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I’m Hooked Too: Why I’m Excited for Star Wars Destiny & Why You Should Be As Well

My entry into gaming started in middle school about 17 years ago with a little game called Pokemon TCG....

KoR Let’s Discuss: Jango Fett

Monday monday monday. Now that you have survived today, let’s talk about a character who strikes fear into the...

Knights of Ren Episode 103 “Your Journey Begins”

Prepare yourself for the journey into Star Wars:Destiny. This week we discuss the newly announced pre-release party dates, content...

KoR Let’s Discuss: The Best Defense

Friday means article time!! And today we are going to cover a really powerful card that offers some amazing...

Lukas Litzsinger (Lead Designer) Talks Star Wars: Destiny

There is a certain pattern to the swirling of information that spins up when a new game is announced,...

KoR Let’s Discuss: Block and Dodge

Happy Tuesday Knights of Ren. Today we want to talk about two cards you are going to see as...

I Didn’t Want It To Be My Destiny

After playing over a hundred games of Star Wars Destiny, these are my thoughts.

Star Wars Destiny: Initial Reactions

A new Star Wars card game? By FFG? Collectible? Dice? See what Zach thinks about all this madness!