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What subscribers are saying.

Arrived on time, in perfect condition. Shipping costs are completely mitigated by not having to wait a couple extra weeks for getting my packs, usually I have to hunt high and low for the things.

It’s great to not have to worry I won’t have these packs, especially what with the accelerated release schedule. TC really makes me feel like they value my custom and I appreciate that.


Just one of the 5 subscriptions I have through TC, and I’ve never had to worry about availability. Every product shows up at my doorstep without fail the day after street release, which saves me the headache of driving to my not-so-LGS, and the worry of whether it’ll have it in stock still. The slightly higher cost due to shipping fees is well worth it.


You can’t beat the convenience of this subscription… No effort required, the data packs just show up at your door within a couple days of release. And you even get a small discount! I highly recommend this for anyone who regularly buys the latest data packs.


Lord of the Rings: The Card Game is my favorite game, and I try to stay on top of all the releases. For a while there I was hopping onto Fantasy Flight’s website every week checking the status page for the next release… “On the boat”, “Processing”, “Shipping now”, checking my FLGS for a pre-order etc. Now I don’t even think about it. I just get my mail and BAM I have a new pack and it’s like mini-Christmas year round as I run down and check out the new cards.


Extremely convenient and very timely. Usually getting my packs one or two days after release. Really love these subscriptions.

Louie IV

You never have to wonder about missing the latest release. It is shipped out quickly and if there are any issues Team Covenant resolves them quickly.

Gary Hall

This game has had such spotty availability and my LGS is never sure what they’ll get. It’s really nice to just be able to set the subscription and now that it’s always coming.


Getting my Team Covenant Netrunner subscription was one of my better decisions this year. Cheap, and I get cardA pleasant surprise each month with no work on my part. A plus that the cost is the same as buying in the store despite shipping. Two Thumbs Up!!!s as they come out.



We work obsessively at every step of the supply chain in order to guarantee delivery to our subscribers. Never worry about availability again.


We utilize SSL verification and a top-of-the-line hosting platform that obsessively follows best practices regarding data safety and retention. All payment information is encrypted into tokens and stored on the ultra-high-security servers of our payment gateway.


We fulfill subscriptions to any country serviced by the United States Postal Service, and products typically arrive faster than traditional international distribution.


Learn the ins and outs of Covenant Subscriptions, and our other offerings, by visiting our Knowledge Base. Get in touch directly if you need further assistance!

Randy - November 15, 2017:

Six stars if I could and everything I hoped for. The service is fantastic, highly-reliable, and I love having something to look forward to in the mail. Other reviewers have commented on the shipping cost: it’s a few bucks more, but it ensures that I get the packs and it saves me having to plan a trip down to the FLGS (I’ve been burned too many times on sold-out products b/c I couldn’t get down there in time.) To me, well worth the small overhead. On a final note to TC: I’m an enormous fan of your content. Your videos have been a big part of gaming for me over the years and I’m happy to be contributing in this small way to all you do. Thanks, guys— it’s much appreciated!

Daniel - October 31, 2017:

Great service, product usually arrives a day after the release of the cards. No need to rush to the store and hope they’ve held a copy.

Caitlin - July 15, 2017:

As all the other reviews say, this subscription has thus far guaranteed a convenient way to get every pack immediately following release. I would just also like to vouch for the customer service that comes with it. USPS lost one of my packages, while labeling it as delivered so I even had no evidence that I did not get it. Within an hour of me contacting them, Team Covenant responded willing to send a replacement entirely on my word, and this replacement also arrived very quickly. I was already completely satisfied with this service, but this just reaffirmed that I have made the right decision.

Addand - July 10, 2017:

Every time I find a game I enjoy, or have a need to find a new one, Team Covenant is my source for everything about it. Getting this subscription offers more than convenience to me. They often talk about how the direction of the industry is important and they try to set that cadence in everything that they do. This is not just something they say or a marketing strategy. It bleeds through with great content surrounding games that they offer great /services/ for. This is a great service for anyone interested in the Arkham LCG, or even looking to get into it. This Store is second to none in the entire industry and everyone out there should be using this as an example of how to do business. Efficient, cost effective, timely service with a personal touch that is quite frankly unheard of anymore, but something they hold as their highest standard. Can’t praise these guys enough for their unique and focused approach to tackle THE RIGHT THINGS that matter to their customers and to their “audience”. This is a must for any current Arkham player and a serious consideration even for those that aren’t (yet).

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