Covenant Tulsa League

In order to make our store environment as vibrant as possible, we host four seasonal leagues focused extensively on casual play and community building. Everyone is welcome and rewarded for playing, regardless of skill level, intensity, budget, or performance. To participate in this league environment, all you have to do is sign-up for a League Membership in-store ($15/month) and start playing!

Once you have signed up for a League Membership, you will start earning league points when you play games and participate in events. League points can be used to acquire exclusive tokens, alternate-art prizes, and other promotional items for any of our featured titles!

The leagues are broken down in the following way:

Spring League  January, February, and March
Summer League  April, May, and June
Fall League  July, August, and September
Winter League  October, November, and December

Featured Titles

We focus on a smaller number of titles in order to support them more extensively with prizes and events. Our featured titles include:

A Game of Thrones: The Card Game
Arkham Horror: The Card Game
Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn
Dungeons & Dragons
Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game
The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game
Star Wars: Destiny
Star Wars: Legion
Warhammer: Champions
X-Wing Miniatures Game

2018 Regional - Star Wars: Destiny

League Points

Many in-store activities earn members league points. Players report each game or session to a Covenant employee, who then logs those points. Players can earn additional league points for matches played on specific nights and during various events. Players can report up to two results per hour. We do reserve the right to withhold league points to any player or group deemed to be abusing the system.

Dungeons & Dragons
Players earn 9 league points per day when playing in the store for at least one hour, regardless of the scenarios played. When playing on League Night, players earn 15 league points instead.

Playing one of our featured titles in-store is the easiest way to earn league points, but you can also earn them by achieving additional goals:

Champion – Win an event – Unlimited – 3 Points
Conscript – Bring a new face to the store and play a featured title with them – Unlimited – 10 League Points
Start Playing – Participate in a weekly League Night – Once – 5 League Points
Keep Playing – Participate in a monthly event – Once – 5 League Points
Specialist – Earn at least one league point in every week of the season – Once – 5 League Points
Emissary – Refer a new member – Unlimited – 20 League Points
Master – Earn league points from every featured title in one season – Once – 20 League Points


League points are not title-specific and may be redeemed for any prize in our Prize Archive! We update the Prize Archive and league point cost for prizes on Tuesdays. At the end of each League season, members who led the community will be awarded with the following exclusive prizes:

100 League Points – Gold-rimmed Covenant glass
200 League Points – Set of 5 Covenant six-sided dice
300 League Points – Personalized wooden Covenant card divider

Weekly Schedule

We have a wide range of events happening in our store every week. Below is a general outline of the schedule, but you can always take a look at our Visit Page to check out upcoming events in greater detail!

Tuesday Open League Night

Tuesday is a casual League Night for all of our featured titles. Additional points are earned for all games played or sessions done in-store on Tuesday. Tuesday is also the day that new prizes are added to the Prize Archive, so a good time to cash in.

Wednesday Star Wars League Night

League Night for all of our Star Wars games! If we have four or more players signed up to play Star Wars: Destiny by 6:30pm, we host a Swiss tournament, lasting 3 rounds, with prizes for the winner.

Thursday Competitive Card Game League Night

League Night for all of our other competitive card games, including A Game of Thrones, Android: Netrunner, Legend of the Five Rings, and Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn. Any game with at least four players signed up by 6:30pm will have a 3-round Swiss tournament with prizes for the winner.

Friday Role-Playing and Cooperative Card Game League Night

Friday is a laid back, casual League Night of unstructured Dungeons and Dragons, Lord of the Rings, and Arkham Horror play. Members playing Dungeons and Dragons using their DCI number will receive 15 league points for attending a Friday League Night. Lord of the Rings and Arkham Horror players receive double league points for participating.

Saturday Special Events

This day is reserved for our less frequent and usually more exclusive events! There is still generally open play space for any game to be played, but you will want to check out the calendar on the Visit Page, our Google Calendar, or our Facebook Events Page to stay up to date on our Saturday event schedule!

Sunday Board Game Meet-Up

A free-to-attend, weekly meet-up of our thriving local board game community! We have a curated, consistently updated library of over forty board games that are always available to play. Community members also bring their own board games and are very welcoming to new players. If you are looking to join in with a new group, we recommend arriving as close to 1pm, when the doors open, as possible.

League Membership

Memberships are $15 a month and include a wide range of benefits on top of participation in our seasonal league system. Note that only one membership is required to participate in all of our league-supported titles! While a League Membership is required to earn league points and earn prizes from our Prize Archive, non-members are still welcome and encouraged to participate in events.

League and Tournaments
As a league member, you are automatically entered into our seasonal league system and earn league points for every game or session experienced in the store. All members gain free access to monthly tournaments and occasionally receive discounts on special events.

Guaranteed New Releases
Your membership also gains you access to our in-store reserve list. Once you are on the reserve list for a title, you will automatically have new releases for that title reserved for you at the store. This will often include exclusive tokens or other promotional benefits that are offered with new releases.

Effortless Special Orders
Your membership allows you to pre-order or special order any tabletop gaming product without pre-payment. You pay when the item is in your hands.

Additional Perks
Among all other benefits, members are on our shortlist when it comes to exclusives and announcements. As a member, you will be given unique opportunities throughout the year on everything from special events to limited edition products.

If you have any questions about how membership works or the ins and outs of the league system, please feel free to contact us at or stop by the store and ask a Covenant employee. We will see you at the table!

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