fault that.

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  2. Looks like a sound build; Well thought out, logical, aggressive. These are the things I’ve come to expect from you. : )

    Some things to note; While Weyland is by far the most aggressive and most capable of quick victory through Flatlining the Runner, Weyland also tends to telegraph this far too easily. In doing so, Weyland gives up the biggest advantage the Corp player has over the Runner; The ability to bluff the Runner into making critical errors. This should not be taken lightly! A Weyland player will almost always forego their scored agendas in favor of utilizing their more powerful cards that require forfeiting all so they can deliver the deathblow via Scorched Earth. If the Runner sees this coming, he can win by turtling. All he has to do is bide his time, maintain maximum hand size, keep his identity clear of tags, front load his ice breakers until he has what he needs to walk right through your defenses and can keep the pressure on by hacking your R&D, trashing whatever he finds there and stealing whatever agendas are found. Since a Weyland deck has 11-12 agendas, they are relatively easy to find in R&D. A well tuned Shaper deck can accomplish this rather easily. As far as tutoring goes…I’m not sure, but NBN or Hass-Bioroid might actually pull this off a little better, but I haven’t fully tested out my theory yet. Weyland’s problem is that once a card gets trashed, it’s gone for good. You can’t Aggressively Negotiate your Archive. For better tutoring, I would look into combining Aggressive Negotiation with Archived Memories.

    Consider this Weyland Consortium deck…

    Agendas (11)…Hostile Takeover x 3…Posted Bounty x 2…Priority Requisition x 3…Private Security Force x 3

    Assets (5)PAD Campaign x 3…Project Junebug x 1…Security Subcontract x 1

    ICE (16) Archer x 2…Data Raven x 2…Hadrian’s Wall x 1…Heimdall 1.0 x 1…Hunter x 3…Ichi 1.0 x 1…Ice Wall x 3…Shadow x 3

    Operations (14) Aggressive Negotiation x 2…Beanstalk Royalties x 3…Hedge Fund x 3…Scorched Earth x 2…Shipment from Kaguya x 2…Psychographics x 2

    Total: 46 cards

    A lot of it is similar to what you have put together, so I’ll just highlight what I’ve changed.

    Wall of Static and Enigma don’t do much for you. I’d throw in a couple of those beefy ICE from Hass-Bioroid. These will slow the Runner down substantially. Since Weyland Consortium should be flush with cash all the time, affording the steep cost of these HB ICE shouldn’t be a problem.

    Like I said before, WC telegraphs too much. You’ve got to keep the runner guessing what’s in your remote servers until it’s too late. Throw in at least one Project Junebug or Aggressive Secretary just so you have the thread of ambush. Hitting the Runner with a Scorched Earth following the turn he accessed a Project Junebug is a sure fire game ender!

    I probably should put Anonymous Tip in my Weyland deck. The more I think about it and even as I write this, I’m thinking I may change my WC deck to accommodate it. But, for the moment, I’ve forgone the Anonymous Tip in favor of Psychographics. With this deck hitting the Runner with lots of tags combined with the ability of WC ice to bulk up through advancement, Psychographics is just too good to pass up.

    Well, that’s my 2 cents. I make no claim to be ‘right’ or that my deck is any better. I am still learning the game after all. I look forward to hacking your deck sometime in the future!


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    1. I think a WC player relying entirely on Scorched Earth or tagging is a horrible idea. Granted, that particular strategy is far more efficient coming out of WC than NBN, but WC ends up having to burn their actual credits to consistently trace, something a decent Runner can definitely work around by planning ahead, especially if they’re doing the right thing and running 3x Infiltration, they can just grab the right breaker to jump past the trace attempts, and hanging 2 credits, a Crash Space or Decoy significantly weakens the auto trace from Data Raven.

      I’ve also come to love Enigma and Static Wall as early game stoppers. You’re right–They’re nothing compared to the Bioroid ICE, but early on the tick loss from Enigma and hitting a Static Wall before they are prepared can really ruin a runner’s early setup. (Especially Criminal). I’d honestly rather have better ICE later on, but having that last “Umph” in the server through Enigma can really hurt.

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