Introducing Mythos Boards & Carcosa Tokens For Arkham Horror

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Halloween is here, winter is setting in, and there is no better time to gather around a dimly lit table to explore the Cthulian nightmare that is Arkham Horror: The Living Card Game. To make it even better, we have created two new additions to our Mythos Token line – the Mythos Board and limited edition Carcosa Tokens!

Run A Proper Investigation

Mythos Boards were created to solve the problem of 1) ever-expanding locations in Arkham Horror: The Card Game that create a restrictive and cluttered play experience, 2) Investigator card art and text being hidden by tokens, and 3) lack of a clear definition between the general token pool and the tokens belonging to each player. They perfectly accomplish these objectives while also pulling you further into the theme of the game with intricate symbology presented in an antiqued-copper finish.

Each Mythos Board perfectly fits a sleeved Investigator card (we tested with both Ultra Pro and Dragon Shield), five 1-Health/2-Health Mythos Tokens and five 1-Sanity/2-Sanity Mythos Tokens. The Health Tokens and Sanity Tokens can be vertically flipped between their 1 and 2 side via the openings on the top and bottom, which makes tracking your status a breeze.

Each board also contains a general token basin designed to fit Clue/Supply and 1-Resource/2-Resource Mythos Tokens. The boards can be rotated so that this basin appears on the left or right, depending on your preference.

The boards are cast from resin, coated with real copper powder, and backed with felt. They will naturally patina over time.

Mythos Boards perfectly fit a single Investigator Set of our Mythos Tokens, so the two should be paired together. Check the video below to see the entire system in action – but be warned, there is no going back.

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Strange Is The Night Where Black Stars Rise

Th original design for our Doom Tokens stemmed from the desire to have a more thematic and stunning experience while playing Arkham Horror: The Card Game. This limited edition design perfectly captures the mystery of the King in Yellow; a terrifying delight while playing through the Carcosa cycle. Sub them out for the standard Doom Tokens for a remarkably thematic experience.

Learn more in the video below!

You can purchase both right away, or head over to our Mythos Token page to learn more about Mythos Boards, Carcosa Tokens, and the rest of our Mythos offerings compatible with Arkham Horror: The Card Game! Happy Halloween!

Mythos Tokens – Dreadful, Beautiful, Functional

After falling in love with Arkham Horror: The Card Game, we knew that a set of tokens was on the horizon. Today, they have arrived.

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The Arkham universe is full of incredible opportunities. Its success relies entirely around the creeping, dreadful feeling that must manifest itself in every experience. Because of this, we doubled down on an art style that was both thematically appropriate and as evocative as possible. We also knew that we needed to make the tokens modular enough to accommodate between one and four players, and so separated them between Campaign tokens (used by the board) and Investigator tokens (used by each investigator). First up, the Campaign Set!

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The Clue/Supply token not only represents clues in a complex, enthralling way, but also introduces a new dimension to the game with its Supply side. During play, we were always pining about which stock tokens to use on cards with “charges” – everything from Flashlight to Shriveling to a .41 Derringer. Nothing seemed appropriate, and Resources sitting on assets was especially confusing.

We designed the Supply side and placed it on the flip of the Clue to solve this problem. The detailed motif introduces elements that subtly represent various interpretations of “supplies”, and we often use them to mark damage on certain monsters – it looks like they are being blasted back into their own dimension. Additionally, the pearly-white acrylic shines in bright contrast to the darkness found throughout the game and the rest of the Mythos token set, which clearly demonstrates the positive in-game effects represented by both designs.

By divorcing the Clue and Doom designs from each other, we were able to give the latter a proper representation on infinitely deep opaque black. The blood red paint fill and intimidating size appropriately complement the feeling of “pending dread” created by the lunar phasic artwork, and its convenient flip to 2-Doom causes the “clock is ticking” sensation to fully sink in.

But just amping up the main area of play is only part of the experience. Check out the Investigator Set!

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The Health and Sanity tokens bring unbelievably complex artwork to the foreground, making it all too visceral as each Investigator descends into injury and madness. Translucent acrylic, in dark red and dark blue respectively, make each token shimmer recognizably, while numbers on each side add an additional layer of clarity from across the table. A 1-side/2-side flip makes tracking as convenient as possible, and squared cuts allow for easy alignment, keeping everything tidy.

Translucent, dark green Resource tokens feature a clear numeral adorned with a highly detailed, universally appropriate border. Whether representing money, influence, connections, or arcane power, the Resource token makes calculation and decision-making as unambiguous as possible. Easily flip between 1- and 3-Resources, and watch as the border changes to accommodate!

You can see Mythos Tokens in action, as well as a playthrough of the first scenario of Dunwich Legacy in the video above. Or, purchase directly below!

We had an incredible amount of fun and discovery during this process, and absolutely love the end result. The functional improvements of flippable tokens, as well as the Supply design, serve as a perfect complement to the thematic look and feel of Mythos Tokens on the board.

Huge thanks to our incredible customers – we cannot wait for you to get these tokens on the board! Be sure to share your experiences with us via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. More to come!